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Trump Launches 'Despicable' Last-Minute Attack on Social Security With Rule Aiming to Restrict Disability Benefits

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/trump-launches-despicable-last-minute-attack-social-security-rule-aiming-restrict


More Scorched Earth policy from Republicans.
Trump is not operating alone, in a vacuum.
It’s a death cult


So many who thump the book that says “Love thy neighbor” voted for Trump. Isn’t it ironic, doh’t you think?


“Under current law, applicants with certain serious conditions automatically qualify for benefits.”

This is misleading at best. They might “qualify”, but are not granted, even with all the applicable paper work and signatures. Almost everyone will have to hire a lawyer to sue for their benefits, after they go through the lengthy filing process twice. It took my partner at the time over two years to finally receive the benefits she was due, during this time they have no income to live on, if they try to work (most can’t, it’s the reason they are filing in the first place), they will be denied benefits. If your approved you do get benefits dating back to your original filing date, but no one has an answer as to how your supposed pay bills until then.
This system needs to change for the better, not get worse.
Note: These applications were filed by my past partner during the OBummer administration, not Trump.


So true. I have a friend who experienced the same things you describe.


I am waiting for the book titled: “American Genocide: The History of the Trump Administration.”


These are one way changes because its financial services, this is what I have been trying to get across for years.

The two fake parties are colluding with the other oligarchs around the world to literally wage war on America and the decent life all of us have earned. They are the most radical and aggressive here but similar attacks on the existence of public services and decent work are occurring in many other countries goaded on by the US and our trade agreements.


It may seem ironic if we were to believe that the Biblical rhetoric was actually adopted by it’s so called followers, but there is no evidence whatsoever that followers of the bible have ever been actually faithful to that fairy tale. Not at any single time in it’s 2000 years. As it turns out the earth is also not in compliance - Its spherical, not flat, it doesn.t have windows in the sky for God to open to allow rain, dead people don’t stand up and give speeches and then rise into the sky, single loaves of bread cannot be divided among thousands of people and satisfy all of their hunger, people do not generally turn into pillars of salt, water can easily be walked on but only if frozen solid. It would seem that God set things in such a way that all of his supposed actions could not have happened unless some sort of sinister unnatural magic had taken place.


More neurotic than ironic: they’re unable to abandon single-value logic and so they keep making the same mistake(s) again and again.


I filed during Bush’s term. It took two years and a lawyer. At the time, people were trying to get someone to notice how many people died while waiting for approval, or the high number of obviously deserving people being denied.

Obama continued the long standing tradition of making it harder to get approved. As did Trump.


We remember the bad people but forget many/most of the good people, I think. From my fragmentary knowledge of neuroimmunology.

I think its basically the same as it is with pathogens and our immune system.

The two are actually connected, so if we have a bad experience for other reasons our immune system can sometimes make a mistake and remember whatever molecules it encounters when we’re in a that very distressed emotional state and then treat them as pathogens by mistake.

Also, some chemicals make us more likely to imprint on other chemicals we encounter at the same time. This is one of the ways low level chemicals like petrochemicals in the air (Fracking nearby does this) can permanently screw up peoples health.


True, a death cult and if we do not destroy the death cult, it is just a matter of time until they put us all to ECONOMIC, death. To most of them, when it says in the Bible to love thy neighbor they interpret it: LOVE THY RICH NEIGHBOR AND DESPISE THY POOR NEIGHBOR.


Can’t wait for Uncle Joe to get in and finish the job. He has proudly battled against SS for his whole 40 year career. At least now he can blame it all on Trump so he can keep up the “I’m a centrist” rhetoric.


And what will we say when the austerity Dems tell us our account is overdrawn already?


These delays and red tape not a new phenomenon. They have been the norm for many years, 30 to my knowledge but I have heard that it has always been the case.


It wouldn’t be “a stealth war” if the mainstream media amplified these inhuman assaults on Page 1 and at the beginning of the broadcast.

That goes for Joe Dough’s derelictions of duty as well.

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Talking requires the ability to exhale but the supply of privatized fresh air and or network bandwidth will end the microsecond the balance turns from positive to negative.

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It has always been the case, ever since the 1950’s amendments to the Social Security Act. I used to work for SSA, and I read the Congressional Records for that time period. Jesus, but the GOP were mean, and still are. All of them kept saying it would produce generations of unproductive people gaming the system(a bit of mirroring there, methinks). Those in favour of at least a modicum of disability benefits finally gave in, making the law so draconian they hoped people would either die or give up in frustration. Ambulance chasing lawyers got the grift, and hopped on board. They take 25% of past-due benefits as fees.
This has the smell of oil and Amway products. Trump is just doing what the neo-cons like Koch et al want. And so will Biden. It’s Raygun 1980’s again, from Trump glitz to a war on Civil Service. And SSA disability benefits are an easy target. I’ve heard die-hard Republicans who are receiving such benefits rant on about the lazy bastards getting government entitlements(usually set off by the Limbaugh topic of the day), never realizing they, too, are off the cuff, as it were.
BTW, these same folks really do hate anyone who works in the Civil Service. I mean really hate. I have family who would still gig me about it, if I hadn’t just finally said Fuck You during a particularly nasty holiday meal, got up, and walked out. They have no idea of what our jobs entail, including a hell of a lot of verbal and sometimes physical abuse from the general public. But once it’s all privatized, the caca will hit the fan. Wall Street wants its greedy hands on those retirement savings…


nothing but one old evil sob! and a murderer at that. glad to know he will soon be gone. I wish him the hell he has created for so many others.

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Your partner was lucky. Two years is just about the minimum time to go through the process. Where I practice it takes about six months to a year to go through the initial and reconsideration stages, about 1 3/4 to two more years before being able to attend a hearing, and another month to three months before the administrative law judge issues a decision. If the ALJ denies you, add another year to an Appeals Council decision, which is 100 to one against you. Then, add about two more years for a district court action, after which, if you win, you may have to again go before an ALJ>Appeals Council>District court. I’ve had some cases that went ten years, TEN F-CKING YEARS! And then, have to continue to try to survive after the district court tells you that, despite irrefutable evidence that your legs have for years been swollen to twice their normal size with pitting edema and ulcers, that “substantial evidence” supports the ALJ’s decision that your testimony about the pain you suffer is not credible and that you can stand for at least six hours every day at some job.

The system is cruel, and is administered by people who could care less about your problems. People do win their cases, but far more people who are legitimately disabled lose before callous judges within a system that already errs heavily in favor of the government.

So, you are right. Nobody “automatically” qualifies, regardless of the severity of their impairments. The current rule changes are what you would do if hurting the disabled was exactly what you wanted to do.