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'Trump Is Not Above the Law': 400,000+ People Await Word of Rapid-Response Protests as Sessions Firing Could Mean Mueller's Next


Better yet, Stay to the Task at Hand

Trump should be in Prison

Or is your assignment to divert from that course.


Oh I agree Trump should be in prison but lets attack him for the actual corrupt things he is doing. Not some fictional colluding with Russia.


Await word?

Who delivers this message?


that’s the beauty of this whole juvenile campaign! “Circle the wagons to defend the serial perjurer!”

Democrats jumped the shark two years ago. They’re done.


No, not because of policy, but because of government takeover.


Battle of new Orleans would have worked here as well.


Meanwhile the ice caps are melting.


People are reporting about a second Trump option: keep Mueller on at his usual salary but cut the rest of his investigative budget to perhaps $1 per year. Without even a phone or a copier in the office, Mueller takes the hint and goes to work for the House Judiciary Committee in January.


As you wish…


Cute version.



I do think they deserve some credit.
Nancy Pelosi, in particular, has saved health care for millions of people.


Mueller, and his probe, are about to be disappeared, and all of his findings put to the shredder.
The GOP will soon call for a lame duck session of the house and senate where Medicaid will be block granted to the states, effectively killing it. Medicare will become a voucher program, amd SSI will be privatized for all recipients under 45.
And the SCOTUS will make it all stand up, along with any challenges to it in 2020.
Better get out your brown shirts kiddies. And Heaven help you if you’re not white.


This is exactly what Guilty Crooks do. Shows how desperate he has become. He may be having a nervous breakdown. That would be a good thing. Unfit for office while he rants and Rats out the others.


Would somebody also remind the New York city putz that we own the White House, paid for with centuries of sweat and blood.His press conference, today was a total joke on intellect.


They shouldn’t be called press conferences with Trump as head a$$hole.

For all the flak the journalists take from that jerk, they should call them, stress conferences.


Well aren’t we a sip of stagnant water. A look at Mueller and a few of the character descriptions of him tells me that he isn’t going to let Trump fuck him over. He will have what he has produced hiding in his colon if he has to. He has had too much time to witness what is coming his way and he’s no chump. Congress may have a way or two of putting Trump in pinch also. No brown shirt for me.


It’s good you’re not Paranoid Gandolf…


You know I like the GFR one better. Already listened to both, sort of. Thanks


When I think of 400,000 strong I remember the end of a movie I once saw. I only saw the end and only saw it once but it always stuck with because of the sound. I t was U.S. Marines I think doing a quick march down the streets of Tripoli to take the capital I guess. The sound of those boots was haunting.