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Trump Isn’t Hitler. But We Should Act Like He Is


Trump Isn’t Hitler. But We Should Act Like He Is.

Peter Dreier

Donald Trump isn’t Hitler. The United States is not Weimar Germany. Our economic problems are nowhere as bad as those in Depression-era Germany. Nobody in the Trump administration (not even Steven Bannon) is calling for genocide (although saber-rattling with nuclear weapons could lead to global war if we’re not careful).


It is good to keep in mind that Trump lost the popular vote by about 1 millions votes so the majority of Americans are not demanding Trump. Rather he won the election because of quirks in the electoral college. And also an inexplicable action by the director of the FBI with a little more than a week to go in the election. So it was like pulling an insider straight. Also, Trump has the highest unfavorability ratings of any candidate who ever ran president. The majority of Americans do not like him. But we are stuck with him given what the electoral college results can yield. Since he has done nothing to deserve being treated like a normal president he shouldn't be. The appointment of Bannon should be seen as unacceptable. More unacceptable things are sure to come. We must draw the line and stick to where it is drawn. This doesn't just apply to progressives. It applies to most Americans, left, center, and even many on the right.


A real threat, yes, but getting caught up in the Hitler analogy is a distraction. For the moment, I'd settle for having some say in who goes on the taxpayer payroll and sits in on meetings with world leaders. Aren't Ivanka's jewelry products marketed in Japan? Or will they be? Did she wear another bracelet to show to Abe?


So says the NRA in support of DJT. I don't understand your point.


The bigger picture to bear in mind is that Trump in the White House (and a Republican majority in all three branches on the Federal and many state levels) will make extreme rightwing positions even more acceptable in mainstream political discourse. This is where we've been heading the past several decades.

The problem is that it takes two to tango: Republicans push and push, but the Democrats don't bother to push back, often going right along with them -- certainly on economic issues and bombing the crap out of "brown people" elsewhere.

This is a deliberate long-term strategy that works all too well called the Overton Window:


This above article is a must-read to understand how we got here, and how it will only get worse if we don't push back HARD -- not on the self-congratulatory identity politics that Democrats will gladly stand for all too easily, but on ECONOMIC issues (which is where the root of these social ills truly lie).

Consequently, the Democrats are equally responsible for this situation. They had the chance to redeem themselves with Bernie Sanders and they blew it. They lack all credibility now. We need more than more identity politics (which is the Dems' version of the Southern Strategy) -- we need true leftist economic policies -- something the ruling class is loathe to address.

And if they fail to address it, then they should be stripped of their illegitimate power -- and I don't mean via the ballot box either. This is not a threat, but rather an observation how history has borne out in similar situations, beginning with the French Revolution.


The problem is that it takes many more than two to make a democracy. The GOP is nervously trying to give the appearance of unity behind DJT, but they don't know any more than he does what he wants to do. What progressives need to do is rise up vocally in opposition to actual proposals. So far we have the nomination of Sessions to be AG; we can work with that, and we must.


The Nazis didn't openly call for genocide in the beginning, either. But they got around to it.


An informed and participating electorate being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to vote and have their votes counted shall not be infringed.


The proposals for decades that should be opposed are not merely Republican ones:

  • The refusal to ban the usage of cluster bombs and land mines

  • Dismantling telecommunication regulations allowing for television networks and newspapers to be further consolidated by even fewer corporations

  • Pushing the bogus "superpredator" theory which has contributed to the murder of African-Americans by police

  • Crime bills increasing incarceration of African-Americans

  • Drone strikes and proxy wars often involving the wholesale slaughter of innocents and medical facilities (we are currently bombing eight countries -- and don't forget Madeline Albright's awful statement" "We think it is worth it.")

  • Increased wiretapping and surveillance

  • A huge permanent tax cut to corporations who have kept their money overseas to avoid taxes in the US (Schumer, just a couple weeks ago)

  • "Welfare reform" (a Clinton favorite)

  • An ineffective healthcare system originally conceived by the Republicans in the 1990s and a refusal to even discuss single payer

  • --and lest we forget, the vast majority of them supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

... this is just a briefly off the top my head from the past 24 years, and more could easily be added to the list. These are just some of the policies that Democrats have actively pursued and have succeeded in putting into place (the last one listed will come soon enough -- Schumer and the GOP will get along just nicely on that point).

Dangling identity politics as a carrot for voters will no longer cover the stench of Democratic hypocrisy. We can't help but smell it. The GOP isn't the only party desperately trying to give an appearance of unity.

To the DNC I have only one thing to say: Give us leftist (not mere bourgeouis "liberal") policies and we'll give support. Otherwise, get the f*** out of the way -- we'll take care of this problem ourselves.


I agree that it is hyperbole to equate Trump with Hitler. For instance: I could never see Trump doing to Muslims what Hitler did to the German Jews, but having said that, Trump is a loose cannon and it is going to be a rough ride the next four years; especially with Trump having access to the nuclear bombs of the armed forces.


Here's more to add to the Democratic policies that trumps anything comparable thus far by even the Republican party:

"2.5 million people were deported during the first six years of President Obama’s tenure — far more than were deported by any other president and almost more than all previous presidents combined."

So when Republicans do it, it's bad. When Democrats do it, it's ok...?

Perhaps Trump is "not my President," but the Democrats are "not my party" either.


Agree with this post.

Libs & Dems had a chance to resist American Fascism in 2012 when it was obvious Obama was simply 3rd term Bush, but they ignored the warning signs.

Now Trump has every tool of oppression from Bush/Obama.Trump is odious but he is, in essence, chickens coming home to roost.

