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Trump Launches 'Truly Savage' Attack on Medicaid By Pushing Work Requirements


Trump Launches 'Truly Savage' Attack on Medicaid By Pushing Work Requirements

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"This is just the latest in Trump and Republicans' relentless assault on Medicaid and the broader set of federal programs people rely on. And it's a sign that there is likely more to come."


From the article:

"“Work requirements don’t help the unemployed or underemployed find work,’ Bolt notes, ‘it punishes them when they’re down—which is exactly what the Trump administration wants to do.’”

“There’s nothing surer/
The rich get rich and the poor get poorer…”
—“Ain’t We Got Fun,” Whiting, Egan and Kahn, 1920


The fascist are here and they are not going away. They want it all. They intend to get it. Even if it is over your cold dead body.


It is the republican party, Trump is just their tool and an idiot at that but it is there idiot who will do implement their wish list for the last 4 decades.


If you do not acknowledge the part the Democratic Party has played in the creation of Trump and the rise of the fascists…you are doomed forever fail to stop the bastards. In fact the very moment you think in terms of Republican/Democrat, they own you. The duopoly has been stifling change forever…the real dynamic…the only dynamic in play here is the rich vs everyone else. It is a class war and nothing else. Trump is a symptom…but getting rid of him will change nothing.


Someone voted for all of the useless GOP garbage in Congress (& Trupmtydumpty as well). I guess elections do have consequences.


If this pathological, ignorant, destructive nutter (along with his crony R’Con co-conspirators) are not somehow removed from power fast, it seems to me there will be little left to save from their madness, corrupt self-interest and environmental degradation and exploitation - perhaps the ability of life on Earth to avoid destruction or severe damage as well!!

Are there no people of wisdom and moral compass in positions of power to challenge this idiot fool & co now and loudly/widely!?


Exactly so Dan…Or over the “cold dead body” of our Mother Earth and all Her creatures and natural systems that make the wonder and diversity of life on earth possible and/or sustainable…we ARE in a world of shite…


You DO know that the great majority of Trump voters believe that the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton in particular, were/are is too far to the left, are environmental extremists, and insufficiently militaristic, don’t you?

Trust me. I live in Trump country and I suspect that you do not.

And don’t you think that the election of Trump - and GW Bush before him (No, Al Gore would not have invaded Iraq), has kind-of invalidated this “Republicans and Democrats are the same” argument? And while the Democratic party status quo is defective in many ways, what has anyone here done about it? Do you even know where your local Democratic Party committee meets? Have you even tried to get involved in political change? And do you really thing that the Republicans would be more amenable to becoming the next genuine left party?


And STILL no revolution?! Baaaaa. Baaaaa:ram::ram::ram::ram:


The great majority of Trump voters are absolute idiots. Regardless of where they live. I don’t seek the opinions of idiots…but merely acknowledge their existence. The truth is most would vehemently condemn the left, while never having a clue what “the left” actually is. That is nothing but their social programming. They have been freaking brainwashed…and it is easy to brainwash a sheep because they never were very thoughtful to begin with. That doesn’t make my comment less valid…indeed it makes it even more so.


Many a republican (with dems as enablers) has been drooling over the prospect of these measures for years.

Not to be forgotten: there may be work requirements AND drug testing in Wisconsin:

2018 may seal the fate of Wisconsin for sinking deeper and more firmly into the sludge of oligarchic/fascist, murderous pathology.

Kevin Nicholson is the latest creature on the scene in the badger (an endangered species) state courtesy Steve Bannon and Dick Uihlein. Uihlein donated $3.5 million to a super PAC supporting Nicholson and backed $$ Roy Moore just to list a few of the Uihlein’s putrid behaviors.

Final (Imo) note: The 2 party corporate/capitalist system sitting atop a country founded on genocide has brought us to this point.


I stand in awe of the ignorance and apathy of the American people each and every day my friend.


Ok . . someone told me how to minimize the links but I need a repeat tutorial. The picture of Scott Walker is too much to stomach. How can I get rid of that picture with an edit to retain just the article?
Fellow common dream commenters: accept my apologies for this horrid pic replete with . . bad x-mas sweater! Yikes.


I live in AZ and the state has asked for a waiver. If granted I could be faced with life threatening problems. As will some 70 million others who benefit from Medicaid.


Got to stop them at the midterms or via social disobedience forms like boycotts. Why is nobody talking about these approaches? If you live in a district with a republican representative, start harassing them with emails and phone calls advancing your positions. Protest at their public gatherings. Begin now talking to everyone who might listen about the need for them to vote, then make sure they are also registered and keep contact with them. Remember, even if you bring only one other person on board, that doubles the vote total for your participation, more than enough to beat the republican scum. But start now; the republican lie machine is already working overtime to control the election agenda, to tell voters what to think about (election topics), along with what to think (who to support in light of those topics). Don’t look for help from the media. This needs to be a grass roots face to face campaign. If we get the turnout we win. The alternative is too terrible to contemplate.jm


Ultimately, politics is not going to get us out of this. We are not going to legislate or regulate our way to progress on the short or medium term. My main insight from my recent days spent north of the icy-water border between Ontario, Canada and the Rust Belt, is how deeply defective the Ayn-Rand-haunted USAn societal assumptions and culture are - to the extent that the word “society” even exists in US-English. The defect are exactly the same ones seen in the plutocrats of the corrupt, and incredibly violent countries of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Until we completely overhaul US culture, I really see no hope. The only thing left to do is to carry-on on the political front in a strategically pragmatic manner so at least we can arrest the advance of the disease and buy us time for the later generation to organize and find a cure.


To where??


Second that Dan.
As a former therapist my inclination is to try to figure out the psychology behind this mess (to put it mildly). Here is an interesting take that focuses on the neuroscience of Trump supporters. I know many a Dem that exhibit these characteristics as well:



I deleted that line in my comment - too pessimistic…

But, If you want to get out, Canada has a very generous immigration program. Pretty much anyone who speaks English or French and has BSc degree, and/or a skilled trade, and is under 50, is pretty much an immediate shoo-in for landed immigrant status and citizenship. You don’t even need a job lined up in Canada.

If tens of millions of USAns tried to migrate to Canada all at once, they would have to change the rules, though… Having Canada annex all the US states bordering it would be one way around that - and they would get all the best hockey teams out of the deal too! :wink: