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Trump - Israel Collusion on Syria


Trump - Israel Collusion on Syria

Renee Parsons

Considering the sequence of recent events in the Middle East, it is obvious that the circumstances regarding the US withdrawal from the nuclear accord with Iran were carefully thought out in advance, as a pre-arranged strategy to pave the way for escalating Israel’s conflict with Iran and the war in Syria.


Remember when you were a little kid, and you had nightmares, and your Mom and Dad would wake you up by wiping your face with a warm wet face towel, then once you were wide awake, they told you, “There’s no such thing as Monsters.”

Well folks, they lied.

Trump and Netanyahu are real live Monsters, capable of unending cruelty and atrocities.

Oh, and don’t let me forget about Gina Haspel.

And, the Democratic Senators that are going to enable this Monster to continue her evilness.

Actually, the world is full of Monsters.

And sometimes, actually quite often, we vote for them.


All different (and sometimes co-equal) tentacles of the octopus of Western Capitalist Imperialism.


I’ve come to believe that except for that vote for Stein in 2016, Every presidential candidate and gov official - senator down to mayor down to elections official and state treasurer - no matter how low of a level has been a criminal and ultimately a monster.

And, I know after being berned, I should trust nobody. A good sociopath will always say the right things and convince you. I Still have hope Stein’s not corrupt though. If I find out she is, I can only declare her an excellent sociopath for being able to lie that well. Which is what Bernie, Obama and Warren are. Look at their war actions not their anti war words. No chance Hillary isn’t a sociopath or Bill. Trump looks like one but I’m not sure. He’s not a smart man so his crap may be all out stupidity. Then again he and his family is shamelessly corrupt. It probably is sociopathy. Look how his jackass kids killed endangered animals for sport and held up the carcasses and tails like they should be proud.


Jill and Ajamu are not corrupt. If you have ever seen them speak in person, or met them and had person to person discussions with them, this would be crystal clear.

The people of America messed up royal in 2016 by not doing their homework on this.

I’m not sure these two fine people will give us another chance in 2020 to vote for them.

This country of ours should be so lucky.


I looked up that reference on dual American/Israeli citizenship and was stunned. Anyway you look at it, there is room to wonder about who they ultimately represent.


PonyBoy, I expect to vote for both.


You make a good case for installing Congress by national lottery.


Note that Elena Kagan is a dual citizen:




Seriously, it couldn’t be any worse.