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Trump Is Terrified of the Far-Right Echo Chamber


I think he is revered for those (help us now) measures. Putting people in jobs, and letting them let their hair down by killing prohibition. Oh, and the little thing of leading us through WWll.


No doubt. But, by the measure of the comments I read here, he was a massive sellout and phony. After all, he didn’t even get close to trying to pass the universal healthcare program he had Perkins examine. As soon as the insurance industry and AMA stepped up, he took it and the old age health provision out of contention, and did not even try. And, of course, vacationing with John D. Rockefeller, Jr. didn’t help.

The Left had a long grievance list with FDR, maybe even longer than the one it has for Obama.


When you compare any of these left-wingers to the opposition party, there are major differences whether CDers admit it or not.


Amen. I think it is some way following obligations to the Earth/Life and taking ownership of a place/issue. This was a good read on that very topic.

I don’t live near the Amazon or in Alaska, but I do have a state park nearby that I think may accept volunteers. It is a large canyon, and contains much history of geologic time, and historical events of Comanche, Southern Cheyenne, Arapaho and Kiowa people. Such places are where direct climate change effects will be most readily prominent, away from our climate controlled offices and homes.

For example, in this park the more frequent rains have increased erosion of trails. Trails are bit of a “necessary evil”, in that if there are none, and people do not visit, they will cease to value it, and so why not open it up for fracking like the rest of the State?

So just doing some trail maintenance, which is good hard work, is a small way. In turn, it changes one’s mindset towards possibilities, instead of limitations. And it places a real value on some tangible bit of the Earth we cherish. Cheers.