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Trump Jr. Says Dad Can't Release Tax Returns Because Media Is Biased


Trump Jr. Says Dad Can't Release Tax Returns Because Media Is Biased

Jon Queally, staff writer

Donald Trump Jr. has offered a new reason for why his father is refusing to release his tax returns by saying that allowing the American people see the details of his financial dealings would lead to a wave of media interest and "detract" from his core messaging.


The only thing people wouldn't be able to understand about Trump's "tax returns" is how crooked he chooses to be. People who refuse to disclose information are hiding a skeleton in the closet; there are no exceptions.


Trump "can't" release his tax returns because they would open the door to showing what a liar he is.


https://www.rt.com/news/359586-apple-japan-tax-owed/ Speaking of taxes... What do you think Trumps taxes will look like? Lots of Ireland


The difference is that we take on all debts those that take the presidency had before office. Call it a perk of being prez. As for Clinton speeches, not quite so detrimental. The funny thing is I learned about the debt thing in an econ class when we talked about who the biggest debtor was in the nation...Trump. Why is it that the IRS goes after people with little debt? Well, its apperently a bell curve. Those in the middle are sought after. The ones on the low side have no money to collect and the few on the high side pay more taxes, though they dont pay all. Look up Double Irish and Double Dutch tax havens. Should come right up in gooogle search. Although the was a 2007 issue of Money magazine, that I have a copy of till this day, that explains how people like Trump and Romney, as well as the Clintons, move their money into tax shelters, or as they would put it, "Paying their fair share." Funny how economics comes through explaining how a capitalist system actually works. I sure as hell didnt learn it in my Poli Sci classes :confused:


He doesn't want people to see that he's not nearly as wealthy as he says he is or where his income is coming from. He also knows the media will let him get away with it.


Much has been written about the non-publication of the Clinton speeches. This article is about Trumps tax returns. Get it?

What is your point? You all here claim to not be supporters of Trump, yet, you, and many commenters here, bristle at any of the rare articles that are critical of Trump? What is going on in your heads?

Trump has a record of criminal activity - notably dealings with the mob and cheating thousands of workers and contractors out of their pay. Now there is news of his close relationships with Russian international gangsters. Why have we never heard anything about this in Common Dreams?


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


sanders did not help us with his lies about his own tax returns.

real disappointing, that was.

from one who gave him time and money.


spawn of satan?


"Because he's got a 12,000-page tax return that would create … financial
auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would
distract from main message."

No ... it would become the main message. He will either rise or fall based on whether or not he measures up to his claims.