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Trump Is (Not) on Vacation, But the Nightmare Continues


Trump Is (Not) on Vacation, But the Nightmare Continues

Robert Reich

With Donald Trump away vacationing at one of his golf resorts, the rest of us may have a chance to relax. But in truth it’s more like a short break in a continuing nightmare. Just enough time to turn on the light, look at the clock and ponder where we are, before the nightmare envelopes us again.

What can we ponder that will make all of this a bit less frightening? For one thing, it could be far worse. Trump could have fulfilled his campaign promises to repeal Obamacare, lock Hillary up, build a wall, and throw out all immigrants without papers.


Life in America after the kids are 22 yrs. old? Gorsuch in the Supreme Court and perhaps another Justice or even two? How about that Robert?

The sabotaging of the environmental movement and the role of science in our government’s decision making process which in many cases will need to be restored taking years? More years? Pipelines approved and put into use etc. offshore drilling and drilling in national parks. Reducing the size of some of them etc! Trump attacks the future they **would have had! He is actually targeting those young students but later in life. They will find out just how spiteful and cynical Trump really was like for instance his editing out documents and wording that effectively dumbs down their future.

Besides…Trump isn’t done yet!


I think the fear of another 1933 Naxi Gernany has passed as Hilter basically became a dictator within his first one hundred days in office. However, Trump seems to be engineering a slow decline in democracy. He most notably attacked the press calling it the enemy of the people, and attacked individual judges. For many millions of Americans Trump’s constant lies have become acceptable although we can’t tell if they believe him or they will accept anyone who is leading the charge of white people against minorities. He has formed a commission to deal with voter fraud although it is almost nonexistent. He may actually be working for the best interests of Russia, not the United States. This really needs to be clarified. His attack on science is an attack on one of the main foundations of this country. Since Trump took office the number of hate crimes are up and the neo-Nazis and other white supremacists have gained momentum. Until the white supremacists return to the margins of society where they have been for so many years this nightmare will continue.


Not my idea of a desirable wedding venue.


Trump’s promises are just bluster. He does not care about anything but himself and his money. He sees himself as the leader of the oligarchs who run the country. He wants what they want. Now he is aiming for a war as his pole numbers drop. All Republicans know what the phony wars did for Bush, Reagan, etc… Corporate Democrats will jump on board as the war makers ring up the profits. Go DF.


“[T]he nightmare continues,” and the only people that can end it, e.g., our politicians, are doing nothing.


sturm und drng? you think robert reich?

maybe, but rather nefarious activities are going on.

korea? attacked and retaliate? could happen, kim may be cold and calculating, but the trump is not right in the head, he issues commands and who’s to tell when he will be obeyed. u.s.a. did take a massive swipe at syria, all from a dinner table with heads of state and the best choclate cake in the world.

the dismantling of the strong administrative state is proceeding under the bannon lead objective.

setting up systems to take down the press and freedom of speech.

environmental degradation and racism on the rise

well, we all know what the trump/bannon/ryan/koch/mcconnel group are capable of, and civil war is possible, i believe this group of republicans are already fighting it.

wish i could be as sanguine as reich, and do waver from laughing to shock experienced from a disconnect from reality and the reality game show happening in u.s.

there needs to be a massive response from u,s.a. with demonstrations in all cities, towns, rural areas, with the world joining in.

these people need to be removed from any positions of power and authority. as soon as possible. yesterdat,


voter suppression NOT voter fraud is the problem


You know damn well whose votes are suppressed! I.D. or not, they live here too, and have just as much right to a vote as you and me.


If you truly believe that, then you are neither poor, elderly, Black, Latino, Native American, or any combination thereof. Possibly you mean well, but are too inexperienced to know better. Otherwise you sound like a right-wing troll.


Look in the mirror for your answer.


Well, I hear we have Venezuela in our sights now. Good thing man of peace Trump–I was told here prior to the election that’s what he was–is in the White House.


If you don’t know what “alt-right” is, then I will assume that you haven’t done much reading on this or any another progressive site. If you really don’t know, then I apologize for assuming that you were of that persuasion, given your misunderstanding of voter suppression tactics by the Right-wing Republicans. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and try to explain, even though you may be one
of the very few that haven’t heard of them. Even the mainstream media has covered them to some extent.

The “alt-right” is a fairly recent term for a variety of racist and/or white supremacist and/or anti-semitic
and/or “Christian Dominionist” groups. Some of them are more familiary known as Skinheads, White Nationalists, Ku Klux Klan. That’s a brief description. For more see the Common Dreams article of May 10, about the Rally they are planning in Charlottesville, VA on May 12.


My guess is that Don’s interest in Venezuela begins and ends with its oil, in the very same way that his interest in Afghanistan begins and ends with the unmined minerals it apparently holds.


Oh, since about 1867.