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Trump Isn't Really Ending Endless Wars, He's Making Them Worse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/13/trump-isnt-really-ending-endless-wars-hes-making-them-worse

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Well said!!! Excellent article.

Trump’s base (more accurately his marks, as Jesse Jackson has observed) doesn’t really believe he is ending wars, they just love how he gets away with more lies with each passing day and they love that he is actually expanding wars because that is just what nationalists always ;love.

Jon is daydreaming.
As of Sunday morning, Oct. 13, the turks are now planning on going south into southeast Syria much further than what they had told Trump 10 days ago. The Kurds do not have enough soldiers,enough armor to even slow them down.

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End Trump - End War.

I know, it is like closing the barn door after all the cows have gone. Just one bad decision after another, but something has to be done. We should start the conversation with what will end this short of killing everyone.


I totally agree that our foreign policy needs a top-down rebuild and, especially, a progressive top-down rebuild, but that would also require the same top-down rebuild of our entire political system. No way in hell will a government at home with a low disregard for human rights and one that puts corporations above people somehow magically create a foreign policy based on human rights. A domestic policy of corporate power and a foreign policy of corporate power enforced at the point of a gun, if need be, cannot be separated.


I just read a report about an integrated high school in Ohio where a young black student was in class, and on her phone. and her assignment is long overdue. The teacher tells the student to put the phone away and pay attention in class. The student texts her mom. The mom writes a three page letter charging racism. The teacher is suspended.

It dawned on me that we are as divided today as they are in the middle east with their ethnic heritages, religions and the wealth trickling upward instead of everyone having a piece of the pie.

The Kurds usually fair poorly anytime there is a conflict because of unilateral divisions though out the Middle east. Dating back to 1916 and foreign intervention.

I know, it is hard to know what to believe there is so much manipulation of information. Not always a good things in my opinion. Education infrastructure needs to change on several levels.

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This article skips completely over the culpability of the Syrian Kurds fr their own predicament.

If they were rolling the dice by trying to secure more autonomy or even a statelet within Syria based on a military relationship with the US, they were delusional and frankly, stupid. Now whatever deal they work out with Assad will be less favorable than any arrangement they would have put together a year ago – and it was clear back then that trump was going to abandon them.

I support the Kurds but they hold a losing hand and don’t even play that well.

Side note: I heard Susan Rice advocate for an open-ended occupation of Syria last evening on NPR. She called it a relatively inexpensive investment. That’s your Democratic stance – talk about bringing troops home, then admit you never will.


“I heard Susan Rice advocate for an open-ended occupation of Syria last evening on NPR.”

Good God! When will we ever be done with these people? Both parties are full of them. They do not live in reality. They live in the bubble of “the American exception.”

The bubble is bursting. When will they get the news?


The Kurds in Iraq played to the US as well, causing the angst that led to Saddam gassing them, with US made helicopters I believe.
The Kurds in Turkey give similar problems. The Kurds in Iran…
Ethnic identity as a nation-building issue needs to be scrapped in my opinion. Besides creating war, in peacetime it causes baby booms as each division seeks to overpopulate the other for votes and future wars. Think what Indian towns do. I was at a Hindu temple once when a priest from India was preaching go-back-to-India-and-have-many-babies-to-outnumber-the-Muslims.

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My impression:

In relative terms, the Syrian Kurds owned a measure of autonomy and cultural freedom in Syria under Assad. Seeing what the Iraqi Kurds achieved out of the mayhem of the Iraq War, they looked to push it in Syria. Aligning themselves with the US against ISIS was their gambit but highly unlikely to pan out in terms of their ultimate objective: A Syrian Kurdish statelet. Turkey has always been eager to suppress the Kurds – in Turkey, in Syria – once a nation has territory, they fight like hell to keep it. This confrontation was a matter of when not if.

I am against permanent or open-ended US occupations. Our role as world police force has been a miserable failure unless you’re Israel, the KSA, or the MIC. Trump is not bringing troops home, but he is talking about ending “endless” wars. He’s a grifter without a coherent stance on anything outside his own narcissistic egomania, but I tentatively support his position on this, with the full understanding that it’s likely to change by the end of the day.


This is Russia’s backyard. More appropriate that Russia steps in as a big power as the US bows out. Russia can’t do worse than the US has in the region in the last twenty years. The Kuwait War, The Iraqi War, Syria, Afghanistan,…


The US has 4 goals in the region:

Destabilization (success, though the regional nations don’t help their own causes)
Keep oil flowing and cheap (success, in that the Saudis are protected))
Protect Israel (success)
Support the MIC (resounding success)

Everything else – alliances, terrorism, frenemies, sectarianism, dictatorships, Palestinian rights – are manipulable pieces on a chessboard that promotes the 4 goals.

I absolutely agree that Russia should take the lead.



Hard to argue when he is taking troops out of Syria and sending twice as many to Saudi Arabia, meanwhile funding wars all over the world by providing weapons and training.

Agreed! Quote: “imagining a new U.S. foreign policy based on diplomacy and humanitarian initiatives.” The only thing I have seen that Trump “gets” is we need to stop fighting all over the world. His ability to extract us from those situations is nil.

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In the case of Syria, several considerations apply:

There are many players with interconnected and complex relationships in the arena – our troops there were nothing but a buffer, not a solution. In terms of formulating a solution, I trust Putin as much as I trust any US administration to sort things out, which is to say not much. Suffice it to say that Vladdie knows exactly what everyone’s interests are and that he has agreements with and military leverage over all of them.

The Syrian Kurds were never going to hold on to the territory they captured from ISIS unless the US permanently stationed lots of troops there. Never.