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Trump Labor Department Encourages States to Help Employers Report Workers Who Stay Home Due to Covid-19 Fears

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/12/trump-labor-department-encourages-states-help-employers-report-workers-who-stay-home

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This fire has not peaked. But with fire, the peak is not the ideal time to go back in.

CDC tracking of USA COVID-19 case-counts over the past 16 weeks (peeking at a peak?):

> WEEK    14 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   2.  02/02/2020           7           7
>   4.  02/16/2020           5          12
>   6.  03/01/2020          17          29
>   8.  03/15/2020       3,441       3,470
>  10.  03/29/2020     137,433     140,903
>  12.  04/12/2020     413,945     554,848
>  14.  04/26/2020     404,387     959,235
>  16.  05/10/2020     366,613   1,325,848
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And now scientists are discovering that this is a very complex virus affecting multiple areas of the body-lungs, brain, vascular system, muscles-- and it is also killing youth and very young children. And the US American total surpasses the 80,000 mark but Trump is “OK” with wiping out 200,000 people so a way to speed up the process and start that profit thing rolling is to open up the economy prematurely.

US coronavirus death toll passes 80,000 as states move to phased reopening


Workers DO need to unite in solidarity. The wider community needs to stand in solidarity with these refusenik working class folks as the safety and beyond of all of us is interconnected.

One more link:


Just one sick person led to a sudden increase of new infections in South Korea.

South Korea’s new coronavirus cases show the perils of reopening


A token of how much trouble USA is in might be California policy, as Newsom has driven comparatively enlightened policies. But close only counts in horseshitting handgrenades, as they say – not in pandemics. It only takes one little leak (like the nightclubs in South Korea recently) to start a whole lotta misery (not to mention potential mutation to more creative innovations on the part of SARS2). In California, our containment strategy leaks all over the place. The worst leak for our numbers thus far is our nursing homes. Sacramento is much too embarrassed to ever come clean about the wasteland of senior healthcare here. The money spigot can keep flowing so long as we blithely pretend to be caring for people in those receptacles for human refuse.

The bug don’t care when we work out all the kinks with leaks from massive piles of confined human refuse. Our jails, prisons and migrant camps are as bad here as anywhere, with Tijuana maquiladoras just a stone’s throw away. Social complications like this are like maple-sugar frosting on the bug’s breakfast.


Having asked for voluntary spies among workers, now Trump wants the state involvement to run his Stasi operation.

I feel for the much maligned spies of the old USSR. They pale in their feeble efforts compared to high tech Freedom Loving America.


Soon, government authorities will fix their Covid problem the old fashioned way.
They will simply stop counting the infected and the dead, claim victory, and move on.
The only business that will boom will be funeral parlors.
“All is well! All is well!”


Indeed. Some years back I did a bit of research on Lyme disease and was impressed in the survival struggle of the Lyme spirochetes and reason tells me that this must be true of other microbes, bacterial and viral (this struggle was brought home to me many years ago when I read , The Lives of a Cell, Lewis Thomas). I posted the S. Korea Story in a link following yours.

About the nursing homes, if you had a chance to tune in to yesterday’s NNU live conversation we learned that in Canada only the nursing or long-term care facilities are suffering and it is no accident as these facilities are not part of their National Healthcare Coverage. That “flattening” of the curve is not in sights of either US America (worse) and Canada.


Yesterday I was waxing nostalgic about all the great Phillipine nurses I’ve worked with, that they’re a marvel of human potential, like Cuban doctors. (This on the occasion of losing one. When we lose a nurse, so often it’s someone fluent in Tagalog, with family in the Philippines.)

The dirty little secret about senior healthcare in USAmerica (everyone in contact with the system knows something quite rude to mention in polite company): From home-healthcare agencies all the way up the system, it’s sustained by human trafficking. Many of those nurses and aides have fewer options than migrants working in meatpacking.


More on the Trumpian carelessness with the truth during this pandemic:


Unreleased White House report shows coronavirus rates spiking in heartland communities

Trump’s claim that cases are falling everywhere is contradicted by his own task force’s report, obtained by NBC News, showing the virus spreading far from the coasts.

Now, about that, "waste and fraud" “thingy”: This applies to Trump’s own hypocritical policies where he gets daily testing–yes, it will not prevent infection and why the only apparent reason he has finally ordered his staff to wear face masks, etc.–and none for workers and now the forcing of them to return to their jobs and risk spreading the contagion.

