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Trump is Still the Most Unpopular President Since Polls Have Been Kept; But It May Not Matter in 2018 or 2020


Trump is Still the Most Unpopular President Since Polls Have Been Kept; But It May Not Matter in 2018 or 2020

John Atcheson

Trump recently bragged that his approval ratings were higher than “Cheatin Obama” at this point in his Presidency. As it turns out, only Rasmussen – a right wing polling organization that has consistently put Trump’s approval ratings above those of other polling organizations – had Trump approaching a 50 percent approval. The rest put him somewhere well below that, with two placing his rating below 40 percent.


Just 37% of Americans believe the Democrats stand for anything.

And 90% of that 37% believe that the anything the Democrats stand for is “Russia, booga-booga.”


Great and accurate essay John, as usual, many thanks!

The point is the entrenched DINO establishment are complicit to the orange “asshat”, either through actions or failures to act - failure to oppose the trump regime agenda OR be any semblance of a real opposition party! The numbers of Dems speaking-out forcefully to challenge the trump regime are embarrassingly and infuriatingly few - the most visible and verbal opposition is Bernie Sanders who isn’t technically a Dem! The pathetic leader of the Senate Dems, Chucky Schumer, is a complicit craven embarrassment and shill!

Schumer is more interested in serving the Israeli interests trump also serves, than doing what needs to be done to unseat the trump regime, or support the progressive opposition Dem base, quite the contrary!! - and THAT demonstrated Schumer MO is a conflict of interest that can accurately be termed treasonous! “Progressives” are known to criticize Israeli extremist racism and ethnic cleansing - the “why” Chucky is more complicit traitor than opposition leader!

Where the frell are the rest of the Dems? well, the answer is defending business as usual and chumming for those big campaign contribution bribes! The Dem Progressive Independent base must expel, remove, purge those traitors to party, nation and people - the 60% plus majority that loath’s and is being harmed “bigly” by the malignant orange mental case and his Cabinet of ignorance and destruction, as well as DP complicity!!

Either take the DP or start a new one - accepting the complicit corrupt DP elite “leadership” is a loosing equation!


Who is supporting Trump? I think the basis of his support comes from three movements. One is the white supremacists. This group can trace its past back to the days of slavery. Their goal would seem to be a country dominated by white Christians. Some want their own white Christian country and others seem willing to settle for dominance. Another movement is the Patriot militias. They have a completely different take on the US Constitution and do believe that the federal government or state governments have the authority to enforce the law. In their view the country sheriff is highest office with law enforcement power. These are the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters and various armed militias throughout the country. The third major movement that supports Trump is the libertarians. This movement is largely about the Koch brothers. They believe that the government taking money from people who have and using it to help people who have not is an infringement on the liberty of the wealthy and a form of tyranny. They believe the only main functions of government are military and law enforcement. Their goal would be to create a country where some people are living well but others who haven’t done well financially are left to their own means. The view of libertarians would seem to lead to the US having enclaves of wealth and large areas of poverty where people have brutal lives. I would say Trump is primarily a white supremacist while people like Mike Pence and Paul Ryan are libertarians. And Republicans has been forced by Koch Brother money to support the libertarian view or face Koch-backed candidates in primaries.


John Atcheson is Spot On Target with this article.
We are painfully aware of 2 things, both of which don’t bode well for the Democrats.
First, as we saw back when John Kerry was put up against W: you can’t ignore any attack, and in fact must come out with some doozies of your own, but in any case must immediately counter whatever lies the republicans will pay for. Countering with truth is all the more damning against them, but nobody in the Democratic Party seems to be organizing any national response. Instead it seems like it is and will be: every voice for themselves.

Second, you can’t win by just being: Non-Trump. Being non-W didn’t help get Kerry elected, when he was the far better man, human, statesman and veteran. Partly because they let the swift boat crap go in-opposed for too long, but more to the point because they didn’t other anything other than: “We’re not him!” Of all the possible rebuttals, that is one LOSER of a reason to vote for someone! And whoever it is will have to FIGHT to get the ass-clown out of office, for certain, but he must be fought with IDEAS.

That doesn’t look or sound like any Democrat. They certainly don’t have anything to counter the perception that they are “Republican Light”.

