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Trump is the Nation’s Abuser-in-Chief


Trump is the Nation’s Abuser-in-Chief

Jill Richardson

As an emotional abuse survivor, I get an eerie feeling watching Donald Trump.

In fact, a checklist of 30 tactics used by an emotionally abusive partner, published by the blog Live Bold and Bloom, reads like Donald Trump’s debate prep to-do list.

One of the telltale signs of such abuse, for example, is rooted in humiliation:

“They humiliate you, put you down, or make fun of you in front of other people.”


Although Clarence Thomas, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Arnold the Terminator, and other abusers' cases gave many sexual and emotional abuse survivors eerie feelings that they discussed with friends, Trump's case is different because of his in-your-face personality that has pushed many victims to go public. Let's hope that so many women going public will end up creating a positive outcome, perhaps the only positive outcome of the 2016 duopoly campaign.

Despite Bill Clinton's ability to keep reminding us of "feeling your pain" he was more than just unfaithful. His abusive activities pushed several of my friends and co-workers to never vote for a Democrat for POTUS again. The impact of this on Gore's POTUS run would have been discussed more if the Party had not previously set up Ralph Nader to be the scapegoat when Gore lost Clinton's Arkansas and Gore's Tennessee, and ultimately conceded the 2000 election.

Unfortunately with either Bill Clinton or Donald Trump moving into the White House on January 20, it will be very difficult for many victims to "remove them from your life".


For all his faults, in my view, Trump is the lessor evil.

" Cut the Dude some slack already".

It should make one wonder why Trump is so demonized in the MSM. That alone tells me a lot! Trump is even demonized for being a friend of Putin, which if nothing else.. is a good thing.

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Trump appeals to the male macho types. This gives him a solid base of voters. He also has great appeal to racists and xenophobics. And his loose language on nuclear weapons appeals to the bomb'em back to the Stone Age types. So outside of the Northeast and West Coast he is pretty strong candidate. That is, he a strong candidate in what is sometimes referred to as the "real America." Of course people living in the Northeast and West Coast would strongly disagree about that designation.


I find HRC to also be emotionally abusive. Her penchant for secrecy and denial of reality has a gaslighing effect which reminds me of abuse I endured as a child. If the powerful people in the room tell you something didn't happen, even though you know it did, then you are always left second guessing yourself. Also, she has a temper, which has revealed itself in no uncertain terms, for example, during the primary when she verbally attacked the Greepeace activist:

Or when she blew up in front of an audience over a discussion on single-payer healthcare:

Either way, we lose on November 9th. We either get the narcissistic personality disordered father figure, or the double whammy of the narcissistic, borderline personality disordered mother figure. Yuck!

Stein/Baraka 2016


Silly, silly, this is not a personal relationship but how things get done in many circles.
This may not be your circle.
As for the silly women that accuse Trump, they have no value after so many years. This happens between men and women.
Many women provoke and chase wealthy men. And mot so wealthy men.
PresBushSr did so to 007Bond girl Hatcher.
Grow up!


Trump is a creepy clown and a hollow blowhard. The Abusers-in-Chief are the National Security State and the State Department who have abused people around the world with debt, drones and proxy wars. Trump is small potatoes.


Trump is akin to a grizzly bear that you will see coming at you before an attack. Clan Clinton is akin to deadly pathogens that kill you before you know what hit you.

Two bad choices indeed, vote Green in 16 !


It's always the woman's fault, eh? They are responsibie for Trump's behavior?

That doesn't make sense.

Not grabbing and kissing women just because you want to? That makes sense.

Lots of Trump apologists on this site!