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Trump Is Not the Only Grabber Who Must Go


Trump Is Not the Only Grabber Who Must Go

Michael Moore

The rats are quickly jumping from the sinking ship of Trump. But not so fast, dear Republican senators and congressmen. Trump may have verbalized his misogyny, sexism and abuse of women into an open microphone, but over the past decades you - YOU - have LEGALIZED it. He may talk of "grabbing" sexual organs, but YOU have created laws that legally grab control over women's bodies.


In daring to criticize Trump and Republicans, Michael Moore has shown himself to be just a shill for Killary-Hilary. Stein-Trump-Putin 2016!


Amazing Yunzer, after reading your post several time, it still makes no sense at all.


"The only thing sweeter than seeing the lot of you gone would be a 50-state sweep for Hillary."

It sounds like Michael Moore is getting a little carried away. Most of the red states look like they are holding firmly for Trump.



If you are a Bernie or Bust voter with serious issues about putting Hillary in the White House, consider this: let’s turn the Senate blue and make Bernie (or Elizabeth) Majority Leader as we clean out any leftover Republicans.

Think about it. The Majority Leader controls the agenda and what gets passed in the Senate just as McConnell has done, except that Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren will be in control of the vote to pass or fail things, even things dear to the purse or the Wall-Street-Loving-Heart of Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, with the intention of keeping her on the straight & narrow, where I'm sure she wants to remain!

If Bernie or Elizabeth were in charge, do you think that either would hesitate, if necessary, to reverse the rules, to stop the teabaggers from blocking important legislation?

Go Bernie! Go Elizabeth!


They should all burn in hell for "holding firmly for Trump."


Okay, for all who know me as an ardently pro clinton person, I've changed my position. This election's done. It's all cool to vote for stein. Just remember to vote for the downballot candidates as well, blue or green.


Michael seems to be predicting the revenge of "Pussy Galore". Could well be the long overdue fury that hell hath reserved for the male chauvinist pigs holed up in the oily wallowed halls of Congress!
Right on!
But can the sold out Bimbos of Fox Nation yet spin (I mean 'save') the day?
Stay tuned!...(as they say in media land)


How do you let Bill Clinton off the hook Michael Moore? And I am sure there are other Democrats in the bunch. Misogyny is not just a Republican problem.


Is "teabaggers" some kind of homophobic slur for tea party activists?


A lovely rant but he misses the point (as he often does) when he preaches to the choir to elect HRC who is no friend to women's rights or human rights (for that matter). The DP has failed women's rights so both are equal criminals on their assault to women of all ages and race. Trump is a pig but he always has been and the RP knew that, Bill Clinton is no better and worse given his history with human traffickers, drug dealers, and pedophiles (documented and not just BS).

Both these candidates are morally bankrupt and there is something wrong with Moore to promote one over the other as some better LE.


It's worth remembering that the debates are primarily a bit of theater to make the voting masses think they actually have a choice.

The differences between the candidates will be who will we war with? How overtly will we hand more wealth over to the banksters and the 1%? In what order will we shred the social safety net?


Yunzer. Excellent article, Mike, as always. Thank you for once again pointing out Republican hypocrisy and their laws and policies which insist on making women second-class citizens. The myths of white supremacy and male supremacy are going down. Equal rights for all.


The so called debates were such a waste of time. And Jill has to fight for the the least media attention when she is the complete package...having both message and character.
How could anyone resist?
In North Korea for instance, if anyone saw an alternative to President Un, he'd be out in a minute.


OK, thank you. I was waiting for permission.


And something sweeter (much sweeter) than a fifty state sweep for Clinton would be a fifty state sweep by a sane, honest, competent, progressive candidate with a track record of integrity who most of the country didn't dislike and distrust.


Ain't going to be either Sanders or Warren. It will be Chucky Schumer. Sanders and Warren will be told to shut up and play ball!


Sigh. That might be happening in the alternate universe where the Dems got penalized for election fraud in the primaries, and Comey recommended indictment for HRC on July 5th. Since that day, things have just kept getting murkier and murkier.


Courage, tomjohnson? I won't ever believe that Bernie was a willing turncoat. He had an incident happen the day before he publicly endorsed Clinton, showed up that day with a gash on his cheek, and has now been cut out of participating in his own revolution. As a devoted family man who made a complete, unexpected, overnight change of commitment to "roll over for HRC one can only guess the reason.

I hereby withdraw my suggestion that he be elected Majority Leader. Bernie Sanders has given enough.


Absurd...a very Trump-like comment.