It would be impossible for someone who was sincerely trying to help the nation to do worse, but honestly the competitors must run on some Platform of Change. So what is it? Who is it?


Ignoring a direct attack on the USA’s democracy from the Soviet Union – an attack that is in many ways as dangerous as enemy troops landing on our shores. - John Acheson

Good job falling in lock-step with the right wing establishment Democrat Party Mantra which seems to have fully embraced Hermann Goering’s teachings:

Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship…Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

– Hermann Goering: Founder of the Nazi Gestapo, Head of the Nazi Luftwaffe.

There is no democracy in the US, John. Perhaps if you spent time living with folk of color in the US, or folk struggling economically from any race/ethnicity, you’d realize that. Right wing rhetoric, and its mass appeal, have been a constant force in the US since, at least, WWII.

Sure there are Russian trolls that push a right wing agenda. There are also all manner of right wing trolls other countries. However, it is absolutely unfounded and absurd to assert that, absent Russian trolls, Trump supporters would stop embracing his right wing agenda, and democracy would be restored in the US. On the contrary, its seems pretty clear that even if the US were to use its thermo-nuclear weapons to bomb Russia off of the map, the right wing propaganda and coercive use of social media would continue unabated.



The main difference these days between the Democrats and Republicans is how they view the role of government. The difference is profound which you can easily see the way Trump is trying to dismantle one government agency after another. Anyone who follows politics should be able to see that the Democrats are not Republican-lite. These political parties have diametrically opposed views on what the governments should be doing.


40% approval rating for Trump? That was about what Hitler needed to take over Germany, and plunge his country into WWII. But the subtext has always been the greedy against the rest: Hitler rode the wave of despair following the Great Depression of 1930, and now Trump, plus a whole host of right wing European politicians, are floating in with the detritus left by the Great Recession of 2009. As Bernie so cogently points out, in both cases, the avaricious and dishonest denizens of Wall Street were responsible for creating economic chaos and ‘populism’. You can’t win if your cannot identify your enemy.


Plus, Atcheson looks to Republican Lite poster child, Connor Lamb, as the exemplar of the progressive Dem.

Good lord, the D-party is a lost cause.


Ha, that many? Just 37% of Americans believe the Democrats stand for anything.

The democrats are the party of the status quo, even when that means pouring concrete over and cementing in republican policy. All democrats want is cover so they can blame republicans.

I don’t doubt for a moment that Trump will be re-elected if anyone but Bernie runs for president in 2020. If Bernie cannot, for any reason run again, I cannot even imagine how bad things will become. Bernie is the only, and last, line of defense against republican policy that will wreak ruin on this country and the bottom 47%. The democrats certainly can’t be counted on for anything, they’re running on “at least we’re not Trump” as usual.


“Ignoring a direct attack on the USA’s democracy from the Soviet Union – an attack that is in many ways as dangerous as enemy troops landing on our shores.”
My God, is this hyperbole, or is the author out of his mind?
If “liberals” think like that, what hope is there?


Let’s not forget that elections are also rigged.


Yep, I stopped perusing this missive with that sixth arrow, about a ‘direct attack’ crap.

And a totally appropriate quote of Goering.


Instead of blaming the Democratic Party for Trump, maybe the left in the US has to wake up to the fact that USAns are overwhelmingly a profoundly ignorant, thuggish, racist and reactionary right wing - very similar to current-day Israelis. The USA was somewhat farther left than today in 1972 when the Democrats ran a presidential candidate with genuine left credentials (McGovern) against an incumbent opponent with scandal swirling all around him (Nixon). Nonetheless, Mcgovern lost in the biggest lopsided election in US history - winning only one state (MA), plus DC.

What makes everyone think the outcome would be any different today?


Soviet Union? Wake up, John, and smell the Russophobia.


The Democrats would rather have a Donald Trump, then have a progressive succeed. Their very purpose is not to defeat Republicans. Their purpose is to prevent progressive movements and candidates from taking hold or succeeding in any way.


The best president money can buy.


Pretty much right on. If the Democrats hadn’t rigged the primaries and Bernie had been the nominee we might be living in one of the much better parallel universes.


It’s the economy stupid. Trump won by lying to the masses and making false promises of the Big Rock Candy Mountain.


This explains it all