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Trump Is Using Pardons To Rig The System For His Pals


Trump Is Using Pardons To Rig The System For His Pals

Natalie Giotta, Daniel I. Weiner

On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter (of course) that he would grant a “full pardon” to conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza was sentenced to five years of probation for willfully violating federal campaign finance law in 2014 and was, in the president’s view, “very badly treated by our government.”


This article is just more Democrat witch-hunting. Trump is doing nothing different than any Democrat President has done. Trump might have pardoned the extremist DeSousa, but Obama committed a similarly egregious act in freeing the extremist Chelsa Manning!


The American people who have no other vision for our future than what the parties of the Duopoly have to offer, are ultimately responsible for the political mess we are now facing.

Many of us recognized years ago what unchecked power given to these two parties would produce.

When will the rest of America come to understand that corruption must never be rewarded with another vote?


Didn’t realize the truth is now labeled extremist, thanks for the education.


My multi-layered sarcasm went over your head…

In her senate campaign Chelsea is calling for the abolition of all prisons. That seems pretty extreme - especially to Dnesh D’Sousa’s fans.

And, what was the evil, right-wing, as-bad-as-Trump Obama doing freeing Chelsea Manning anyway?



Trump’s final pardon before leaving office, aside from himself and family members, will be Bernie Madoff.

Future Trump Tweet - “Bernie was treated so unfairly by the corrupt justice system. I have corrected this terrible situation for this good family man.”


Glad to here it.
As far as Chelsea abolishing prisons, I think anyone who went through what she went through would probably be calling for the same thing. Solitary confinement is no way to treat any human being.
Maybe Obumer’s conscious finally got to him, one of the few positives from his terms.


Yup. I’d say that that is a pretty reasonable prediction…


Although he promised to “drain the swamp”, Trump has been second to none in benefiting from NY and DC swamp culture throughout his adult life. It is no surprise that he is expanding and empowering swamp culture more than any of his 44 predecessors did.


Manning whistle-blew on a horrific war crime committed by the United States.

You call that “extremism?” And you agree with the decision to imprison her for exposing that war crime?

Wow. Your post has opened my eyes about you even further. Thank you for that.


Perhaps its time for the psycho gop witches to get hunted.
Since they all hate the USA… what’s wrong with hunting them to extinction?