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Trump Labor Secretary Acosta’s Deadly Agenda for Workers


Trump Labor Secretary Acosta’s Deadly Agenda for Workers

Christopher Cook

With the Senate’s confirmation of new Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta Thursday night on a 60 to 38 vote—with a full eight Democrats in support—the Trump administration’s plans to decimate workers’ rights and protections begins in earnest.


This is an excellent article about something that we don't hear nearly enough about, with all the "sturm und drang" swirling around our foreign policy (mis-)adventures, but one which directly impacts
us and/or someone close to most of us.

The time is rapidly approaching in which a general strike, or at least a national slowdown/sickout will
be necessary in order to shock these idiots back to reality. I just don't know if Americans are capable of that kind of solidarity anymore. If not, we will pay dearly for it.


A general strike comes where and when there is unity. The only unity in the USA would seem to be in the name and in name only.


With sadness and dread, I agree with you!