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Trump’s hordes view all workers as their personal servants: their roots are grey, pedicure all mottled and club-toed, they cant cough bloody phlegm on us in a commie mask! They’re back at the mall, church, titty-bar and they want SERVICE… Biden’s brainwashed bourgeois backers have everything delivered, watching celebrities in their mansions on Steven and Jimmy, eagerly awaiting despicable deplorables’ death by disease. Neither side actually knows essential workers keeping them alive, they’d switch back to Netflix when scary shit came on TV? If they’d all just gotten advanced degrees, they’d be safe at home using their InstaPot and cheering?





this rich man’s disease was always going to be a simple affair once the wealthy figured out how they were going to ride it out.

they have their service networks figured out, retreat behind castle walls, order peasants to the fields to get that rent coming in, and sit back and wait for the carnage to end whilst sipping on mimosas.

same as every other pandemic.

and still we do not storm the gates.


While they discourage the reporting of testing and reporting the information on the spread of the virus.

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"We heard people saying maybe we should not do anything. Ride it like a cowboy. Ride that sucker right through. - Trump March, 29.

Decoded - That’s what Trump wanted to do but was talked out of it.

Reality Now - It what Trump has defaulted to do because everything else is more difficult than doing nothing e.g. contact tracing, keeping places closed, distancing, vaccine development AND it’s all about him and his fear of losing the election, not about public health or people dying.

Yee Haw!!


Johns Hopkins started to list “excess deaths,” Gothamist took the lead of apocryphal videos and tweets by terrified, sick abandoned and overwhelmed nurses, paramedics, doctors, corpse-truck drivers; all witnessing the >40% of deaths totally ignored by government and unreported by media. Being called, for “arrest,” stroke, etc on gurneys, waiting-room chairs, lines of idling ambulances, ubers, MTA or discovered, huddled in their apartments. So, finally, NYT started to add the 250-300 extra deaths to the 700-900 official COVID-19 deaths Cuomo and de Blasio would recite each day? Next time, they’ll jail whistle-blowers (in general population) and collect their phones? Wait a few weeks!






Hey, maybe we can have the kids calling on their parents. That would be a good idea resurrected from 1933. All these fucking ignorant white trash morons walking around in camo costumes carrying AR15’s and their calls for “freedumb”, maybe ought “try” to think about that sometime. The whole US system is failing.

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“Bring out your dead. Bring out your dead”. Monty Python.


Yeah, there’s is a plague aside from the pandemic; the trump regime and lack of real opposition to it. From the rotten pathological fish-head to all cabinet members and advisors, to silent “opposition” politicians. All so divorced from common decency, integrity, empathy, responsibility, and the Common Good as they enrich themselves and crony’s, or turn a blind-eye. Their actions and lack of action threaten society, the public health and safety, and environment to existential levels - every day a new atrocity of greed and abuse of power.
What is it about so-called “conservatives”, other politicians and religious frauds that allows such reprehensible greed-driven behaviors?.

In any society worthy of respect, such overt corruption and de facto capitalist robber-baron dictatorship should lead to mass demand and action to radically alter the nature and culture of government, but our political processes and corporate-controlled media propaganda machine are so twisted to serve not the people and society, but what is really a criminal enterprise and conspiracy - crimes against humanity and all notions of the Common Good or nationhood…

The realization that trump & co are committing crimes to enrich a few with public funds while millions of their victims suffer and die, and rule by executive fiat to threaten and rob from the nation, is a criminal conspiracy - hanging offenses IMO.

While some try to reach the public ears, the deafening silence from far too many citizens, politicians and faux “opposition” figures is insteadcomplicity and craven self-interest.



In the silver lining department …

Because of the COVID19 situation, Utah, Montana, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. are allowing for the online collection of signatures for ballot initiatives in one way or another. This removes the great advantage that monied interests have in signature collection and is a great opportunity for progressive groups to get some popular progressive changes on the ballot in those states.

Want to ensure that all parties, not just the major ones, are included in debates for statewide offices? Want your state or locality to divest from fossil fuels? Want legalized Marijuana and commercial hemp? Want your state tax structure to be progressive? Want campaign finance changes for state and local elections? Want family leave and unemployment benefits above the federal minimums? Want a minimum wage built on the living wage concept?
Then why not write the damn bills ourselves and get these issues voted on?


Not just S. Korea. New cases in Wuhan and implementation of testing all citizens:


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I read that too about the november timeline: