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Trump Labor Department to Honor Anti-Labor President Ronald Reagan


Trump Labor Department to Honor Anti-Labor President Ronald Reagan

Julia Conley, staff writer

A month after beginning to roll back the Obama administration's rules making more Americans eligible for overtime pay, Donald Trump's Department of Labor again displayed a lack of concern for workers when it announced its very first inductee to its Hall of Honor would be President Ronald Reagan, "who openly and actively


Just don’t call it a class war, or they’ll call you a communist! (Or, I guess now they’ll call you a Bernie Bro.)


This sounds like Animal Farm being played out in reality. Reagan was a huge foe of working people although so many of them were stupid enough to buy into his BS. Patco was one of them - they were one of the only unions to endorse Reagan. I guess he wasn’t too loyal to them. The Reagan administration was the precipice from which the giant down hill slide began for the American middle class and the working class. Someday, I hope, they will be taking down monuments to him as well.


To rub salt into the wound of PATCO, Slick Willy in 1998 renamed Washington National Airport, Ronnie Raygun Washington National Airport. Ronnie Raygun the only U.S. Governor to tear-gas an American University from the air (California National Guard Helicopter), University of California at Berkeley, May, 1969.


Reaganomics. They named so much after Ronnie Raygun it make take a while before the process is completed.


nO WONDER AMERICANS ARE SO CONFUSED. oUR YOUNG PEOPLE MUST THINK RONNIE WAS GREAT-THEY NAMED AN AIRPORT AFTER HIM. Well, I don’t think they are confused about Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis. They might want to read up on Ronnie - a toad for the oligarchy. His slick mouth spewing lie after lie. He made up a lot of stuff as he went along and probably was in dementia for much of his presidency. He was a great figurehead for the oligarchy as they dismantled whatever good existed in the US.


Someone probably explained to the putrid one who St. Ron was and he thought he could get a bit of shine off Reagan’s untoward popularity. Can’t see our illustrious president sharing any spotlight for any other reason.


Nancy Reagan was our first female president. She literally ran the Great Communicator. He should have gotten an Oscar for his finest role.


Reagan was a classic piece of shit with a human body. The oil companies and corporations elevated him to Sainthood even though major religions would have defined him as a servant of the devil. His last street address number was 666 . Fitting.


Slick Willy was another piece of shit.


Yes, he “made up a lot of stuff” indeed, like this:

“I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast” – Ronald Reagan

Had he taken such medicine, maybe he could have slowed down/treat his dementia/alzheimers. What an ignoramus.



My deceased Uncle, who was an union leader and knew Reagan personally and he told me before he died that Reagan was one of the most corrupt people he had ever meant. He would roll over in his grave to hear the Labor Departments decision to honor a man that was adamantly… anti-labor!