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Trump Launches 'Truly Savage' Attack on Medicaid By Pushing Work Requirements


Well said, Dan. We must abandon fear-based politics altogether, and that’s all ‘lesser-evilism’ is.


Thanks, I will check it out.


I could not agree more! Amerika is ruled by an elected mafia, regardless of the party and the facade of being a democracy. From my perspective, kind of like getting rid of the mafia Don will not change the agenda of the mafia.


Thanks for the response Yunzer! I don’t think it is pessimistic ----it is helpful and a realistic, practical suggestion. I have a 19 year old in college who is literally begging me to get out of the u.s. I heard that unless you have millions (plural) or very specific job skills, it is extremely hard to get citizenship there. I hope you are correct as I am going to look into it.

I can brush up on my French and I like the cold (and it’s been colder in the u.s. than in some parts of Canada with the polar vortex spilling further south)

My daughter is almost fluent in French now . . .



Talking about sheep:


I totally agree. These are hard truths, but running away from them solves nothing.


Having a headline that reads ‘Trump launched truly savage attack on Medicaid’ is just not covering the truth about this heinous move at all; It’s the phucking RepubliCons, the corp-o-rat money masters and idiot righty wingy ‘think tanks’ pushing this hell.
I have two family members that use and need this program as they are both disabled and cannot work!


I agree with most of what you say but I am lucky to come from a blue state and my reps/senators represent we the people. Not all the time but I never agree 100% with my guru Thom Hartmann. Dems throw us crumbs but do not do the heavy lifting. I also agree with Yunzer.


Party loyalists suffer from tunnel vision.


When did Ayn Randism invade this country anyway? Has anyone ever considered the possibility that this was the Soviet Union’s incredibly diabolical secret weapon to bring down their capitalist adversaries?


Thank You. And to remind the folks with short memories, the “work requirement” was a favorite of the Clintons/Gore Administration when they unleashed their nakedly classist/sexist/racist attack to “End welfare as we know it.” Trump and the Rethugs clearly remember how successful such crap s.


Do it while you can. The only reason that I stay in the U.S. is that my own daughter can’t imagine leaving and I can’t afford to get out and travel back-and-forth. I don’t know your age, but it becomes way more complex as you age (unless you are rich of course).


Words that Republicans live by, quoted from Jackie Cogan, a character played by Brad Pitt in the movie, “Killing Them Softly”.

My friend, Jefferson’s an American saint because he wrote the words, “All men are created equal.” Words he clearly didn’t believe, since he allowed his own children to live in slavery. He was a rich wine snob who was sick of paying taxes to the Brits. So yeah, he wrote some lovely words and aroused the rabble, and they went out and died for those words, while he sat back and drank his wine and f^#ed his slave girl. This guy wants to tell me we’re living in a community. Don’t make me laugh. I’m living in America, and in America, you’re on your own. America’s not a country. It’s just a business. Now f^#ing pay me.


Maybe extend that to include the general social construction of 'deservedness" that infects our society. As long as materialism and consumerism are the “true north” of our social moral compass, and we perpetuate Hobbesian “dog-eat-dog/competition for goods” tropes, we as a society will never move beyond this fetishism. It’s not a faction thing, it’s a social thing.


This is just the latest in Trump and Republicans’ relentless assault on Medicaid and the broader set of federal programs people rely on. And it’s a sign that there is likely more to come," observed Chad Bolt, senior policy manager at Indivisible.

Of course there’s more to come –
This tactic was used to end 60 years of Welfare guarantees for the impoverished.*
How often do we see a count of the homeless out there somewhere in all of our states?
I say “somewhere” because we really don’t see them on our streets any longer as that’s too inconvenient for fascists running our government today – they can’t have anything that visible happening any longer.

I’m sure everyone is aware that they’re still working on the New Deal with only Social Security yet to be toppled.

And let’s keep in mind that beyond Trump we have another GOP/corporate candidate who is also a religious fanatic. Watch out when Christianity is on the march.

  • Also, didn’t Reagan Administration demand that the disabled present themselves to find out if
    they were malingers or unemployable?


Trying to blame a public which has long been ignored on the issues makes no sense.
This has also historically been a nation of citizens very willing to make sacrifices and
follow government instructions when the need arises.
We’ve also seen that cooperation, sadly, on faked issues such as “recession” and
"depressions" created by the Elite/wealthy among us – and in regard to their fake and
perpetual wars.

This is Elitism we are fighting – corporate-fascism – the evils of capitalism which judges
everything by the yardstick of a dollar bill.

That is NOT the spirit of the American public which rests in liberal ideals/goals.


Alternate Headline:
Trump: Truly Savage - Work Requirements for the Handicapped/Disabled, Because It’s All About “Personal Responsibility” (But, Only for the Poor, etc.).

What comes to mind? My deceased wife. She was handicapped/disabled in various ways, had to spend most of her time in a wheelchair, could not walk without special help, was on dialysis three or four times a week, had a crippling disease since her teens which led to more than thirty surgeries, and, at the end, was mainly praying for death.

She received Medicaid assistance. She also wanted to work, but couldn’t. What would these Savages have her do (if she was still alive)? “Well,” they would say openly, “you need to pick yourself up by the bootstraps, get over your coddled laziness, and embrace Personal Responsibility!” (Behind her back, in whispers, they would then wink to each other while slapping hands in victory: “Another fronted scam, rammed through! We’re almost done. It will all be drowned in the bathtub soon enough!”)

Matthew 5:5
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Luke 6:24
But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation.


phil –

Americans have been voting on hack-able electronic computers over the last 50 years!
That has “consequences.”


Was watching Gandhi last night and his carrying through the concept of non-violent “non-cooperation.”

We have a right to self-preservation and self-defense against corporate-fascism.

Corporate-fascism is no less a political system than colonization.


Thank you for saying this. I was going to post it as well. This assault on the poor has been going on for decades under both the Democrats and Republicans. And it will continue unabated as long as the citizens keep on voting for the D’s and R’s who are BOTH completely owned by the corporate oligarchs.
And let us not forget good ole Bill Clinton and his crime bill that greatly contributed to more people being incarcerated in prisons. And his passing of NAFTA which further impoverished the citizens as they lost jobs to outsourcing.