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Trump is Sucking the Air Out of the Political Debate - And Democrats and the Media Are Enabling Him

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/28/trump-sucking-air-out-political-debate-and-democrats-and-media-are-enabling-him


Trump, for all his xenophobia, mendacity, racism and corruption is a master at sucking the air out of the political debate. Trump plays the Corporate Media like a fiddle! He always has the democrats on the defensive and if they do not realize his game they probably have a good chance of losing in 2020.


Behind Trump is a vast network of data collection and analysis. It is predicted outcomes based on human behavior. We vote every time we use google, facebook, and a few others. It is a misuse of our achievements.


El trumpo is just pure base reality TV.
If he makes you cry - he wins!

I keep wondering just who his shows producer is.
could it be? the devil?


Democrats could and should be setting the agenda rather than reacting to Trumps’. But that would require them to abandon their centrist fantasy… to take on the corporations, rich folks and Wall Street types that they rely on for campaign contributions, by backing popular ideas like a wealth tax, the Green New Deal, and Medicare for All.

Atcheson accurately describes the perimeter of the cage we’re locked in. How to break out?


true that.
The sophistication of these algorithms is getting beyond us remaining anonymous, in any way.
And between that and the:

  • rigging,

  • caging,

  • cheating,

  • hacking,

  • gerrymandering,

  • crosscheck,

The Reich would not win elections and the Democrats would be forced to govern. Neither Party wants that. 3


It has a lot of implications, I’m thinking of how children interface with this. As D Pearl suggested on another thread, it is how they overlap has significance. I just look at it as behavior, admitted luddite.

Great link. Thanks…

It’s tempting to say the hell with the Democrats and vote for a third party – something I’ve done with some regularity over the years – but this year, with this candidate, we don’t have the luxury. Trump is, quite literally, an existential threat, not only to our democracy, but with his climate denial, to the entire ecosystem.

I’m sorry, but the author spends the whole article blasting the Democrats for offering nothing more than “we are not Trump”, then he rejects any third party option and decides to vote for a Democrat because the Democrat, any Democrat, is … not Trump. Brilliant.

Playing the same old D versus R game is not a solution, it’s the problem.



I’m thinking the way the Dems conduct their “debate” might be a significant part of the problem. Isn’t there a better way for them to engage rather than putting on a political spectrum show? Does it make any difference in demonstrating progressive creds when those policies still need to make it out of congress. The “debate” is just so much “air” legislation – you know, like “air” guitar players. Damned useless. Beyond what Atcheson rightly terms performance. Absolutely useless.

What we want to learn is the character of the candidate. But as long as corporate news organizations want to run a horse race, this format works for them. Political opera.

It might be better to have the candidates argue against the Republican machine. They could cite the many shortcomings of Republican legislation, policies, and administrative practices. I’d rather the League of Women Voters ran these debate formats than television news personalities (not actual journalists, anyway).


I think the Dims DO realize Trumps game, and they still have a good chance of losing in 2020.

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The Dems will reform only when they find a 12 step program focused on corporate money addiction.

Until then the Rolling Stones’ Sister Morphine will continue to be their defacto theme song.


As long as Pelosi and Shumar run like scared rabbits every time Trump belches another platitude he has a good chance of winning in 2020; and if he does, Pelosi and Shumar will be highly responsible for it.


This was my thought as well. I’ve read plenty of pieces on how bad Trump is and plenty on Democrats and their (as @SkepticTank says) Trump derangement syndrome. I’m not seeing a lot of proposed solutions. I’d be interested in 3 classes of solutions:

  1. What can Sanders (or Gabbard but unless she picks up steam soon she will not be a factor this election) do given the poor behavior of the media and the Democrats that he isn’t doing already?

  2. What can people do to improve the Democratic Party so they aren’t played by Trump? I know many here say there is nothing to be done other then enough people exiting to get them to buckle but I don’t see this strategy working. If we could coordinate all progressives to do the same thing we could force change in the party and the media but that isn’t happening. Are local strategies to get more influence helpful? (Jimmy Dore covers the difficulty of this approach in my home state of CA).

  3. What can be done to improve the state of the media? Unlike the case of the party I have given up almost entirely on all of the bigger options: PBS, NPR, all the over the air networks or cable news networks. The only exception is watching debates and a couple town halls (e.g. I was very interested to see the Fox town hall with Bernie) and a few Fresh Air podcasts when the guests are good (which is more often than I’d have thought). Are there any financial reforms we could push that would improve the media? That Moonves quote about Trump being damn good for CBS was infuriating. I think I’d prefer a BBC model to what we have but that seems a tough path to try for. Other than trying to convince people to cut these morons off and offering alternatives (I like The Real News though it could use its own app for navigation as each story is its own podcast), what else can be done?

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CommonDreams is going to help elect Trump again.

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Because they are completely complicit in it.

Oh yes lets not blame the corporate media who gives millions of dollars of free airtime to Trump. Or the Democrats who cave on everything Trump wants and have been using a failed narrative of Russia gate to try to impeach him. No no no it is a minor progressive news channel that will help give Trump the reelection. I bet you also think that Jill Stein voters are responsible for Trump getting elected in 2016 too.


Perhaps the current problem with Arctic sea-ice modeling (where I spend most of my dreary days lately) provides an analogy to explain the lack of enthusiasm I feel for the solutions you propose (sigh!)

Cryospheric forecasters seem to have hit the wall. The way forecasting works is you extend some kind of line, linear or “gompertz”, from how the system worked before in order to predict how it will work in future. This basic technique (the only forecasting technique I’m aware of) begins to fail when the system encounters a phase-shift such that past behavior becomes increasingly irrelevant to future performance. This is why Arctic scientists are so surprised (the entire climate science community is embarrassed, this time) by what the Arctic is doing this year.

Wait, I haven’t wandered completely off the point yet! The Arctic decline transpiring today is the headline of the millennium – so apparently nobody cares about it. But it bears relevance both physically and metaphorically to our political prison. Metaphorically, our political system also appears to be entering an unpredictable phase-shift, where predictions and expectations fall by the wayside. Physically, it’s difficult to overestimate the full consequences of losing the icecap. It’s not uncommon for revolutions to be sparked by disasters.

(Thanks much for your thoughtful post. I’m always overjoyed to see less Twitter, more prose, in these threads.)


What if instead of being incredulous at DT’s prejudice, heartlessness, greed, etc. the media started wrapping itself in the Flag and calling out his tweets and his policies and his Administration as unpatriotic and un-American? for instance, that they are in fundamental opposition to the Declaration of Independence’s proclamation that human beings possess inalienable and natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Consider environmental justice vs. DT’s environmental policies in that light. Consider DT’s immigration and refugee policy in light of the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, not just the Statue of Liberty. Keep judging what he says and does in the context of the Constitution, the Declaration, the Emancipation Proclamation, and the other sacred documents of American patriotism. Let the Democrats lay their rightful claim to the patriotic ideals of the Nation instead of mainly whining “How can he do that?”

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18,000 Vermonters wrote in his name … I have no idea how many millions did the same thing, but they did and don’t tell me about Obama and PUMA’s because he won by 10 million votes. The PUMA’s were here at the DNC convention … maybe 50 of them and they carried balloons at their protest. Nothing like that hate fest we saw in Philly.

You bet I blame Sanders, his celebrity surrogates, his supporters - they weren’t exactly hiding their intentions to not vote or who they were voting for if not her. It was a badge of honor that they proudly wore. I bribed bud tenders at my dispensary to vote for Hillary. Dispensaries were breeding grounds for Hillary hate

Ha. Ha. Those damn dispensaries.

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