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Trump Just Tweeted He Has 'Great and Unmatched Wisdom.' Seriously.

In Australia - a former recent Prime Minister named Tony Abbott called himself the “suppository of wisdom” so I guess that makes him - and weirdly so - a buddy of Donald. And in Australia we are known to refer to our country as Oz (a diminutive of Australia) and nothing to do with Kansas! It’s all hubris - it gets out of control when leaders are surrounded by a wall of “Yes” sycophants.


I think he meant great and unmatched stupidity.

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When Trump became president I predicted he would leave the White House strapped to a gurney and screaming his head off. That scenario looks more likely every day. That would be a day to celebrate!

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Well, that might be the dumbest moment in the Trump presidency, but that moment has a hell of a lot of competition.

Well he jolly well did that! Unfortunately it was to done to pay back the people who bought the election through his “permanent” tax cuts and weakening the professional part of Our government that was trying to work for us.

He has been thoroughly possessed in his own thrall.