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'Trump Is Treason': Man Throws Russian Flags at McConnell and President on Capitol Hill


'Trump Is Treason': Man Throws Russian Flags at McConnell and President on Capitol Hill

Common Dreams staff

The protester posed as a reporter and later identified himself as Ryan Clayton of Americans Take Action


I Have looked all over the net, but have not found any definitive proof of any Russian connection to Trumps becoming POTUS, But what I have found by reading Russian news, is that the Russians seem to loveTrump.


“Reading Russian news”…says it all.


Let us not limit claims of treason to Trump an the Russians. The entire congress should be impeached for treasonous violations of the Constitution. Free speech, anyone?


LadyK equals Lady knows…


When Mueller finally finishes his investigation you’re going to have more proof than you can shake a stick at. Already there are reams of evidence of associations with Russia by close Trump associates and relatives and his “inner circle.” Anyone who thinks that he himself is clean is dropping serious acid.


This poor man has been driven to distraction (from Trump’s real crimes) by the Clinonites and the neocon media yearning to reignite the cold warrior. The truth is there is nothing to this nonsense. If you want to know who rigged the election, look at the political parties themselves. Look at the professional corporate election manipulators. Nobody manipulates elections like our own corporate professionals! Heck, Isreal does far more to influence our elections than Russia.


Bad reporting in the headline.

It should read “small pieces of paper Russian flags.” The headline conveyed a total different image than what happened.


Don’t hold your breath. There are more important disqualifying conflicts and crimes that should be focused on.


I do, too. The Russian Propaganda is much like propaganda of the American MSM…cunning, relentless, and aims at indoctrination. Know your enemies…


Why wouldn’t Russians love candidate Trump? He was the one who wanted better relations with Russia, whereas Clinton just advocated for more war. However, I do sense a fair amount of disillusionment from Russians as Trump ramps up the rhetoric against Iran and North Korea.


I hope Mueller is alive and well at this point. Strange things have happened in America’s history…


Nobody gives a flying flip about the ancient Cold War

If you are going to do your masters bidding I would start with propaganda from TODAY


Oh, good grief. What is wrong with American liberals? Why are they supporting this mad re-start of the Cold War, Is denying that Clinton lost the election because the Democrats had betrayed their base more important than stoking up a possible nuclear war? There is no evidence that Russia secured Trump’s win because they didn’t. The Democrats did. If you want to win the next elections, dump neoliberalism and field candidates who are prepared to think of alternatives to the (not so) “free” market.


I’m not one for ratcheting up the hatred of Russia, but what this guy is funny and feels good!


And the “net” is the seminal place for finding the “truth…” Do the names Flynn, Manafort, Page, Stone, Pence, Sessions, Kislyak, etc (and how many more Mueller and his investigative legal lions know of at this point) mean anything to you? Read more here: All of Trump’s Russia Ties: 7 charts


Excuse me, but Vlad cut his teeth on the “Cold War” and would like nothing more than to recreate it in his own image. “Nobody gives a flying flip”…now that is “rich.”

“Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”

― George Santana


Great! Thank you.


Of course there is no there there. It is embarassing to read the nonsense put out by the Maddows and the MSM regarding this made up Russia Gate brouhaha. Why even Jimmy Carter sees the light.


See also, William Blum, The Strange World of Russian "Trolls"


You sense disillusionment from Russians? Do you use some sort of dowser stick for that? The poor Russian people have been stripped of illusions for a long time. But putin love remains strong on CD.