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'Trump Is Not Above the Law': 400,000+ People Await Word of Rapid-Response Protests as Sessions Firing Could Mean Mueller's Next


'Trump Is Not Above the Law': 400,000+ People Await Word of Rapid-Response Protests as Sessions Firing Could Mean Mueller's Next

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday and named as his temporary replacement Matthew Whitaker—a Trump loyalist who argued in an opinion piece last year that the Russia probe has gone "too far"—progressive advocacy groups urged Americans to prepare to take to the streets amid warnings that Trump could move to terminate Special Counsel Robert Mueller next.


Commencing countdown to civil war.


400,000+ Americans in more than 900 cities are ready to take to the streets

But not against the new nuclear arms race, and the end of the IMF Treaty.

But not in a demand for Single Payer healthcare.

But not for an end to Amerika’s wars in seven Muslim nations.

But not for detante with Russia, and an end to NATO aggression on its borders.

But not for a national jobs program, and an end to offshoring and “free” trade.


Fire all of your guns at once, and explode into space…


Trump and his ilk have been and always will be above the law. Nixon committed Treason, Reagan the October surprise, Bush stole 2 elections. It does not stop it only gets worse. We need a progressive wave not a blue whatever it was to make changes. First the billionaire crooks need to pay taxes and go to jail. Votes not money need to decide all the elections. Direct democracy is good, but any corporation can buy any election now, look at the propositions in various states. The danger here is the corporate Dems will give Trump his tax cuts and deregulations for which he will take credit along with the nominal infrastructure and health care reforms for which he will take credit. End voter suppression and gerrymandering. We need to go to a real system of democracy like they have in Europe. A parliamentary system.


Hope not. Be calm, carry on, be prepared.


Okay, I’m on standby for this BS!!

Go ahead fire 9/11 Mueller. What idiocy.


MoveOn has updated their Twitter!!


“BREAKING: Grassroots activists around the country are gathering for rapid-response protests THURSDAY, default 5pm local time (but check event posts for local details), given news of Session’s firing. This is a red line crossed, an attack on rule of law.”

They are working on updating their website.


Right on.

Liberals and Conservatives are destroying this country.


Nope That is why the Mueller investigation has and always will be nothing more than a distraction. A distraction from the real problems plaguing the country and the world. A distraction that far too many people, even on this very site, have bought.


Agreed. Mueller should be in prison for life along with all the others that advocated for war following 9/11. The fact that the collective conscious of the American people now rehabilitated him proves that humanity collectively are forgetful and stupid.


We are better off today that we were on Monday.
Let’s build on that.


Jake Johnson report the story correctly please. The 400,000 are not just average people they are Move On members. Is that not the group formed to stop the war in Iraq? How did that work out for you all. These people are so brainless when called out to hit the streets someone will have to hold their hand til they can find the street. Anybody with brains understands that Trump has people to do this for him so he will not be part of it. While you wait for Trump to self destruct twist your pansies until your legs turn blue.


It is not a distraction.
YOU are a distraction.


Liberals destroying this country? Please explain. We can all see how successful moderates like Shumer and Pelosi are. Not.


Then don’t read my comments. Just look at the avatar you know which one and continue free from life’s little distractions. When you respond to distraction it knows it won because you became distracted. I win, USA,USA,USA.


Stick your tiny USA flag out of the window of your camo-colored Bronco and turn up Limbaugh full blast. Good luck finding work when the country goes shithole.


Is Debbie Wassername Shultz and the Awan brothers above the law? Is Clinton and her email breach of national security above the law? I’d like to see MoveOn get the people out for those crimes against USA.


I have had work all my life. Lately my country has been a shithole. Hi neighbor.


Oh But you are So Wise