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Trump Is Terrified of the Far-Right Echo Chamber


Trump Is Terrified of the Far-Right Echo Chamber

Eugene Robinson

The government isn’t shut down because of President Trump’s unbelievable cluelessness as a dealmaker. It’s shut down because of his many fears.

I don’t mean his pretend fears. Surely Trump doesn’t really believe his own racist nonsense about the U.S.-Mexico border being a sieve for homicidal maniacs and walk-to-work terrorists, and he can’t be too worried about a humanitarian crisis that is largely of his own creation. I’m talking about his real fears — the ones that must keep him up at night.


While I admit to basking in schadenfreude at Trump’s woes, I would prefer it not to be so. Come on Mueller sweep away Bat-shit-crazy-man and Robin in one fell swoop. I am not crazy about Pelosi, but at least she is not crazy.


I take no comfort in Twump’s discomfort—not, certainly, because I’m in any way sympathetic with him, but because of his unpredictability and towering, Lear-like rage. My hope lies in the possibility that, should he decide to launch some last-ditch, false-flag distraction, cooler heads will prevail in thwarting him. An Article 25 hearing, Mike Pence or not, is starting to sound pretty good.


Apparently Mitch McConnell is also scared to death of the Right wing. I think the main reason McConnell has been MIA on the shutdown, doing nothing and saying the bare minimum, is that he fears being primaried in Ky when he is up for election, one that he fears he could lose. Such selfishness is the only thing that he understands.


This article is way off-base. Trump does not “fear” his extremist right-wing base - he is ecstatic at how that base brought him to power and his salivates at the opportunity to manipulate that base to increase his power even more.

Mr. Robinson, throughout this article, is assuming that Trump is a sane person motivated by the things sane people are motivated by - including fear. But Trump is not sane, he has very high-grade psychopathic personality disorder. Such people do not experience shame, or even fear, even fear of death - because personal death is inconceivable to them.

An regarding whether Trump actually personally “believes” is racist narrative is also off-base. Psychopaths don’t have “beliefs” - including ethical principles and morals and compassion - like normal people. Their only “belief” is increasing their power over others. They will parrot and act out any “belief” that fulfills that objective.


I don’t know why, at this point, anyone would pretend there is a kernel of selflessness in Trump. The guy is a grade A asshole, his face is in a picture next to the word in the dictionary. He would crap on his followers if it helped him.


Sadly, in contrast, d-party leadership doesn’t fear or respect its base in the least.

In fact, they can lose nearly 1,000 seats nationwide in a decade and still offer nothing but donor-approved half measures and bide their time waiting the r-party to screw up.

And now they favor continued occupation of Syria and Afghanistan more than the r-party. Jeebus H.


There hasn’t been any Democratic leadership since Barry left for the Wall Street Tour. All these millionaires have skeletons but you can’t change the stripes of a zebra or make Republicans empathetic. Ninth grade, white, drunk racists who use Christianity as a crutch to enrich their brief trip to Planet Bozo do not have the mental capability to be compassionate. Their is no kindling for the fire. Ray Gun tore down a wall. He also was a child bombing, oil thief. Humpty Dumpty and all the King’s Men (white boys) want the wall to keep Redneck and Daisy Mae safe from the Mau Mau and this surprises us? Theater. This is deranged, B-3 bombing, stealth insanity at ground zero, land of the afraid and home of the draft dodging president. Oh, lucky day. Maybe a moat?
Are we not men of moats? A giant moat with a drawbridge and Humpty’s big fat tongue unrolls so the tan plebes can enter the jowels of the Promised Lane. Maybe the Mexicans could whip up a nice pyramid to go with the moat. Humpty Dumpty needs to retrieve 30 percent of all corporate tax revenue whitey just stole from our national treasure and spend it for putting boxes on the heads of every American Republican so they can be surrounded by walls and kill people for oil in the darkness. Redneck is going to murder Roe Vs. Wade next. It is time to turn up the heat. Global warming is coming like a locomotive. We could derail it or we can just sit and stew. peace.


You should put that into calligraphy and send it to the WH. Pretty good…


This article is mistaken. The Executive has seized the power of the purse from the Legislative.


we have to fight back. please fight back.


The Executive has not seized anything from the Congress.

Nancy Pelosi is driving Trump nuts by asserting the House’s power of the purse.

Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, has given away the Senate’s authority over legislation.


Yes I agree. We are spending way to much time and discussion on this orange clown. Let’s start a new narrative. One that includes things we progressives can implement ASAP. One that will give us a reason to reach forward. I am getting real sick and tired of hearing about chump and the demos. These two factions will never in any way help the people of this nation much less help our earth. So can we please change the topic to real people problems and more important real people solutions. Our time is now if we the people do not grab our time, the haters of people will for sure with a smile on their collective faces grab our time.


“he is ecstatic at how that base brought him to power and his salivates at the opportunity to manipulate that base to increase his power even more.”

I doubt very much that trump is happy that he won the presidency anymore, for it has exposed all of his shade dealings over the years to public scrutiny. I seriously doubt that he really thought he could win but ran to further his 'brand" and name recognition. I have no doubt that he was surprised that he won and even liked the idea initially, but then came the “who knew being president was so much work” moment…and it’s been downhill ever since. Now, he and his clan could end up losing everything they have due to real investigations into his past “business deals.” If it turns out that all he has is due to fraud, seems like there’s a government policy of forfiture of illegally-gotten gains. Now wouldn’t that be nice? Then perhaps the trumps would find out what it’s like to struggle for survival.

More than anything, trump wants to be loved and admired. But being president has exposed him to what most people really think about him, and it’s gotta be hurting him real bad.


Already has a couple of times.


There is the argument that he won’t lose his base because they have no where else to go. The problem with that argument is that it isn’t so much he depends on his base for support. He depends on them to feed his ego with adulation. While they may continue to support what he does, they will no longer worship him as god/man. That is his major problem and the reason that he would rather let the country go down the tubes rather than accept a “defeat.”

Then there is the question of whether he is a Russian asset by accident or on purpose. He may also be afraid of assassination.


The recent announcement that he’s being investigated as a Russian asset probably isn’t doing him any good either. Given the number of contacts between his people and Russian agents attached to the Kremlin and his numerous actions that put Russian interests above American interests, it will be difficult for him to claim innocence. This business of removing sanctions on Deripaska doesn’t look good either.


What’s sad is many of his followers don’t even see it.


Much, much more apparent than enchanted Obama supporters were. I know because I am still enchanted by his level headed intelligence, his poise, his presidential demeanor, and unforgettable smile.


I thought he was a good president. Far from perfect, but if you’ve read any presidential history, even the best have their issues. Most CD readers would’ve hated FDR for the same reasons they hated Obama had they been alive then. The guy dropped universal healthcare when he had a chance (a much better chance than Obama), then ditched old-age health insurance, then passed an old-age pension program that left out half the workforce. He also went austere after a huge 1936 election that contracted the economy, after campaigning against doing just that. The Left was highly critical of him as a sellout and friend of capitalists, but we remember the good things only a near century later.