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Trump Kim Summit: Rhetoric Versus Reality

Trump Kim Summit: Rhetoric Versus Reality

Jenny Town

Watching reactions to the Singapore summit as it unfolded became the ultimate foreign policy Rorschach test - everyone came away with a different picture of what happened.

There are those who will laud it for establishing a seemingly new approach to US-North Korea relations, one that is more co-operative than confrontational.

It was Trump who created the hostile dialog with North Korea so all he has accomplished was defusing what he created. Trump got nothing in substance and Kim Jung-un got a few concessions which Trump will probably go back on in a day or two. Trump got to elevate on the world stage perhaps the worse human right abuser now in power. Kim Jung-un gained the prestige of meeting one-on-one with an American president, something certainly he didn’t deserve. Kim Jung-un can return to his nightmare of a country and Trump can to return to the nightmare he is creating in the United States. The big difference is the North Koreans have little hope of getting rid of Kim Jung-un but Americans can rid of Trump if they can make the effort to make sure they are registered to vote and to actually vote. But first they need to get rid of a lot of members of Congress who are supporting Trump in his effort to make America white again.

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First of all, focusing on the “denuclearization of the Korean peninsula” should not be a top priority as the denuclearization of the planet is a far better scenario. The U.S. should pledge to dismantle their own stockpiles of nuclear weapons while also demanding that the other eight nuclear weapon countries do the same. It is hypocritical for the U.S. to demand a pledge to uphold basic human rights in Korea when it is the U.S… that has invaded, destroyed and undermined a huge list of other countries that posed a far smaller threat to the U.S. than North Korea ever could. With the imprisonment of over 3 million U.S. citizens in the U.S., many because they had the misfortune of being born poor and into a visible minority group, is perhaps one of the planets worse human violations of the 21st Century.
A strong leader would officially end the war between the divided nation, pledge to work towards unification, promise to work with North Korea to dismantle BOTH nuclear arsenals, end decades of crippling sanctions, promise to withdraw all U.S. military personnel from South Korea and apologize along with Japan, China and Russia for artificially creating this conflict by trying to impose each nations own ideology on a war torn, starving, peasant population after World War 2.
South Koreans along with the UN would establish a safe and respectful retirement for Kim Jung Un with perhaps a luxurious winter home in Cheju-Do (Korea’s version of Hawaii) a large condo with a view in downtown Seoul and/or Pyongyang, a statue of him in a a State park, a Nobel Prize, 2 million Air Miles and a Visa Gold card… and of course a promise never to prosecute him or his family for any real or alleged crimes he may or may not have committed during his reign.
If Reunification is not the preferred intention of either country, then the Kaesong Industrial Complex (the massive South Korea Compound built in North Korea to produce South Korean goods using North Korean labour) would grow exponentially thereby increasing the standard of living for all of the citizens of the North while reinforcing the image of their beloved leader as a benevolent and smart man.
Instead we will all be subjected to empty rhetoric about the “long and complex problems”, the necessity of the North Koreans to surrender their only form of security from the threat of invasion (a couple of low tech, low yielding nuclear bombs) verifiably while insisting that all sanctions remain in place until the U.S. says it is satisfied enough to ease up on a few sanctions. Trump will forget about his latest TV reality stint (the Singapore episode) and move on to the next photo shoot involving some misguided and biased adventure at the advice of America’s dumbest, corporate sycophants similar to the court of Louis the Fourteenth. “Let them eat Cake” Trump will cry as he throws rolls of toilet paper to his adoring fans along the Bible Belt with promises of more casinos, more weapons, more tariffs and less immigrants to make America great again like in the 1850’s when the rich were obscene and the poor were either dirt poor or slaves for the most despicable people of America.
All this talk of how Trump may be paving a new path for peace should be taken as seriously as a Krusty the Clown fart. The President is a buffoon with the undeserved support of 27% of the population regardless of how out of touch he is with the entire concept of government. “Mission Accomplished” Two Point Oh!