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Trump Jr.'s Halloween-Inspired Attack On Socialism Draws Fabulous Ridicule


Trump Jr.'s Halloween-Inspired Attack On Socialism Draws Fabulous Ridicule

Julia Conley, staff writer

In tweet, the president's son betrays his limited understanding of the realities of a socialist economy


What about the socialist welfare for the wealthiest? All oil companies and other major corporations receive tax benefits and money for drilling and killing in the name of expanding American businesses.


“My dad used to eat all my candy after I came home tired and went to sleep. That’s how I learned capitalism.”

That one is spot-on! The essence of being a capitalist robbing of people’s labor-value for yourself while playing golf and doing martini-lunches…


Hey Jr., it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Might tell pops the same principle applies to twitter.


Why does the news cycle grind to a halt every time one of these coddled non-entities logs on to Twitter? What’s next, Ivanka’s critique of Stephen Hawking’s doctoral thesis? Melania’s thoughts on perturbations in the thermohaline convector?

Please. Just. Stop.


“I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to early to teach her about socialism.” Trump Tweet.

Just as he doesn’t know the meaning of socialism, he doesn’t know the meaning of too.


…instead of redistributing candy, how about we redistribute all his money?..


So once again, ‘family values’ scum bring his child into a political debate that he started.


If you’re helping yourself to a disproportionate share of the economic pie, it’s good to tell yourself that you’re deserving and that the the people helped by social programs are undeserving freeloaders. That way you can feel good about yourself in opposing food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, medicade etc.


He is SOOOO irrelevant and dumber than a stump…not unlike his male genetic donor. Go back to your gilded cage, talking parrot.


Or give her far more candy than she could ever eat in ten lifetimes and let her become bloated and sick to teach her about obscene wealth.


Part of the venom spewed by the far right (dressed up as centrism) is confusing socialism and social democracy.
Conflating social democracy with lazy whiners who don’t work is another of their blatant falsehoods.
Pretending that rich elites who have grasped political power are the only ones who work and therefore deserving of their authoritarian rulership is the steel trap.
Their ideology is saturated with untruths and distortions that mark their politics as anti democratic and anti human.
We will not step forward politically before recognizing this corrupted poisonous thinking and removing its perpetrators from power. We have a long way to go.


Poor Chloe. I noticed her costume was a police officer. Scary.!! She may be learning that being a police officer is an entitlement to scare others. Probably, she’s being taught to believe the police will protect her from people who are bad. Either way, she seems a little young to understand. Maybe she’s pretending to be with the candy police, confiscating candy from suspect candy hoarders and from those whose candy wasn’t approved by the candy authority. Scary.!!


Same old predictable garbage from the thieving class. Let’s continue our struggle for a world free of them on this centennial of the Bolshevik Revolution.


It’s welfare alright; just not socialist.


“Trump used an imaginary scenario in which his daughter’s Halloween candy would be taken from her and given to a child who didn’t go trick-or-treating, as a comparison to a socialist system in which the government oversees an equitable distribution of goods and services.”

And how do you think “the government” euitably distributes the goods? It takes them from little girls that worked for then and equally distributes them to every little girl whether thet worked or not, and maybe just give alittle extra to their own daughters. According to the principle: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. Unfortunately “The needs of the many outweigh the capabilities of the few” (to use a modified Star Trek quote)


Because the news first and foremost exists to entertain you, not to inform you as it should. And with Trump and his cabal the news has their very own 24/7 reality show. I forget who said this but wasn’t there a news company CEO who said not too long ago “Trump might not be good for the country, but it is good for ratings”. That is how these “news” companies think. Journalism, like democracy, in America is dead.


Trump Jr. only understands that socialism is a threat to his power and wealth. He understands little else because he doesn’t have to. The auto worker, the plumber, the produce picker, all should understand what Karl Marx proposed: Labor produces the REAL value in the products and services that is reflected in the GDP. Labor is the driving force for producing wealth in any economy. Labor must have an equal voice in the rule making that governs employment relationships. This is where the foundation of Democracy begins. This is what the likes of Trump Jr. are afraid of. It is a greater tragedy that the auto worker, the plumber, the produce picker doesn’t grasp these principles.


There’s no doubt in my mind that these rabid capitalists will end up destroying all life on earth, (if we let them). Actually, that’s wrong, humanity will go extinct first, leaving nature to pick up the pieces of what’s left and start up again.

The Trumps go hunting again:


This, from a boy whose dad has tricked millions of people out of their treats by any means necessary. Scum. Of. The. Earth.

Capitalism = Money-ism
Socialism = People-ism

What does Drumph Junior do to “earn” his money? Rip other people off for theirs?