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Trump Labor Department Accused of Quietly 'Twisting the Law' to Slash Paid Sick Leave Amid Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/02/trump-labor-department-accused-quietly-twisting-law-slash-paid-sick-leave-amid


Scalia? Scalia? Meaning maybe the spawn of the late and not great Justice Antonin Scalia? If so, Dems. need to get tough and stay strong going up against the likes of him.


Greed and arrogance may catch up with the Republicans this time.

If they take too much advantage of the poor and working class now, they may motivate serious resistance.

Things are going to get very, very bad in the US in the next 3 to 6 months. A lot of people will be under extreme financial distress, perhaps on top of grave illness.

That can lead to real revolt. The sort that inspired the New Deal.


So riddle me this. the trump regime is always “twisting” things, things like the truth, policy decisions, tax cuts, and DOJ enforcement (or lack of it) and like in this case, where they are “quietly twisting the law to slash paid leave for workers” during the most financially trying time in memory. The question is why do they always “twist” the law or policy, or taxes to favor the wealthiest and corporate pirates, and health-care insurance parasites etc, etc, and never to favor the little guy and gal?!

This regime of corrupt scum is the most destructive, crony and campaign-contribution donor, banker/wall street, war-machine, fossil-fuel polluter oriented, also in memory!
This shafting of the “little people” as they - the trump regime - at the same fuckin time, gift cronies, the uber-wealthy, and corporate tax-evaders with trillions and more and more perks and other gifts is criminal and obscene in its slanted administration of government! Certainly a pattern of hanging offensesif there ever was one!

String’em all up I say loudly! Rotten corrupt MoFo’s!


If you were born and raised here, when this is all over, you will not recognize the United States of America.
In the movie “Gremlins 2” a super smart gremlin (adeptly voiced by Tony Randall) takes over a brokerage house in what was called Clamp Tower, and in a frenzy of chaos, he shouts into a phone “things look pretty bad here. We’re recommending our people put everything they can have into canned food and shotguns!”
Good sound advise.


Trump shall forever be known as “convidiot-in-chief”


These guys are going above and beyond in order to screw the worker in favor of the employer and are so blatant about it that they have to believe no one cares.


You watch some really weird films Brian. But their advice sounds sound. Those three in the pic look like muppets without a cause.

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They are correct! That is the problem, too many Americans are apathetic and do not care.


The American worker must be sore from getting fucked by the capitalists on a regular basis. It’s high time to fuck back…


Not maybe, he is the spawn of Antonin one of the really bad Supremes.
Therefor highly qualified to be part of the administration of the Orange Apocalypse.
Another swamp creature for sure.


Anyone reading this who still doesn’t believe that this is class warfare, is willfully deaf and blind. Even as we face the possibility of a long and lethal pandemic, the greedheads are busy looking for ways to protect and incease their obscene and largely unearned wealth.

Corruption, thy name is America.


Should be increase.

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Welcome back nighthawk. Where’ve you been? (Don’t answer.) Not so much class warfare as domination warfare.
Corruption thy name is GREED.

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We are all suffering from negativity OD.
Since 9/11. We can weather the storm.
The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

He should join his father. Soon.


Demand that we directly elect the Secretary of Labor in a free and democratic vote by the people. If this is done the Secretary of Labor would be responsible to and obligated to the people. Currently the candidate for the Secretary of Labor position is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Those are two big steps away from the Secretary of Labor being an effective representative of working class interests. In effect this means that the Secretary of Labor almost always represents the interests of the elites and business interests against the working class.

“‘Twisting the Law’ to slash paid sick leave amid a pandemic” as akin to twisting the knife in the backs of the countless workers who need to provide for their families while also wanting to protect their families and others in their communities by not contributing to the rapid spreading the virus.


But if someone isn’t pounding the truth into peoples heads day in and day out they don’t get it in their heads that they are being effed.

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This is the same goddamned thing Democrats always fucking do. I can no longer believe that this behavior is naivete or… hell what else could there be for an excuse? I have watched this same goddamned scenario over and over and over again for the last 40 or so years. The same freaking thing. Every. Single. Goddamned. Time. Some “bipartisan” (what a fuckin joke that is) legislation is passed which started fine but then the Republicans make swiss cheese out of it. The Democrats say, well it’s the best we can do. Then it turns out it’s full of loopholes and great deals for corporations. And Democrats clutch at their pearls and start flubbering and gibber-jabbin like Foghorn Leghorn. This is play acting. Drama. Thespianism. It ain’t real. Fake. Phony. Disingenuous. A mother fucking lie. Goddammit to hell. I’m sick of this shit. Thank you. Good night er’body!

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I think our current situation with this administration, and the stark denial and distrust of scientist, we may find ourselves in a very alarming situation. We may even need to start growing our own food.