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Trump Launched 'Smear Campaign' to Discredit FBI Officials Likely to Testify Against Him: Report


Trump Launched 'Smear Campaign' to Discredit FBI Officials Likely to Testify Against Him: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

On the heels of a bombshell revelation detailing President Donald Trump's failed attempt to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last June, Foreign Policy reported Friday night that Trump launched an effort to "discredit" FBI officials last year "after learning that those specific employees were likely to be witnesses against him" in Mu


I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning—it smells like victory.


Mr. Mueller, please hurry.


“Smear campaigns” and spewing overt lies and deceit, just to get a headline, the real “fake-news”, from a complicit subversive press/media has been trumps MO for a very long time.

Trump cut his political teeth and corrupt business model under the despicable and utterly unprincipled Roy Cohn, who taught trump to attack, attack, attack, regardless of the truth - repeat the lie over and over until it becomes a force! “if you say it aggressively and loudly enough, it’s the truth” The criminal now in the WH learned from one of the most odious, corrupt, and treasonous destructive creeps in American history!

"Donald Trump says a lot of things that aren’t true, often shamelessly so, and it’s tempting to call him a liar.

But that’s not quite right. As the Princeton University philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt put it in a famous essay, to lie presumes a kind of awareness of and interest in the truth — and the goal is to convince the audience that the false thing you are saying is in fact true. Trump, more often than not, isn’t interested in convincing anyone of anything. He’s a bullshitter who simply doesn’t care."

Sorry for the ridiculously huge images tied to the articles, but apparently that’s the way things are done now! Absurd!


Can’t help but wonder when the hell the damn GOP Congress will due its freaking duty and hold this beast accountable. I hope we do a housecleaning once this is over and replace these traitors with decent Americans who put country first and ahead of their political agenda. It would be nice to see some jail time for these traitors come out of this at the end of the day as a warning to any future traitors who should end up in government (I’m thinking of you, Nunes)


If the #shithole fake prez had an IQ above 70 he would use this current trip to Davos to throw off the chains of the presidency and escape into Siberia to live out the rest of his worthless, mo-Ronic life!


Those pics of Roy Cohn still have the power to churn my stomach. When the surgeons cut that tumor off his nose, they lost the only part of him that WASN’T malignant.


One has to wonder if in the future, the MSM reports that Trump is being impeached like Nixon, for obstruction of justice, if Trump will call it fake news!


You’re going to wait a long time. The GOP will never hold their own accountable. If they did that, there wouldn’t be many of them left.


“Where is our Congress?” asks one individual. Well, think of rats on a sinking ship, huddled together before they start bailing to save their own skin.


Yo- the don - give the dude as much rope as 'e wants. Hell - I got a factory in joisey loaded wid hemp - and no wise cracks - like blowin smoke up yer bobberlouie. CCristie finished up and donnys due ta dump the biggie by 2019. Otherwise, the lil mitts go from rope to concrete booties for a late swim. Keep an eye on the cohn head. The rock he’s due fer ain’t the third from the sun. Don tell me not te crack my knuckles or you find out what brass feels like.


Our country does not hold any of our 1% accountable. Supremes made most of their corruption legal. Politicians and government officials, military gurus who are millionaires/billionaires are part of that 1% AND WON’T GO AWAY QUIETLY.

Will all the people stand up for our democracy? surely not the christians who believe god elected Trump or the supporters who won’t admit that Trump isn’t working for them. Trump has made believe out of them, just like Hitler did.


I dislike the the unnecessary huge images. I found out this AM that if you click “hide preview” in the lower rt. corner of the preview box on the right, it brings the link’s photos back the way they used to shown. Hope that makes sense.


THANKS kajsa! I will try your suggestion next time to lose the enormous images - hope others read your tip as well.


Fuck Trump…
The country is due for a thorough reckoning.


It doesn’t take anything to “smear” the FBI. It has been a corrupt, violent, anti-
constitutional Gestapo ever since the decades-long reign of J. Edgar Hoover. U.S. progressives continue to demonstrate how weak, stupid and corrupt they have become by portraying this institution as a defender of the people of the U.S. and our (extremely flawed) Constitution. Wake up for chrissakes.


He who lives by the mouth dies by the mouth. The Trumpenstein monster will trip over his own tongue sooner or later.


"Fuck Trump."
NO THANK YOU!!! 0 ^ 8
I do try to stay within my own species!!!


How much intel do they have behind this charge? It is really, really, really stupid to go after FBI officials with the expectation they don’t have the capacity to intel you to shreds. The Trumpenstein monster in his last days after he should have retired his big fat mouth.


More evidence for Obstruction of Justice.