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Trump, Kavanaugh and the Path to Neoliberal Fascism


Trump’s got his problems, but if we weren’t reimagining “the meaning of justice in America” to begin with (or in Nov '16) that was our problem. She’s right.


The “fringe ideology-supporting-ethnicities” was a thing that happened in regard to the German Nazi nation…regarding one wannabee I know of anyway. I can see how, the way I wrote it, it looks like I’m saying blacks are supportive. My mind must have been going this way and that through history, maybe somewhat like Bannon’s when he writes (good Lord deliever me). The phenomena I meant to describe was that ethnicities not quite so targeted by announced policy can at least be left out of the reigning primo fascist group altogether…as with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) led by Stepan Bandera…which ended up too Slavic for Nazi endorsement.


“…so the UPA had to later defend itself from the Germans.” https://www.counterpunch.org/2014/03/11/ukraine-the-enemy-of-your-enemy-is-not-always-your-friend/


Self reflection. Empathy.


Self reflection. Empathy. Action.


and probably someone should tell Kanye about that episode