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Trump Isn’t the Only Republican with a Woman Problem


Trump Isn’t the Only Republican with a Woman Problem

Marge Baker

Long before he set his sights on the White House, Donald Trump was showing his misogynistic colors.


Thank you, Ms. Baker.

Don’t forget that the key rationale for defunding Planned Parenthood came from falsified footage of would-be fetal tissue sales. And even AFTER Congressional hearings on this cooked up “evidence,” and those accused vindicated, still the Republican misogynistic spin machine (with lots of help from the patriarchs of Evangelical Christian churches) goes to work repeating the same lies.

And how about Pence?

To these Evangelical Christians, the FATHER/MALE is designated by their imaginary version of the male father god as head of the family. The boss.

That means daughters and wives must SUBMIT to his will.

It only differs from the Taliban and its honor crimes by degree (not in ideological substance).

Furthermore, all over this nation in addition to the routine, cavalier manner by which attacks (by police) on the Black Community are tolerated, there is also a war against women that starts with the Rape Culture, festers in the oceans of porn pushed across the Internet, and is further fed by these backward patriarchal religious notions that insist that females were given 2nd hand status by “god.”

They HORRIFY me with good cause!

These people do not want any behaviors that challenge THEIR version of law and order. And it’s a law and order that privileges white males over everyone else.

It’s disturbing.

This video really nails what’s going on:

(the site is not allowing me to posit the link right now.)


If I were into conspiracy theories, I would be certain that Melania Trump was set up for that display of female incompetence in her speech to the convention. She certainly appeared terrified in the bits I saw (the plagiarism). And now the Washington Post reports that she inserted those words herself, reading them over the phone to the woman who had ghosted one of DT’s books and was her choice to redo the draft provided by two seasoned male speechwriters. Monafort says it was the least important speech of the whole convention, which diminishes MT’s significance. And several Republican commenters noted Oh well, how nice she looked. My misogynydar is working overtime.


Republican women = Stockholm syndrome writ large


Your comment is pithy… but works better if woman (or women) is spelled correctly.


Speaking on behalf of the entire Internet, we would all really appreciate it if you would lay off the grammar and spelling corrections.


— Everyone Else


Ok, so finish that last sentence, “So we should vote for Hillary”. No one doubts how bad the Repugs are but I get the feeling you think she would be better. Are you one of the people that believe the stories about how she has fought all her life for women and children? Because I would like to see what she has done all her life that worked?
As powerful as she is, if she had worked all her life for us do you think we would still be fighting for our rights?
These articles act like Trump will get in there and make all his little dreams come true, when in most cases it’s the Democrats that have made their fantasies come true. Remember it was the Clinton’s that gutted welfare and put millions of women and children into starvation and deeper poverty. You really think she cares? That was a Republican initiative. so is cutting Social Security.
Obama put Social Security cuts on the table in the Grand Bargain, it came closest to becoming law under him, not Bush.
Wake the fk up people. If you want to talk about how bad Trump is tell the other side of the story and talk about how bad Killery is a well. Otherwise you come off as a Hillary apologist. The two parties are holding hands behind the curtain after the political theater is closed.
Jill Stein for President


That’s quite a story. Remember Trump was attacked about his treatment of women and he accused Bill of abusing women and Hillary supporting him. In any Hillary is either an enabler or a lesbian as some have said. Who knows but maybe it was sex Bill wanted when he met with Loretta Lynch…Mmm just rambling.


Yeah, really rambling … and slandering. What would be wrong with being a lesbian?


Thanks, I am not sure if spell check is my friend or foe. Age is a definite enemy.


The Repubs have a woman problem, that’s awful!!! Oh, wait, so do the Dems.

Bill Clinton passed welfare “reform” that pulled the rug out from under poor families and their children. He tried to “save” Social Security by privatizing it, but luckily was stopped by the Monica Lewinski scandal http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/4/24/1519649/-RECAP-How-Monica-Lewinsky-Saved-Social-Security . He passed NAFTA and eliminated Glass Steagall, preparing the way for economic disaster for women and their families. All with Hillary’s support.

The Clintons’ record of devastating the lives of poor women through war and economic exploitation is unparalleled, and Hillary Clinton promises more of the same. Luckily, if the Dems actually nominate Clinton, we can vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, which has no problems with women at all.


Glad you asked. Thought about it later and did want to clear up any misconceptions that may have caused. I didn’t mean it to be critical of lesbian women, I absolutely do not feel that way. It is a fact that has been circulated though in relation to Bill’s promiscuity. No bad feelings toward the LGBT community, I support them completely. Thanks for giving me a chance to explain.