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Trump Keeps His Promise - And Delivers Hate


Trump Keeps His Promise - And Delivers Hate

Christian Christensen

CD editor's note: The Swedish-language version of this post first appeared in today's Aftonbladet.


Excellent concise points. Same thesis (with many arguments) from Ta-Nehisi Coates yesterday in Dem.Now.


From the Real News, interview with historian Gerald Horne, author of The Counter Revolution of 1776 (worth the read):



Damn another miscalculation. I meant to respond to the article not your comment. Sorry.

While the “product” is as advertised. I would have to add, it is and has always been defective. Time for a recall. Some of us saw it, along time ago.
Time for diversity in governance, representation needs to mirror the populace. At least it would in a true Democracy. Maybe someday.:pray:


I used to ask, Making America great again for whom? Now my question is, for what?


When republicans cut voting areas to one in large minority districts this is racism.When the supreme court and republicans use redistricting to cut down on minority representation this is racism. Maddow did some history on the Klan from the 20’s–which was good-but the real history people need to understand is when Congress voted for the civil and voting rights acts and because of this the south moved away from the democratic party to the republican party. The southern strategy----its racist. And this strategy continues to this day in different forms. There is a reason National Healthcare is off the table—yes the insurance lobby pays off politicians----but at the root is racism–and this is why the corporate world loves racism,keep people divided -------but just don’t call it out for what it is-----just pretend its some fringe group.This is a sickness that runs deep in our culture yet the media always want to move on-----now that we have a confirmed racist as president, maybe NOW is the time to drill down on all this hate. And maybe in our schools we will start to teach the real history of the United States.-----And current" democrats" you use this hate to fill your pockets and never really deal with the fundamental issues----LBJ is a hero though----he knew democrats would pay a heavy price for supporting the civil rights act of 64 and the voting rights act of 65.----You want to help all the people of this country raise the minimum wage to $15 NOW—stop the slave wages. You want to help all the people NOW support single payer. Bring this country together and support economic freedom for ALL. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Canadian author Ronald Wright wrote a book - “What is America ?”.

It has haunted me since first I read it.

Basically, right from the get-go - the pilgrims - same today.

Lies, deceit, racism, exceptionalism, religious fanaticism - same.

As the author of this article asserts - no false advertising - the foundation was rotten.


Climate change, NK, Nazis in government and other evils mean we must beat Trump at all costs. But how can progressives beat Trump and the Republican fascists? Can progressives out bribe corporate money cons on a permanent basis? How can we get money out of politics by putting more money in? By making an occasional donation to a politician or two?

The Swiss and the Nordics know.


Germany 1933
Hitler told the people he intended to do away with democracy

He kept his word and destroyed the country

The USA is headed in the same direction


LBJ took the handoff from President Kennedy, who SET ALL the GROUNDWORK for CIVIL RIGHTS.

JFK appointed Unprecedentedly Large Numbers of African Americans to High Level Jobs in his administration,and strengthened the Civil Rights Commission.

JFK went Public, on School Desegregation, and appointed LBJ to head the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity.

JFK initiated Five Times the Voting Rights Suits as the previous administration.

JFK sent 400 Federal Marshals to PROTECT the Freedom Riders.

JFK sent the National Guard and Federal Troops to the University of Mississippi, after riots, to protect African American James Meredith so that he could Register, ENDING SEGREGATION at UMiss.

After MLK’s arrest (and only months before JFK was Murdered, with LBJ complicit) when Birmingham’s Bull Connor used Dogs and Fire Hoses on Demonstrators, JFK sent Several Thousand Troops to Alabama and drafted a COMPREHENSIVE CIVIL RIGHTS BILL.

Kennedy defined the Civil Rights Crisis as MORAL, as well as Constitutional and Legal.

Five months before he was murdered by the CIA, Military and FBI (as detailed with extensive footnotes, in James. W. Douglass’s “JFK and the Unspeakable -Why He Died and Why it Matters”) he addressed the Nation announcing that Civil Rights Legislation would be submitted to Congress to GUARANTEE EQUAL ACCESS to PUBLIC FACILITIES, , END SEGREGATION in EDUCATION, and to PROVIDE FEDERAL PROTECTION of the RIGHT to VOTE.

President Kennedy’s Comprehensive Civil Rights Bill CLEARED several hurdles in Congress, and Won the ENDORSEMENT of HOUSE AND SENATE REPUBLICAN LEADERS.

Then they Killed Him.

TODAY, JFK’s MEMORY IS INSTITUTIONALLY MAGINALIZED, his Murder, and the Identities of those who Murdered him, though NOW IN THE PUBLIC RECORD, suppressed as best the Captured Media can, and now, in the Public Mind, Civil Rights was supposed to have sprung, fully formed, and solely, from LBJ.

Who Controls the Past, Controls the Future.


Look up www.represent.us.


Thanks skeezyks. Good organization. I hope we can get the money out of politics.


My human rights trump all others -no pun intended


I don’t think you can discuss racism without talking about the Koch Brothers’
deep and long-standing systematic destruction of Democracy.