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Trump Is Who He's Always Been, and Trump Is the Epitome of the GOP; They Have to Own Him

Trump Is Who He's Always Been, and Trump Is the Epitome of the GOP; They Have to Own Him

Marcy Wheeler

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold has come up with another scoop. While scraping for video clips does not seem to be Fahrenthold’s strength, like the KFile boys who bolted Buzzfeed in the middle of the night for the apparently greener pastures of CNN, this clip posted by the Washington Post is bigger than anything that has come before.

Oh, Marcy, Marcy, Marcy, would you please stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think?

Oops! That not what I meant to say – Marcy, you rock! You nailed it.

The Republicans created this monster, now they have to live with it. One can only hope this marks the beginning of the end of having to endure any form of Republican influence on policy and our lives.

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This story I do believe was written by bmz over at Mary site.


Clinton Is Who She’s Always Been, and Clinton Is the Epitome of the Democrats; They Have to Own Her

The US has killed 20 million people and destroyed 50 democracies since 1945.

Hillary is pushing for war.

Democrats now own the endless US holocaust.


Modern brainwashing also known as marketing is better than anything Hitler or Stalin had.

Reagan repealed the fairness doctrine in broadcasting which held the brainwashers at bay.

Shame is not for humans whose cruel masters of war have learned to brainwash.

People are people. Shame is on those who wash brains for purposes of war and wealth.


Perfect. The October surprise on Trump has buried the HRC one–which the Dems have planned. All this info on Trump has been out there all along but waiting until the last moment to unleash it is no less than the RP deserves. However, the DP has conveniently ignored HRC and Bill’s sexual escapades (and rape charges on his side, more than one)
Both candidates are horrible and really despicable. I am no fan of either but Trump is correct when he states Bill has said worse (on the golf course and elsewhere) and done just as bad (or worse) and no one on the DP side is all over that. No one should be voting for either of these morally bankrupt sociopaths–Not men and definitely not women.
HRC was going to the White House no matter what so creating this avalanche was unneeded. I’m sure she’s cackling: We came, we spied, I destroyed him. I’m with him: don’t drop out. Ride that horse to the end destroying the RP totally. HRC and Slick Willy have done that to the DP. Turn about is fair play.

If Trump’s VP choice had a moral compass, he would withdraw. Any who bitch about this klown but still support him are no better. Ryan deserved to have more than boos tossed at him. Too bad tar and feathering is out. The RP had to have him well, they own him now.

Well argued article from Wheeler - but within the narrow assumption that there is a significant difference between the two parties and the outcomes of their approaches. I believe the Trump phenomenon is just a reflection of “a society in disintegration” to quote Nader. I find it too simplistic to associate the Trump phenomenon with just the R party. As the Trump phenomenon is not about Trump, it’s about those who support him, and who have been let down equally by both parties.

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Before long none of the GOP will have voted for Trump at the convention or the primaries. It was Hillary who did this to them, somehow. One moment they throwing tea bag and the next minute, Hillary cast a spell and POOF, there was Cheeto Top, the GOP nominee! Talk about creepy clown sightings. Holy cheese whiz, Badman! They’re heading for the Badcave!

Ugh. And I think I really do have to note that Hillary too has been the same for as long as we’ve known her, it was just buried beneath the Dem-party fog machine, with a window display showing peasant families and a factory floor increasingly owned and lorded over by the uber priviledged. Obama was owned and brought along by the Pritzkers. The Clintons by Walmart and anyone with tons of money.

As rotten and worthless as Trump is, I can’t bring myself to get conned again (as I was in 2008 by Obama) by the lesser evil narrative, thinking that I would just be wasting my vote for McKinney because she didn’t have a chance in Hades. I will again (as in 2012) vote the Green ticket with Stein and (this time) Baraka even though I have to write it in and even though my state won’t count a write-in here. And I refuse to consider my vote wasted. It is still my vote. It is not merely a strategy (talking to you now, Bernie).


How about you, friend. Have you given up your car? Have you quit eating beef and pork? Do you wear a heavy shirt indoors and turn the thermostat down? Have you quit using or buying single use plastic? Do you boycott Israel and farm products of factory farms as much as possible? Do you avoid supermarkets?

The US has killed 20 million and destroyed 50 democracies since 1945 as reported in these online news services. What are you doing to accept responsibility?

Please tell me what you are doing to help your friends and fellow citizens escape skillful brainwashing of americans and europeans. I am open to learn from your experience.

I recognized and accepted my duty under the Nuremberg principles many years ago.

The propaganda on foreign policy is overwhelming and brings everyone into a “lockstep” mentality as well. Maybe even moreso since at least on the consumer side you are presented with the illusion of choice. Coke vs Pepsi for example. Sometimes you can go hog-wild and get some RC. The propaganda system in the US doesn’t provide for choices. Putin is evil and that’s it for example.

Yes, Trump is the distilled poison of the GOP’s game plan since the 1970s.
Its preening poster boy.…A brawling, mugging, narcissistic tub thumper, loudly
lighting everyone’s fuses, and enjoying the explosions. Not so much an
ideologue, which would require intelligence above some threshold, as a coarse
minded and smugly illiterate demagogue.

A jaw dropping achievement of sorts, by an aggressively mediocre mind. Is there
a medal for this?

With what, in the rage-locked and insular, passes for plainspokenness, Trump
gleefully mugs, blitzes and vaults his way through any and all collisions with facts
and reality, his coarse and self-adoring ignorance wonderfully intact.

He actually mirrors darkly Clinton’s own fealty, ultimately saving the bastions of
privilege and elitism from the depredations of actual social justice and actual
democratic process. Not to mention such blasphemous things as tolerance, civil
dialogue and just plain common decency. Despite his sly pandering to angry and
frightened working and middle class men and women, he will betray them all in
a heart beat with his anti-union, anti-women, anti-science, anti-education

In spite of the shock and incredulity of most observers, when they demand, in horror,
“How did Trump happen?!”, he is indeed actually not at all an accident, some secular
incarnation of the Anti-Christ, precipitated out of the void. He and the bulk of his
followers are in fact on the continuum of an old and venomous tradition in U.S. history.
He is the embodiment, the inevitable Golem of the far-right’s infamous, ugly, Southern
Strategy, its very stink conjured and made animate.

That said, for myself, the truly appalling fact is that, given all of the above, the bankrupt Democratic Party machineries STILL cannot manage to give their tepid candidate a
light years margin against Trump’s thuggery in the polls. Quo vadis?

tween johnson1 vp after lincoln and hayes shoein after grant the usa had let the south back in, reversed to military districts, said awshit and took in hayes when the party agreed to let the south rebel until 1965. of course the blacks and the poor whites were back on a plantation with a company store and were segregated. jazz music was loved, but satchmo had to sleep on the bus.
it wasn’t pretty, but but thats the way it was. but it was the reps that freed the slaves just after alexander ii , but but neither lincoln or alexander ii freeing was put into practice.
alaska was given to the usa cheap cuz l and a wanted to develop both sides of the bering sea and alex had saved the usa navies ass during the war.
now to my point.
why can’t the rep party replace trump with pence?
it hayes was brought in from nowhere, why not pence?
an aside, the greenback fiat loan money was repaid w nevada silver and some colorado gold. also the rails laid thru 1890 helped repay as towns contributed fees along the way and copanies paid fees and tariffs to ship on the rr’s.
no irs til wobbly wilson got in in 1912 and really pissed off tr.