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Trump Just Cemented His Legacy as America’s Worst-Ever President


Trump Just Cemented His Legacy as America’s Worst-Ever President

Dana Nuccitelli

In an inexplicable abdication of any semblance of responsibility or leadership, Donald Trump has announced that he will begin the process to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate treaty, joining Nicaragua and Syria as the only world countries rejecting the agreement. It now seems inevitable that the history books will view Trump as America’s worst-ever president.


“Trump Just Cemented His Legacy As America’s Worst-Ever President”

Gee, I wish I had a dollar for every time we are going to see this headline in the next few years.

Meanwhile… somewhere a struggling painter is chuckling as he reads his morning paper with his coffee. :sunglasses:


Nope, give him a chance, though…
He hasn’t killed as many people as Kennedy Johnson Nixon Bush Clinton and Obama. He hasn’t destroyed as many nations as Kennedy Johnson Bush and Obama.
He hasn’t wasted as much money in wars as Kennedy Johnson Nixon Bush.


Those are your metrics.

That said, there’s a lot of competition for “worst president” with all the terrible presidents this country has had. You didn’t mention the shenanigans of Jackson or Reagan either. Then there’s all the corrupt presidents during the Gilded Age whom we all just forget about because they were all so bad. The real question comes down to “have we ever really had a good president?”


We the Petroleum of the United $tates of America, in Order to form a more perfect Union…


A tiny gaggle of oligarchs, abetted by a somewhat larger flock of clueless voters, seem intent on making the US the worst-ever nation.


Very (really) funny. I don’t disagree with the content of this article but the headline seems to be disembodied from it. Trump is still several laps behind W as the worst ever, but give him time, I’m sure he’ll make up the distance.


Answer: Yes. FDR.


While the world prepares for the future and other nation’s economies benefit from creating millions of new jobs in renewables, Trump leads us back to the past and outmoded old fashioned technology. He makes America a loser again!


The fact of signing the Paris agreement is an incomplete or misleading metric. As a HUUUGE and irrefutable example, consider Russia. They have signed, but according to the table in the Wikipedia entry on the Paris accord the date of Russia’s ratification and date to begin implementing anything with regard to, is BLANK. I have read elsewhere that the Russian Politburo will not even consider addressing the Paris accord until 2018.

I put up a long post awhile back about the intersection of the US and Russian oil and gas interests, most closely exemplified by our Secretary of Oil - er State - Rex Tillerson. That long post was the result of my own snooping that was prompted by the ongoing Russia/election brouhaha. I started with the question “What does Russia want?” Though Russia has a fairly diversified economy, the oil and gas industry is by far the most predominant, and I surmise what Russia wants is to continue producing and selling as much oil and gas as possible, in fact boosting its output and market share. And here is where the real danger lies in a close relationship between the Trump administration and Putin and the Russian oligarchy. This alliance and commitment to retrenchment of the fossil fuel economy may very well indeed condemn the whole planet to a catastrophe, that could be avoided. While we are focused on the grandstanding of our Orange Asshole, Russia may be a far more intractable obstacle to addressing climate change.


I had him in the back of my mind too.


Trump is working out to be an absolutely terrible president but GW Bush is still worse. Trump may end up killing more people if he stays in power to the end of his term but Bush killed at least one million and made life miserable for tens of millions. He is the creepiest of the creepies!


Yes, it can get worse:


Here he’s saying what looks to be an attempted robbery is terrorism. To my mind, that’s worse, especially if people start believing it. That’s the stuff of dictators.

ETA: Yeesh, sorry, don’t know why it’s displaying like that!


Just how much money does Trump owe China and Russia? Trump and the GOPers seem hell bent on making our once great country inferior and technologically behind other countries.


Isn’t it amazing but he is actually retarding America’s growth! We need those millions of alternative energy jobs and all the new infrastructure.

By forcing America to keep using a old fashioned and outmoded energy source, Trump is making America weak again!



From the article:


Trump hasn’t proved to be quite as bad as the conservative President and administration that invaded Iraq and are responsible for millions of deaths, injuries, destruction of civil rights, impoverishment, immigration, spreading terrorism, draining the public treasure and the longest continuing war, among many other atrocities. Our conservative and neoliberal politicians are nothing less than operatives of the oligarchy, the billionaire class ultimately responsible for these high crimes.

Direct Democracy


Worst president ever? I would say he’s got a ways to go before he eclipses W as the worst president in our country’s history. He’s off to a good start mind you. W transferred so much wealth from the bottom to the top there’s none left on the bottom to siphon upwards anymore so he’s got to find new targets for his vulture capitalist friends. Anything that lowers profit margins is now fair game and that includes politics and foreign policy. All these guys go for the low hanging fruit first, then the more expensive theft takes place and that takes time. You’ve got to line up the votes in Congress. They are now just targeting government as a profit center instead of making a better mouse trap because it is always easier to steal technology and money than to invent or earn it.


President Kennedy’s intentions and actions have been researched and documented in James W. Douglass’s 2008 work of Historical Non Fiction “JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why it Matters”

President Kennedy inherited the Nation’s presence in Viet Nam, and had Documented his intention to end our involvement there on no uncertain terms.

After entering Office, he was pressured by the CIA to allow their Existing Plan to invade Cuba to proceed.

His reluctant permission was given with the proviso that if the CIA/Military’s plan was unsuccessful he would order no backup Military intervention.

The CIA accepted his condition, expecting him to bow further to their pressure, if that scenario came to pass.

That he stood by his word, after their failure, was never forgiven by CIA director Allen Dulles, and his Military cohorts.

JFK, months prior to his murder at the hands of the CIA, Military and FBI, had reached an agreement with Soviet Premier Khrushchev to end the Cold War, and to announce a joint venture to the Moon.

Within days of President Kennedy’s murder, Johnson reversed JFK’s decision to leave Viet Nam, without so much as a Fact Finding Commission or Position Paper, and began the Viet Nam War, as per the CIA/Military’s wishes.

With this, and more, information available since at least 2008, it’s not Factual, or Fair, to include President Kennedy with the likes of Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, W, Clinton or Obama.


Economics rules over politics … nothing is forcing old-fashioned anything.