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Trump Knows Nothing About Guantanamo Bay – He'll Make Matters Even Worse


Trump Knows Nothing About Guantanamo Bay – He'll Make Matters Even Worse

Clive Stafford Smith

While the same could, sadly, be said of many subjects, the president-to-be obviously knows nothing about Guantánamo Bay. On Tuesday, he said that "There should be no further releases from Gitmo." His tweet adds: "These are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield."


We mustn't forget that it wasn't Trump who put the prisoners in Gitmo and it wasn't Trump who OKed their torture. Both Bush and Obama were responsible. Bush has less of a responsibility because he had the monster Cheney handling the despicable and illegal activities of his Administration and he wasn't intelligent or interested enough to demand adherence to the law. Obama knew better but lacked the intestinal fortitude to prevent such egregious activity.


Trump knows nothing about [insert issue of life or death importance here] -- he'll make everything worse.


In the few days he has left, Obama should fly to Guantanamo with an international team of reporters and document through face-to-face interviews how innocent almost all the prisoners are. And then offer his profound apology for allowing them to languish there and order them immediately taken to the concentration camp gates and released to Cuba, a country where they would readily accepted. What will Schumer and others who blocked the closure of this gulag do? Impeach him?

And the chances of Obama showing any courage at all are.....?


Obama made a promise 8 years ago.

Who suspended habeas corpus? - Obama.

Obama set the table.

Trump is going to screw the right wing working class.
Now the pendulum is hitting the far right wall it will swing back.

Everything is going to plan. Someone to the left of Bernie should get started now.


The last part bothered me. Okay, given that Trump is a jackass and Obama a two-faced mealy mouthed fake. But make American great "again?" Show me when it ever was. It has always been a conflicted, self-absorbed schizophrenic mess. As it continues to be.


Clive is one of the "good guys" like Ralph Nader who really try to help people, in the USA and outside it. If only such people were elected instead of the downright dangerous and/or ignorant and bought- for -money "Representatives" and Senators like McCain and Lindsey Graham who prefer Israel or Ukraine to their own land.