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Trump is Wrong about Climate Change, and Jobs Too


Trump is Wrong about Climate Change, and Jobs Too

Laurie Mazur

Donald Trump rode to the White House promising to bring back jobs for working-class Americans. But dismantling federal efforts to address climate change will make it harder to deliver on that promise.


Of course Trump is wrong on this and probably about everything else. The problem we humans have to face is that we are not able to overthrow corporate controlled government. There is something we can do about climate change NOW. Regenerative Agriculture. So you are NOT a farmer... However, if you own a tiny spot of land you can start this change now.... start by growing vertically. Instead of grass (sod has shallow roots) grow native plants that always has deeper roots. Growing more on top of the ground than grass will soak up carbon from the air. Raising the organic content of your soil to 2% will, if we band together, across the earth, absorb the CO2 we are producing. Do NOT till the soil, because that releases carbon. Cover the earth with a green dress on any space you control. Grow trees to shade and cool your area and create microclimates where you live. Feed the worms in the soil, all the organic matter you can get your hands on, put it in the soil or on top of the soil so the worms have something to eat. Encourage bees and beneficial insects by planting things that offer food for them. You CAN DO IT... You just have to be willing. BUT YOU MUST START NOW. And everyone who writes or blogs needs to promote this all the time.


Seeing how Trump will actually put ever more Murkins out of work, more Murkins will have time to grow plants.


Been doing a garden since 2004 when we bought our house.... two big ones.... 20x30 ft and 30x40 ... give or take a few feet each year.... I have experimented with some of what you said... but my husband gets involved, too... so he argues a lot... but we also filled in the cracked old in ground pool in the back...and now we have two peach trees, two apple trees, a plum, and a nectarine.... we have a grape vine next to the gardens... the last couple of years it's been difficult to get a good harvest from the garden... like last year we had a drought (Southern Tier of NY)...... I have more to learn and would love to do permaculture..... I do only grow heirloom (oh ...unless my husband goes and buys some of his own plants....).... We also have chickens... varying numbers over the years... now we have 8. ... Just for the eggs..


It's true that "a certain amount of climate disruption is now inevitable;" in fact, if global warming is now "feeding on itself" (as some climate scientists believe), that "disruption" will include having OUR species soon join the many OTHER species now going extinct!


Yep... that's about the size of it..