Having said this, heck yes, we must resist.


Yep. And one glaring example of the ignoring the warning signs surfaced three days into Obama's presidency in 2008 -- when he began his drone strikes.

True to principle, Cindy Sheehan voiced opposition to this, and the Democratic leadership told her to shut up. Oh how they loved using her as a tool to dupe voters to vote for the so-called opposition party -- but once they attained their own ends, they dropped her like a hot potato.


Years ago I saw a movie about Rommel. I remember little about it, except that Rommel had made an effort to kill Hitler. Is that what you are recommending?!


I wish The Donald were Hitler and that the American public were as bright as the German public in 1932.

Hitler ran for president in 1932 and lost the election because a majority of the Germans were not so stupid as to elect an anti-Semitic nutcase who wanted to make Germany great again by establishing the Third Reich and whose fofllowers shouted: "Deutschland uber alles."

In 2016, a minority of the American public votes for an egotistical, misogynistic, xenophobic, Islamophobic nutcase who wants to make American great again and shouts: "Put America first."

HItler comes to power because the German industrialists were deathly afraid of a Marxist revolution and wanted Adolph in power because he was an anti-communist. So, they tell President Hindenburg to appoint Hitler Chancellor (the head of governemt) because they can control Adolph. The fundamental difference between our republic and the Weimar Republic is that our president is both head of state and head of government. In the Weimar Republic the president was head of state and had the function of appointing the Chancellor (the head of government). Hindenburg actually hated Hitler because Hitler was a lowly corporal and Hindenburg was a field marshal, but he apparently stupidly believed the industrialists because he appointed Hitler Chancellor.

Once Hitler was Chancellor he convinced enough conservatives in the Reichstag to join with the Nazis (a minority party) and form a majority coalition to pass an Enabling Act giving Adolph absolute power. The Weimar Republic became a fascist dictatorship because a majority of the democratically elected members of the Reichstag voted to give Adolph absolute power.

In the US, a majority of unelected electors will vote to give The Donald the presidency. But The Donald will not have absolute power because of checks and balances.


Do you understand what fascism is?

Adolph Hitler had absolute power because a majority of the Reichstag voted to give him absolute power (they passed and Enabling Act making the Chancellor a dictator). You have fascism when one person makes all the rules.

Since separation of powers in our Constitution prevents the president from having absolute power, we are not a fascist state. The president is commander in chief of the military, This means he/she can order drone strikes, but if and only if Congress either declares war or votes to authorize the president to do whatever he/she needs to do to combat world-wide terrorism. Congress did this after 9/11.

If you don't like drone strikes, then blame Congress for authorizing them. If you were rational, you would understand that living in the US is far better than living in a fascist dictatorship, such as Germany under Adolph Hitler.

When leftists rail about the US being a fascist state, this is why rational people refer to leftists as the lunatic left.


You don't get it. The Donald campaigned as though Obama was not keeping us safe because all those evil illegal aliens are in the country. But the reality is that Obama did deport a lot of illegal aliens.

It is simply too bad that politics in the US has sunk to telling people to vote for me because that guy in office is the reason your life is in the dumps. Humans have to blame somebody for their pitiful lives. When the team loses the big game you blame the coach.

So, The Donald simply catered to the xenophobia of the general public by telling them he will deport all those illegal aliens. The fact the general public was not aware that Obama was already doing this caused too many of them to vote for The Donald. This is why Mencken said "You'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the general public."

You vilify Democrats, but you ignore the fact that Democrats gave us all of the social welfare programs that have made life better for us:

1) Social Security
2) Expanding Social Security to wives and dependents
3) Disability insurance
4) Unemployment insurance
5) A minimum wage
6) Medicare
7) Medicaid
8) the ACA
9) And in states controlled by Democrats, expanding Medicaid under the ACA

Aren't you just as ignorant as all those people who voted for The Donald?


I guess you are unaware that Hitler first wanted to deport the Jews. He decided he could solve the "Jewish problem" by deporting them to reservations far to the east in the Soviet Union. But first he had to defeat Stalin and the Red Army made this impossible. He next got the goofy idea to deport the Jews to Madagascar (a French colony and Hitler had defeated the French). It was only when he couldn't do this that he came up with the final solution.

The first thing Hitler did was to get the Reichstag to pass the Nuremberg Laws. These laws took German citizenship away from Jews so that Hitler could deport them for not being citizens. The Donald wants to deport illegal aliens because they are not citizens.

The Donald is not Hitler but you wouldn't know it if all you did was read what he says without knowing who said it.

Hitler: I will make Germany great again by establishing the Third Reich (the Roman Empire was the First Reich and the Holy Roman Empire was the Second Reich).

The Donald: "I will make America great again."

Nazis shouted: "Deutschland uber alles."

The Donald shouts: "Put America first."

The fundamental difference between Germans in 1932 is that HItler lost the election for president because the German people were not so stupid as to vote for Hitler for president, while a minority of the America Public voted for The Donald. The Donald will become president because we have an undemocratic Electoral College that can give us a president who doesn't have the support of the majority of the public.


Trump's loss of the popular vote is currently just over 1,500,000 votes and will almost certainly grow over the next week or so, perhaps to as high a 2,500,000 votes. This serves to prove that the Electoral College is currently manipulated, primarily by one party, and should be eliminated!


Great reply! Trump may not be a Hitler, but that does not mean he isn't very dangerous, because he is not, in my view, playing with a full deck! And what should scare the hell out of us is not what he may do to Muslims but that he has his hands on the nuclear trigger. Trump is a loose canon and liable do anything in the next four years. And all the proof we need is his cabinet from hell appointees!