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Trump Just Put Net Neutrality on Death Row

Trump Just Put Net Neutrality on Death Row

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Open internet advocates this week expressed concern that Present-elect Donald Trump's two appointments to his Federal Communications Commission (FCC) transition team spell doom for net neutrality.



The right wing fascist billionaire Trump, who has spent his adult life swindling people out of wages and earnings was going to be an advocate for “the people” don’t you know!!!

Oh yes, and he is also going to save us from nuclear war, and the neocons don’t like him, except the neocons that do.

Oh, and Wall Street is afraid of a President Trump!!! He is going to break up the Establishment!!!

What a cluckster cluck of logic.


Considering how Trump has criticized and threatened the media that provided the campaign launching pad Trump needed, I would expect Trump to be just as critical of net neutrality and do everything he can to destroy it…


I don’t know why people in the northern states voted for Trump. But I do know why people in the south voted for him: their lives are so shitty, they decided to bring the rest of the country down to their level. Never mind the fact that their lives suck mostly because of themselves, they decided to elect a billionaire reality-TV star to the highest office in the nation. These southerners are pissed that the northern states defeated their side in the civil war. They don’t care what Trump does, as long as it fucks over the country and everyone in it.

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B-b-b-b-but Hillary Clinton was soooooo much more corrupt and would have been soooooooooooooo much worse!

I want some apologies for the vitriolic shit directed at me over the past year, for merely predicting what is now coming down, from all those people who have strangely disappeared since November 8. The white-dog-with-black-nose-guy (famous for his crusade against supposed anti-Semite sock puppets in a previous manifestation of this forum) is most notable in his absence - and what about Sioux Rose?

Why could nobody here see this dead-obvious outcome of Republican rule coming???


Gosh darn good thing we elected Trump then.

Good question. It’s been a long time since I last saw her on this site, way before the election. Although, we agreed on some things, on the magical thinking issues, we weren’t ‘soul’ mates, I do hope she is well.

Trump is as bad as I expected but that doesn’t mean HRC would have been a better one, just better rhetoric, IMHO.

Other than Trump launching Nuclear Weapons, this is the single most scariest thing…the elimination of Net Neutrality. The internet is about the only place we can get media unfiltered through the corporate prism. Once the Comcasts of the world get to control content in addition to providing access, then Corporate control over all media will be virtually complete. We are not just talking charging more for “fast lanes”. Corporate Boardrooms can decide that some news sites are “incendiary” and arbitarily decide to block them. The Republicans will claim its ok because that is the way the free market works. Oh, by the way, it was Bill Clinton that set the stage for this by deregulating the big media companies in th 90s. Thank you Bill.


I know my African-American Friends could disagree, but if I could have a Civil War do-over, I would let the south succeed like they wanted to.

Right now its those of us on the west coast and the northeast that should succeed. The financial benefits is that we would get to keep most of our money, since our states send much more $$$ to the Feds than we get back, as the old confederacy get much more in Federal aid per capita than we do.

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Well, Yes.

Since the Kerry/Clinton/Nuland/Kagen invasion by NATO in Eastern Europe is neutered, tensions are vastly lowered between Russia and the USA. Every week were articles on Global Research outlines the near war mistakes going on at the border. Those stories are no more evident since WarClinton got her pink slip. Things have cooled down out there.


If the Trump warhawks want to re-attack Syria (the mess that Madame Sec Clinton made) then they are welcome. Syria doesn’t have nukes. I prefer no foreign wars, but nobody could get me a candidate besides one percent Stein, to vote for. :frowning:

You are so, so right!

The independent, free press will become extinct without net neutrality. Journalism will become extinct in the process. Neither will be needed (or tolerated) under a system in which all forms of the media operates as a mouthpiece for the state and the ruling elites.

Here is what is scary: a large portion of the population refuse to acknowledge these acts as (neo) fascism. The U.S. is on the fast-track for authoritarian, totalitarian rule in a police state on behalf of the ruling elites. It will be sold as something that will “benefit” the people instead of what it really is … modernized (neo) fascism.

Why are so many people looking to be ruled over by those who benefit and profit from their oppression?

Wake up!!!


1/2 of the free press is extinct. That would be the mainstream media on T.V. Especially Free T.V. Pay T.V. has a few hangers on like Democracy Now and some News/Comedians. SOOO one foot is in the Grave and the loss of a Free Internet would put humanity 6 foot under. PBS just Spews out the same 6 or 7 stories as everyone else but at least have time to discuss them. The BBC is more of the same. NO ONE is willing to STAND UP! as evidenced by the lack of coverage of the Dakota Pipe line story, the meeting with Trump elect, and THE continuing Prison unrest stories. BOTH FEET IN THE SWAMP with thousands of right wing Alligators around you.

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Along with the destruction of education for all in the choice of Betsy de Vos, privatizer of public schools, never having attended one (also sister of Erik Prince, Blackwater), Trump now wants to prevent any chance of everyday normal humans using the internet to learn.

You want vindication? You won’t get it. Just because twedldedum won instead of tweedledee, it doesn’t make you right. We just have different problems to worry about and deal with. We’re no better or worse off now. At least the left doesn’t feel like it can go back to sleep for another four years like it did with Obama.

…And the cycle begins anew. Until people stop voting for Democrats, thinking that they’ll solve the problem, nothing will ever get better.

We need a true leftist movement in this country. The Democrats were never really “the left.” They are what stands between the oligarchs and the pitchforks, as Obama once stated. (I always felt that people seemed to get the context wrong on that quote. He was reassuring the rich that he was on their side, not the other way around. The protector of the status quo.)

It was painfully obvious this election cycle, where every legitimate grievance was dismissed by Hillary supporters as right wing propaganda, regardless of the evidence. They still get it wrong even now, blaming third parties instead of themselves. They still pretend the WikiLeaks emails don’t exist, or that they’re Russian forgeries. They think that installing Hillary by Electoral College fiat is A-OK, while completely ignoring the mass corruption of the primaries. All they care about is their corporate-sponsored sports team winning the big game, rules be damned.

Dems are a lost cause, and the sooner we can get enough people to see the truth, the better.

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Just an opening shot @ the 1st Amendment. The next four years are going to be an ongoing assault on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself by this man. He already has openly declared himself above the law. Whose going to stop him? The MSM? The Demowhimps? The GOP? The Courts? The rest of us the 99%?