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Trump Jumps on the Stump


Trump Jumps on the Stump

Common Dreams staff

Though the video makes it unclear exactly what prompted the response, Donald Trump's security detail leapt into action after a "disturbance" occurred while the Republican frontrunner was delivery a speech to supporters in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday.



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Gosh Donald, is the violence you encourage against protestors at your rallies coming back to haunt you?

What a pity.

Hoist on your own petard.


Well I guess it’s just a matter of time now before someone “jumps” Bernie. Will it be funny then? More proof that there’s just as many unstable & violent prone people on the Left as on the Right. The rhetoric & baiting from both camps along with their respective media supporters is sickening.

Gonna be long, hot summer.


I watched the whole Trump rally in Missouri, MSNBC covered the whole hour of it. Trump must have mentioned Bernie 50 times. He’s not only mentioning Bernie, but saying “If Hillary wins”.


Oh…a Saint…no doubt another deluded sky fairy follower.
Jesus was a black man from northern Africa and Trump is a pitiful constipated toddler and adolescent bigot whose overcompensation speaks for itself.


That is your reply Jimmy? You don’t want to deny any of it huh?
It does appear that the consensus on this site is that you are a fool.


It reminded me of that scene in “Dead Zone” when the Martin Sheen character held a baby up to protect himself.