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Trump Knew Covid-19 Could Kill. He Just Didn’t Care.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/17/trump-knew-covid-19-could-kill-he-just-didnt-care


“I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose a single vote” is guaranteed to be the understatement of the 21st century, considering that there is no end in sight of the number of unnecessary Covid-19 deaths. Four years after Trump’s immortal statement, its a safe bet that if he shot somebody on Fifth Avenue today that it would not be newsworthy compared to all of the other atrocities that Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP continue to perpetrate each day.


I hear that stock markets do very well when they see the president staked to the ground in the desert smothered in honey. Many people are saying so. Just the other day someone said to me “sir, did you see the research correlating stock markets and ant-covered presidents in the desert? It’s huge!”


Good mental image, but I’m not sure the desert has fire ants, wouldn’t want Trump to miss out on those friendly little creatures. Stake him over one of their mounds, and you wouldn’t have to waste the honey.


“No precise reckoning is possible, but there’s no doubt a majority of our cases and deaths might have been avoided but for Trump’s lies, neglect, and sabotage.”

And there is the negligent homicide this hideous creature is guilty of without doubt, that demands serious meaningful accountability - sadly a thing that has become extinct in our oligarchy of greed and utterly corrupted media and government!

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So tRump prefers deaths to panic?

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The panic he was worried about was the one on the Stock Market


Yet without the pandemic, Trump would be coasting to re-election.
What a sad and twisted world.

Nobody “doesn’t care”. He’s unfortunately like a lot of politicians in that he’s missing something important, a moral compass. He seems to be actually contemptuous of poor people. This isnt a little thing.

Why do so many of the people who want to be leaders lack the core attributes that make people good leaders?

I actually dont think Biden would make a good leader either. They both have many of the same problems.


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