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Trump is Violating the Three Basic Principles of the Rule of Law


Trump is Violating the Three Basic Principles of the Rule of Law

Robert Reich

The “rule of law” distinguishes democracies from dictatorships. It’s based on three fundamental principles. Trump is violating every one of them.

The first is that no person is above the law, not even a president. Which means a president cannot stop an investigation into his alleged illegal acts.


Both the presidential election in 2016 and the election earlier this month showed that the majority of Americans do not want to abandon democracy for dictatorship. But because of our electoral system and the way it can be gamed the minority that of voters who are willing to go along with a dictatorship could rule. The electoral college of course favors less populated rural states almost all of which favored Trump. And then the Republicans have been busy gerrymandering, passing ID laws, purging voter roles, stopping those who served time for felonies from voting, etc to tilt elections in their favor. And the courts are being stocked with right wing judges. So in 2020 it will be challenging for the majority of Americans to be fairly represented by the election results. It is quite possible a dictatorship could be established in the US.


Principal, and Rule of Law are concepts far to intangible for this generation of muricans to understand or care about. The handheld, desktop, and wall mounted view screens have pumped full the heads of anyone born after 1980 with 40 yrs. of corporate sanctioned propaganda. The cult of the self, violent entertainment, and glorification of greed, have reduced a critical mass of US citizens to fascism ready zombies. The death of democracy has been knowingly engineered by rich capitalists.


Understand this would appear in “Newsweek,” but here?