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Trump Labor Department Says It May Actively Defend Meatpacking Companies Over Workers in Covid-19 Lawsuits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/29/trump-labor-department-says-it-may-actively-defend-meatpacking-companies-over

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Fascism says “Why should the Corporation answer to the people? The people owe the Corporations their servitude and if they will not surrender themselves to the Corporation they shall sleep in the streets and starve”.

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Hang that sign over every work camp.


What’s going to happen is Big Meat is going to put in some minimalist “safety” measures while using some BS test with loads of false negatives to get the fascist courts to wave the immunity through.


If all this doesn’t lead to wildcat strikes I’ll be surprised.


Here’s Hoping

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So, no protection for workers but now this:



“All together, the OAP budget has increased more than 25 percent over the last decade. The move to secure the health and safety of lawmakers contrasts sharply with the policy focus of Congress, which has largely faced a stalemate over the expansion of low-cost health care services over the last decade. In the first weeks of the pandemic, few had access to the same rapid Covid-19 testing that was made available to lawmakers through the clinic.”


Members of Congress should not have any better health care coverage than the median coverage in their district. (Obviously they have the means to buy better, and will.) Their salary, benefits and pension should be no more than the median in their district also. Don’t like the new rules, eh? Quit. Let someone else run that’d be willing to improve the conditions of the people they represent. There’s no shortage of people interested in running for Congress. Also term limits should be mandatory. We’re gettin’ sick of lookin’ at ye, Nancy and Mitch.

If the meat processing plant workers have to work, then Congress should be back on the job in DC too. Yes, we know almost all of you are in the vulnerable group, them’s the breaks, you took the bribes to run your campaigns, participated in insider trading en masse, built up your bank accounts w/sweet deals for corporations and bailouts for Wall Street, so isn’t it about time to get yourselves back to work, eh?


This is a natural reflex (worker abuse) in economies principled in unaccountable capitalism.

When the US produced 70% of the world’s cotton, it was on the heels of the invention of the cotton gin, an invention credited to Eli Whitney. This automation actually INCREASED the need for enslaved human labor “to plant, cultivate, and harvest.” [Thoughtco (dot) com: “Historical Significance of the Cotton Gin”]

Now that we have a docile, disposable, and readily available workforce preferred as such by both the hard right and the hard left, we see workers with no meaningful avenues for recourse. The left wants, from farm to (restaurant) table all the cheap eats dissembled greed can buy and the right wants all the money given by this same left.

Fascinating symbiosis… reminiscent of that we had with automation and slavery during KING COTTON.

The immigrant truly has no advocate as unaccountable capitalism consumes one side and co-opts the other.

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Corporate government fascism

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The sooner we get rid of all these employees the better. They’re expensive and, frankly, they’re a pain in the ass.

We’ll be working on getting rid of grocery store employees next. Of course, we’re already on the case of getting rid of healthcare workers and first responders.

Nirvana awaits!

When meatpackers die from COVID-19, should their families sue their companies, the Labor Department, and tRump for their deaths?

If OSHA is still viable. Otherwise nope

Hi Giovanna_lepore:

On geez----Congress wants to secure the health and safety of Congress—but not the health and welfare of the people??? Does Congress not understand that the PANDEMIC changed everything? Does Congress not understand that the virus is NO respecter of job title, pay level, or stupidity? Congress you are being really stupid----so go read the MASK of the RED DEATH, by Edgar Alan Poe-------there is no place to hide , Congress, —do you not understand that??? : O

The owners have their death troll to do their economic bidding. The workers are just the gravel on the road.

It could be that trump has been, and will continue to be a contrarian.
Even to the present, DJT suggests an executive order for forcing meat packers to return to their jobs, NOW.
This is as likely as not trump doing yet another flip flop. Doing the opposite of his detractors.
When it was suggested that trump use his exec. power to force production of PPE and test kits, trump comes up again with a partisan policy offering. One that heads in the wrong direction. Again.

This no left that I recognize. You left out your definitions and sources for such.

No, Sue China. I mean, this is all their fault, right? They set the rules that Washington follows, right? That’s why Trump wants to sue China, right? Nobody knew this was coming or what to do, right?

If I should define “the Left” then I may cut a big portion of readers out of this very publication. You come here, I imagine, because you know the vibe, i.e. you are not alone. To be technical, though, it was a sweeping statement to define the vivid Right and Left we now see dominating media - a good degree removed from the idealized version of either. That’s why I come here - to connect with the remnants of both. They’re here. I learn from them.

Trump ignored the version mutated to become more virulent, with the mutation occurring in Europe.