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Trump Is Inciting Domestic Terrorism

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/trump-inciting-domestic-terrorism

You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this to be the main topic of conversation.

Felonious Maximus!


Even the soi-disant Great American Newspapers, the Toledo Blade(owned by the Block Family) has bought into the election fraud meme, printing a highly inflammatory editorial cartoon by Steve Kelly in the December 6, 2020 edition. It shows a donkey in bed with a woman called Ballot Fraud, with the caption, Believe me, this isn’t cheating. This is just marriage irregularity.
At least one reader wrote a blazing LTE condemning the Blade for this, mentioning many of their friends are dropping their subscriptions to the newspaper because they’re sick and tired of four years of Trump-ass kissing and hard right wing editorial content. Yet the Block family don’t understand why they’re losing money.
I, too, am glad to bring the dangers of domestic terrorism out into the light. I live in a part of Michigan rife with militia movements and open carrying men playing Army in the woodlots, refusing to wear masks. Until they themselves stop calling their comity fly-over country, thinking they’re ignored by everyone else…well, they did nothing to stop jobs from bleeding out of America. Instead, they voted for Reagan(remember Reagan Democrats?) They then kept on voting for the Good Old Boys who they could have a beer with, not someone who was willing to help. Not that the Democrats or Liberals were much good, tied as they are to the corporate government.
This is a complex problem, not solved by slogans and pious empty words. It will mean rebuilding trust in each other, a wholly different economic system not based on constant fast growth, and making being rich totally uncool.
And Trump will be the first one down the stairs to the Bunker, shoving his wife and kid aside, when the mess he made hits the fan.


DNA manipulation may be dangerous but could phizer maybe add a lil somethin to the vaccine that would stop white nationalism.
Would that be unethical? How would we know? Our taxes pay for a million full time spooks, you’d think they could figure this out.

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2011 Barack Obama signed the infamous NDAA with its ‘indefinite detention without trial’ clause for terrorism subjects. Inciting domestic terrorism should therefore land Trump in Guantanamo. Lock him up!

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Trump should have started a war in his first year, then the MSM would have treated him with kid gloves.

…DNA manipulation is dangerous
…phizer could add a lil somethin to stop white nationalism
…it would be unethical
…our taxes pay for a million ‘spooks’
(intersting meaning for spook where I grew up, but I assume you mean government agent / spy type person.)
…they did figure this out

white nationalists are the ones in charge right?

maybe c19 and the c19vac might be the test batches? to rid the world of … [group of people]

plz note: the ideas he advocated for are from a historical perspective scarry as hell… killing the king’s minions and taking „subjects“ (the elites don’t like) out of the picture are not the same pair of shoes, and btw doing these sort of things is called social darwinism sic which is the essence of the Nazi mindset sic… extreme right winger usually are „white“ trash people, taking 'em out (systemically) is therefore another way of making extreme or rather extremely extreme right wing politics Hitler might 've liked (for the sake of fighting a few undesired right winger).

either way the label „white nationalism“ is an invention of the establishment media, if an arbitrary label (like „white nationalism“) can be used to take out undesired „subjects“ then real protester can be targeted at will — btw the McCarthyans have been very good at that — so even if i inappropriately drew the line to social darwinism even then the advocated „vaccine“ can hardly suffice as a bad joke.

I know the feeling. Nothing is funng when ya can’t shit.