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Trump Is the Only Real Anchor Baby in America

Trump Is the Only Real Anchor Baby in America

Michael Winship

Donald Trump is the real anchor baby in America – childish yet so outsized and unwieldy that he doesn’t hold the ship of state upright and in position like a good anchor should but causes it to sink like a stone.

Only a baby “his” mother could love.


The question: Was DJT born before his parents became naturalized citizens?
which would make him an anchor baby. Maybe his birth certificate was faked? OMG!


The most important development on the foreign affairs front is the continued advance among both our allies and foes toward a system that makes the petrodollar an economic afterthought. When the world starts trading in multiple currencies, the value of the US$ will plunge, interest rates will spike, and there won’t be a thing our bloated military can do. Here’s another step in this direction:

Many, many people continually express the notion that trump is simply intolerable as president. We all know virtually all the reasons for this simple truth - potential treason, collusion, undoubted corruption, criminality, moronic decision based on one insane man’s “gut” and bullying tactics, a charlatan, con man, grifter, incessant lying and ignorance. We all know these are truths about trump. Where were the millions of people marching in the streets when he announced his pleasure at dropping out of the Paris accords, when he trashed the Iran deal, and now escalating nuclear terror and certainly his antics with Putin and refusal to tell anyone what was discussed, what was said. We are in serious danger of be lulled with a 1000 cuts by a lunatic as POTUS. All while his minions are destroying America from within. EPA removing regs that protect our children, ourselves and the natural world. Promoting coal and fossil fuels while denying climate change and science. is this Alice in Wonderland time? Did someone drop LSD into America’s reservoirs and water systems?


I thought this was actually going to be an article about anchor babies, which would have been funnier, given that two of Trump’s wives had anchor babies with him.
Trump married Ivana in 1977, and had 3 kids with her before she became a naturalized citizen in 1988. Trump married Melanoma in 2005, and they had Barron in 2006. She became a citizen on about the same day she gave birth. For some reason, the exact date of her naturalization proceedings is shrouded in mystery.

In August 2018, it was reported that Melania’s parents had been granted U.S. citizenship. It was also revealed that the she had sponsored them for their green cards, a process at odds with Trump’s proposal of a “merit-based” system that would eliminate sponsorship for family members.

Funny comment I saw the other day about Melania -
“Hello, ICE?
Where do I go to report an immigrant who was working here illegally before obtaining a fraudulent visa, had an anchor baby, brought her family here through chain migration, and who’s currently living in government-funded housing and receiving free government healthcare?”


The term “anchor baby” as usually used doesn’t refer to kids born in the US to people (women) who already have legal residency and then go on to become US citizens. The term is used to refer to women who are in the US either as undocumented immigrants or on temporary (student/tourist/etc.) visas and who have children in the US to pursue legal status for themselves through their US-citizen children–who are such due to being born in this country.

Just saying.

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Too bad the headline on this story takes people away from the gravity of Winship’s report. We are, indeed, in terrible trouble on so many fronts.

One of my questions is whether Dump is even smart enough to come up with his narcissistically-driven dangerous ideas alone or whether he’s been a foolish and fooled tool since January 2017 of some damn slick maneuverers. Bannon? Pence (whom I also didn’t attribute much IQ to)? Miller? Mercer? Nutenyahoo? Who are the actual whisperers and string-pullers?

Alas, his paternal grandfather came over for the Yukon gold rush, while his mother came from Scotland before he or his siblings were born…
Do you think his stubborness comes from both the German & the Scottish sides?

And don’t forget that her father was a high ranking Communist Party stalwart on the regional level!!

I wish they had, then I could blame this nightmare on a drug induced state.
But I knew this was to be what his presidency would turn out to be. I knew it it from the moment he ran that he would cause great harm.
And he still has two yrs left to inflict more harm on us. That is what we have to look forward to.

But as has been questioned, was she a legal resident? Supposedly she had been brought in as an illegal model. And I have seen nothing that says she was ever legal.
In fact all three of his wives came from overseas. I don’t know enough about the first two to say whether they were legal.
Trump has a record of bringing and hiring illegals to work for him. Recently he has had illegals from his businesses fired, even though they had worked for him for well over a decade. He lies about illegals, he lies about everything. It would be easy for him to lie about the status of his wives.

Oh Bannon and Miller have definitively had an influence on him. They have been strongly against non-whites. Bannon especially, with his warning that we were about to be invaded and destroyed by non-whites.
And Stone told trump to keep trumpeting build the wall to inject fear into the election. The people he surrounds himself with are the most hateful of the lot.

And then lie it into oblivion.

And to think that ‘wall’ was nothing more than a mnemonic device to keep him on task concerning immigration – the dolt is so brainless he can only see ‘it’ in concrete terms!

I don’t think trump does abstract. It has to be something that can be touched.

I have no doubt you are right – that pu$$y-gr@bbing tape proves your hypothesis!

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