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Trump Is Out of Control


Trump Is Out of Control

Eugene Robinson

The statements President Trump issued on Twitter in recent days lead to a chilling conclusion: The man is out of control.

I know that is a radical thing to say about the elected leader of the United States, the most powerful individual in the world. And I know his unorthodox use of social media is thought by some, including the president himself, to be brilliant. But I don’t see political genius in the invective coming from Trump these days. I see an angry man lashing out at enemies real and imagined — a man dangerously overwhelmed.


I would like to see a Constitutional Amendment making it unConstitutional to Tweet on Twitter or anything like that, While at it we could do some other useful things like kill off Citizens United and the Electoral College, admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state, and re-establish The War Powers Act to make Congress go back to having to vote to authorize and thereby assume responsibility for any military action


His tweets reflect the ‘true’ Trump. Anything else is mostly scripted or delivered by surrogates. Most of that is lies and misdirection.

Any vetting which must be done must revolve around who is ever allowed to occupy the White House, in the future.

Extreme Vetting!


“Trump’s may hurt British Prime Minister Theresa May in Thursday’s election.”

If Trump end up helping Corbyn get elected, that’ll be one thing we can thank him for.


If you followed Trump’s campaign, watched his acceptance speech for the nomination and many of his other speeches then you would know he thought he was running for the office of dictator. Making Trump president is trying to jam the square peg into the round hole. He makes a lousy president because everything about him says dictator. He appears to have run for office under the delusion that he could do whatever he wanted once he was president. One thing that hurt him badly was that he got almost 3 million votes less than Hillary Clinton. That is why he was obsessed by this fact and even would not accept it and claimed she got millions of illegal votes. It hard to assert being a dictator when more voters voted for your opponent. Had he won by a landslide his path to dictatorship would have been much easier. What we have is a country trying to have a president and a president wanting to be a dictator. Much of the country wants another president and Trump is frustrated by his situation of being unable to simply order things to happen. The result of the recent presidential election was a disaster and no short-term relief is in sight.


You have to differentiate between Trump’s predecessors and Trump. While just about all recent presidents have tried to increase presidential powers, none of them attacked the free press as being not legitimate and have made personal attacks on judges. Also, no previous presidents virtually ignored all facts. None ran campaigns as if there was no Congress. None stirred up violence at their rallies. None only praised foreign leaders who are dictators and heaped scorn on foreign leaders who support democracy. Despite increases in presidential powers from former presidents it is still a giant leap to dictator. The truth has to be avoided and replaced by the word of one person. The press has to be intimidated to the point of making criticism of the president extremely risky. Political opponents have to jailed, forced out of the country, or worse. Congress has to be come a true rubber stamp congress, And the courts have to stop trying to provide justice and start serving the president.


In other words, we need to re-write the Constitution.


That Trump is out of control is both a byproduct of slipping gradually toward the inevitability of such a phenomenon, and the fact that it’s been working so well for him.

The fed up public wanted an outsider who talked populism–here he is.
The large portion of the country listens to a right-wing echo chamber–they applaud Trump.
The R-Party almost completely lets Trump Trumpify–he plays well in red (and now purple) states.
Meanwhile, the D-party whines about Russia and preaches bi-partisan solutions.
Trumpublicans understand what a base is–the Dems left their base behind for suburban/billionaire pastures.

Trump has no other gameplan outside of doubling down. His paranoia and self-doubt mirrors that of his most ardent supporters. And it’s working well for the oligarchs, and really, isn’t that what matters most?


It can’t happen here but it did. United we stand divided we fall. We are divided by years of hate, prejudice, bigotry, nationalism and right wing or Nazis propaganda. America fell asleep behind the wheel. Wake up America you urban country has been hijacked to the special interest for greed and power. Civil War, Revolution or Democracy. Better choose wisely. Wake up sleepy heads. The hour of history is here. Democracy or fascism? Vote like Democracy depends on it. It does. Sanders and Warren are telling you to wake up.


you are just getting around to “wondering” about that now? it’s a bit late isnt it? it was painfully obvious to many that he was out of control from the first debate, and in trump world there is no reality, only the constant stream of B.S. and self agrandizing, and non stop bullying of anyone not kissing his ass, he is a fool and a buffoon that cant begin to comprehend that he is going down as the worst President in history,


You’re right if you mean his mind is failing. This will all become apparent over the next few years.
Some commentators are saying there is method in his madness (in effect) but the problem is actually the madness in his method. Probably early stage Alzheimer’s. And were he a kind, good-natured person who took advice from the experts, it wouldn’t matter if his mind was less sharp. But Trump lacks empathy, and I’ve shown elsewhere, has traits of having an antisocial personality disorder. So as the prefrontal cortex of his brain shows deterioration as demonstrated in his lack of judgment, we will see more and more of this. He will be a great embarrassment to his political party and to the country as a whole.
Katherine van Wormer
Professor of Social Work


Unfortunately not enough of the US population would agree or appreciate your comment. Too many live in their own little world not the real world. They are exceptional you know…


I am considering designing a T-shirt with the following wording:




I think this is largely true. But he’s not the only person out of control on the Hill these days. It’s almost virus-like. Unhinged-itus.


Posse Comitatus was blown away by Bush in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006. Those changes were repealed with the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 (H.R. 4986).


“Meanwhile, the D-party whines about Russia and preaches bi-partisan solutions.”

The Democrats aren’t lifting a finger to help Trump or Republicans to dismantle the largest healthcare expansion since the 1960s. Democrats in California and New York are actually working on Single Payer bills. Russia is a legitimately big story since our own president, if not the folks around him, seems to be deeply compromised by his (publicly undisclosed) financial ties to oligarchs close to Putin’s regime.

But no biggie, right? Let’s fight the duopoly because Bill Clinton did something in 1996!


Yes, we do.


" Democracy or fascism?"

From my perspective, I would say the Amerikan Empire has been and is a lot more fascist than democratic.


There was always the danger that Trump would be overwhelmed in his thin skin and limited understanding and become increasingly dangerous. I think that’s the road we’re on, which means we have to figure out how to stop him.

It was radical to put him in office, not to call it what it is: an existential crisis for the Republic.


25th Amendment