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Trump Just Accidentally Told Millions of Working Class Families the Truth about GOP Tax Plan


Trump Just Accidentally Told Millions of Working Class Families the Truth about GOP Tax Plan

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Trump slipped up and (correctly) called the GOP plan the "biggest tax increase" in American history.


The harm of this bill is not the minutae of the taxes and who will pay them - such wonkish talk is not going to galvanize the public and is terrible strategy. The propose of this tax bill it is about the repeal of the 20th century, the dismantling of government, including SS and Medicare, and a return to the 19th century for the US worker. Yesterday, Trump clearly said this the day before yesterday, but not covered here.


I agree, well said! The nefarious thing about this tax bill is the nascent and punic cuts to medicare, medicaid, and SS.


Sorry, my Freudian slip is showing…scum of the Earth in power destroying and/or stealing everything their tiny minds can come up with…


Their minds are not tiny, just devious.

Psychopaths are no more or less intelligent than the population at large.


Intelligence is one thing. Empathy is another. They have zero empathy.
Neither does intelligence confer wisdom.


In the form of government we have, in the media climate we live in, the minutiae of the bill is revealed through exposing the specific " sweetheart " provisions of the big picture, or package. Smart citizens know what " pass throughs " are for LLCs, and know the difference between 39% and 20% ( depending on the P&L ), of course.
Where the confusion and misdirection lies is in marketing this as a stimulus and job creation bill. It is if your goal is buying up large rental properties and turning them into cash cows, through write-offs and rent gouging, for example. ( REITS love Trump’s plans. ) That kind of arcane b.s. will stimulate tax lawyers and tax accountants into premature ejaculation, in many instances. For the 99s ( now really the 70-80% ) not so much.
Where this bill really falls down is exposed by the " economic treason " of Corporations, who will not invest in the common good of jobs, improved infrastructure, healthcare and better education and retirement systems. ( They’ve got stockholders to pay, first. ) These are the real keys to reducing long-term gov’t deficits. And, that’s been known for decades now.
The tax bill has 27% approval ratings. If properly exposed by the MSM, this " economic treason " by Corporations would have less than 1%, I’d wager.:wink:


Nonetheless, Tweetle-Dumb appears to be a lot more devious and a lot less intelligent – or at least a lot less knowledgeable – than your average sociopathic narcissist.

Well, at least – according to Tweetle-Dumb himself – he knows more than most of our generals.  Which may or may not be true, and SFAIK their levels of empathy and wisdom are probably pretty similar as well.


Intelligence can be applied to socially constructive activities or devious socially destructive activities. Except for 1935-1985 the US has been the site of mostly socially destructive activities. Trump and the GOP controlled Congress have simply amped up the magnitude and rate of destructive activities.

Trump didn’t “accidentally tell” anybody anything. Having total control, Trump and the GOP know that nobody can stop them so they have no reservations nonstop rubbing their misdeeds in our faces.


DT has so many library pictures showing him in mid-F word. It seems is forever swearing.


Oh, him again. Ad nauseam…


in 10 years when the Tax Bill has to be paid for, is that when a Democratic Party is installed to “Government” ?


And the remaining 1% in favor have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose from the “reform.” The raping and pillaging of the vast majority of Americans is the reptilian repugnants’ cause célèbre, which they have honed to the slicing sharpness of an executioner’s axe.


“Watch out, Jakarta is coming!”


Decentralized currency and other apps are here and growing. 25 nations have already started using currencies other fiat in place of the U.S dollar for international transactions. Look it up! The cryptocurrencies are on a tear and will succeed in a huge way. That is why CME will be trading futures along with the already CBOE very soon. The global community is about to neuter the regimes including the U.S government. They all soon can take their fiat they have stored off shore, pile it up and light it on fire as an emergency signal to the other nations that concentrate wealth to the top minute percentage is over.
Decentralized exchanges and atomic swaps are already in play. Very soon it will take the complete shut down of all communications in order to prevent usage of Bitcoin and other awesome coins and tokens.
The global community has come together to bankrupt the governments in order to take them back and return power to then people. What, are they going to spend $35,000 a year on jailing every single American who is now determined to redistribute the wealth?
Medicare, medicaid and Social Security taxation is illegal to begin with! The Republicans have stated it will not exist in the near future especially if they get their way. Nice Christian way to honor thy father and mother, They are just the opposite. The devils spawn, the fallen archangels. So why should anyone be paying these taxes? Why have they not repaid the American people. IT IS THE LAW. Repaying China seems to be their priority or Donald on his knees (DOING ANYTHING) to please Putin who owns his ass. I can go on and on…
My point is! Do not be saddened, there is a bright future for the entire global community and the plans are already executed and moving very nicely. Yes you will hear regulated bullshit and outlaw this and that but it can NOT be done. It is 98% global population against 2% wealthy. They would have to spend their entire fortunes hiring private murderous armies to go through the street slaughtering innocent people in order to keep the money and that would backfire.
So Happy Holidays and next year will be awesome for the lower 98% of the planet.


Very, very Republican!


Even with the Freudian slip, he’s still a pathological liar.


Did you see Corker & Rubio roll over and go from No to Yes on this incredible giveaway? Another pair of Profiles in Sewage, angling for a 2020 POTUS run. With Flake that makes 3 Stooges for all these Big Donors/Corporate Koch Suckers benefiting from this abomination. Robber Barons wouldn’t have the gall these thieves presently own. All Republicans are either Useful Idiots, Religious Reactionaries, White Nationalists ( the base ) or Shameless Political Oppurtunists ( the leaders ).


Exactly…This administration’s and the Republican congressional agenda is meant to deconstruct civilized, ethical government that has taken humanity millenia to construct. They are a band of hooligans that should each and everyone be perp-walked down Pennsylvania Avenue YESTERDAY.


If you’re not intelligent enough to acknowledge that your own well-being depends upon a stable, healthy in mind and body, well-rounded, educated populace, your IQ is meaningless.