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Trump, Kim and the Nuclear Status Quo

Trump, Kim and the Nuclear Status Quo

Robert C. Koehler

Peace, love and Donald Trump?

I get the skepticism regarding the tentative nuclear disarmament agreement the president and Kim Jong-un reached last week, but not the cynicism — not the outright dismissal.

It’s too easy to hate Trump, but he isn’t the point. In his reckless unpredictability — in his lust for applause and desperation to steal headlines from the Robert Mueller investigation — he snatched an opportunity to meet with the leader of North Korea . . . “Little Rocket Man” . . . and talk about reducing the danger of nuclear war. Say what?

Why would anyone trust America? This nation has lied about so many wars. After what happened to Libya-----why would anyone trust America to keep its word?
It’s bad enough that we start so many wars------but winning anything seems to be unimportant. I suppose the real power is in making investments in all those war making companies.I guess we have always been a scary nation—whose word cannot be trusted----the Native Americans can certainly support that sad view…
We are a BULLY nation in the sense of what happens when a really big 7th grader beats up all the little kids on the playground.

And as for blaming Russia for Hillary losing--------wow, what’s wrong with blaming Hillary for not connecting with actual Americans-----and did Russia steal the election? If they did then it’s time to cut all 17 of those spy agencies-------------because nobody was awake. on that watch.

WHY shouldn’t the Koreas be able to run their own lives without military bases and no doubt they aren’t treating Korean people with respect.

If nothing has worked with No.Korea---------------after all these years----it’s probably because America doesn’t want to give up all those unnecessary bases.-----------we are , it seems the real terrorists. : (


you nailed it, ‘stardust//bid’! i remain skeptical. all the political posturing, the high sounding words serve only to cover the real intent of the players on the world stage. my stomach did a flip-flop when nancy pee, declared her disdain that #45 should refer to our “TEAM SPIRIT” exercises with the south using kim’s own word “provocative war games,” thus lifting n. korea to the level of exceptional america. obviously, neither party desires to promote and spread democracy. trump tells the north that “we can lift n. korea from poverty” as u.s. corporations will become “job creators” once a peace agreement is signed. if such an unlikely deal is reached be assured that comes with the necessity for new military bases in the north as protection against iran and china.

here i post a couple of paragraphs from an article i read just this morning.

Part of the reason for that extreme North Korean anxiety about the drills was that the United States routinely flew nuclear capable B-52s over South Korea as part of the exercises – a practice resumed in recent years after a long hiatus and no doubt reviving the trauma of the U.S. devastation of North Korea from 1950-53.

What the national security elite and their media allies are really upset about is the real possibility that Trump will succeed in negotiating a denuclearization deal with North Korea that includes a formal end to the Korean War. That could complicate the Pentagon’s continuing strengthening of the U.S. military posture vis a vis China.

Gareth Porter

Robert simply THANKS!

Especially liked this honest statement, “Both countries have rogue nuclear weapons programs.” which is the crux of the problem.

About time ya’all woke up to the realities.

From a very concerned Planetary Citizen across the Pond in the UK.