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Trump Issues Communications Clampdown, Muzzles Federal Agencies


Trump Issues Communications Clampdown, Muzzles Federal Agencies

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Though the majority of President Donald Trump's controversial cabinet nominations have not yet been confirmed, his so-called "beachhead" teams have arrived at their respective agencies, carrying out orders that make clear that the "War on Science" has begun.


Regardless where one stands politically, it should be obvious to any paying attention that this regime of billionaires is a clear and present danger to our free republic! This regime is a cancer that will metastasize and has already done great damage to our nation, people and unity - our common environment is next is the sights of this madness. The prime-mover is a disturbed and unfit person that can rightly be seen as mentally ill and dramatically unfit to lead anything, much less a nation.


Agreed! Crumpus is a threat to our national security!!


Here's a slight twist on "muzzling." IF some in the CIA truly want to follow the facts and if they would lead to something bad regarding Putin (not too much of a stretch), would they attempt to keep some of this secret from Trump, for instance, if Trump asked specifically where the info came from? An ex-CIA head of Russian operations was recently musing over that situation.


This means war - I mean: Litigation. It can't be legal to arbitrarily prevent tax payer funded institutions to share their research.


I appreciate the letter sent to Trump but the psychology is wrong. You can't tell him it will hurt the American people, he doesn't care. You have to show and tell how it will hurt him. That's all he truly cares about.
We need to learn how to talk to this man-child, that is a supreme narcissist.
Of course the gag rule is a joke. As soon as he did it, it leaked out from one of the EPA agents. Good luck keeping them from saying bad things about him, little Kim Jung Un. That's why he did this you know, cause someone from EPA I think, retweeted the picture of his bare inauguration compared to Obama's.
They're trying to make protests illegal too. He has delusions of grandeur. This could be comical if it wasn't so heartbreaking.


Agricultural Research Service flack sez: "Starting immediately and until further notice, ARS will not release any public-facing documents ...This includes, but is not limited to, news releases, photos, fact sheets, news feeds, and social media content."

This went over swimmingly for Harpo a few years ago in Canada. Good to see Der Pumpkinfuhrer importing the best and brightest ideas from around the world.


Those are not Trump's agencies, they belong to we the people.


He's a joke. Check this out. http://usuncut.com/resistance/national-park-service-defies-trump/ See this is a loud mouthed, unruly, armed, bunch of crazies out here. They should be careful who the try to muzzle.


This is the people's government now stfu.


This is only the beginning. We cannot become complacent or habituated to all of the shit being done by this administration. RESIST!


The demented diabolical dimwit should be blacked out (hooded), muzzled and handcuffed (hands behind his back) before climbing the stairs to the gallows and/or taking a seat in a certain chamber.... with his Reich Master Pence.

Fill in the blanks...see below.

"Although Hitler's (T-dumps) appointment to the chancellorship (presidency) at the end of January, 1933 (January 20, 2017), hinged on the closed-door negotiations of unrepentant reactionaries (GOP members of Congress, corporations, Tea Party, Citizens United and electoral college/electors), broader populist (ignorant, disgruntled voters and the Tea Party in US) uprising had challenged and undercut the power of the conservatives throughout the 1920's (2008 - 2016).

"The National Socialist (GOP) seizure of power in 1933 (2010-2016) was the triumph of a "right-wing Jacobinism" (Tea Party and illegal foreign intervention) in which a variety of working-class and middle-class groups sought a political voice and polices of change in the name of the German (American) nation.

"The most important feature of the Nazi state was the exceptional status of Hitler (T-dump) and the power which flowed from it. Hitler (T-dump) had already acquired absolute authority within in the Nazi Party (GOP) during the 1920's (T-dump's campaign) as its Fuhrer (Leader - candidate). it was based on the conviction by both him and his followers of his mission to save Germany (Make America weaker, more nationalistic, hateful again) by overthrowing the existing political order (our democracy), uniting its people (the Trump Trash Tribe) in a "national community" (American Carnage), and then RESTORING IT TO GREATNESS. (a la Bannon).

(Source: Hitler and the Nazi state: leadership, hierarchy, and power by Jeremy Noakes - Univ. of Pittsburg))


In the spirit of Frances Fox Piven's admonition to Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything, I humbly offer this story as an opportunity to do just that.

Many, most, perhaps even all, of the documents that our Twit-in-Chief has censored are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I encourage everyone to file a FOIA request at one or more of your favorite federal agencies to obtain a copy of:

  1. A list of all the documents that the agency has been ordered to not disclose to the public;
  2. A copy of the documents that the agency has been ordered to not disclose to the public.

Information on how to file a FOIA request can be found here: https://www.foia.gov/how-to.html

Given their importance to our health and well-being, the EPA, DOE (Energy), DOE (Education) and HHS seem like good places to start.

I would suggest the scope of your request to include:

All documents, emails, memorandums, contracts, grants, press releases, proposed regulations, suspended regulations, executive orders, internal policy documents, and any other information or documents that fall within the scope of any executive or other order or directive to not provide such information to the public.

Now go out get a shovel full of sand...


More than a little eerie isn't it, the parallels between the 30's and now.


All of this is protected free speech. Amazing that we would have to fight to protect it but fight we will.


Everyone affected by the blackout needs to walk off the job. The TrumPutin needs to know there is solidarity within.


I sure hope you are right about litigation. This ugliness needs to be stopped in its tracks.


One third of Californians want to secede. What will happen when two thirds or more would?

Online Direct Democracy


"Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the Cancer cell." ~Edward Abbey


Fascists target freedom of speech first.

"Last week, staff at the Interior Department were told to stop posting on Twitter after an employee retweeted posts about the relatively low attendance at Trump's inauguration, and about how the issues of climate change and civil rights had disappeared from the White House website.

The department has since resumed tweeting - though some tweets have been deleted."