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Trump Is in Your Head: Women and The Donald in Everyday Life

Trump Is in Your Head: Women and The Donald in Everyday Life

women's march
Mattea Kramer

Donald Trump is a veritable fountainhead of the sort of unsavory and unsettling messages that women encounter as they go about their regular lives

Just to be clear, the response of women to this voice inside their heads can just as easily go fascist right than left. Almost all of the rapid hierarchy-climbers under the new Trump Regime in my federal agency are woman who have internalized the new right-wing politics of the agency as easily as someone deciding what to wear in the morning. Their ambition to be powerful women overrides any considerations of justice, solidarity and service.

“In case of the inner critic, the corner of the world in question is the interior terrain of your own mind. There, it’s entirely possible to call the critic’s refrain grade-A bullshit, then proceed accordingly.” (Love hearing again that in print) “If your activism is already democratic, peaceful, creative, then in one small corner of the world these things have triumphed.” Girl skateboarders rule. They master balance with social graces.

Anyone has a choice as to whether they’re going to listen to this “inner critic”. Raise strong daughters and they’ll shuck it off. Raise daughters who pay too much attention to what everyone else says and they’ll paralyze themselves with inner voices.

Raise your daughters to be warriors.

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Raise your daughters to recognize Evil when they see it.

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Very interesting article. I wish you would amend your self-reply, “I’m doing a pretty damn good job” by taking out the modifier. Guys probably don’t use modifiers.

Most of all your article made me think of all the stories, movies, and TV shows I see featuring women being murdered, women being tortured, women being terrified, women being assaulted, beaten, and abused. I don’t think you can watch an evening of television – unless you stick to My Little Pony – without seeing women treated in this manner by men. So, going by your article, what do you think these constant demonstrations of our vulnerability, and threats to our lives, is doing to our minds?

Damned right!

One essential aspect not recognized is related to the question of: What is the THE primary concern in corporate-controlled society? ECONOMICS

What keeps capitalism afloat? EXTERNALIZED COSTS

How does that translate between a diabolical “theory” that rationalizes the Milton Friedman model of devastation of Argentina - just as one example? and implementation in day to day life?

Deny that there is denial. Use OVERWHELMING FORCE (Can you cite the percentage of societal material wealth goes DIRECTLY into a killing machine necessary for this twisting of human society?)

As noted by Chomsky: schizophrenia
As exhibited by Drumph: delusional projection - describing his own values by the terms he uses to slander and libel those who challenge his ‘optical’ delusions.

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