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Trump Launches 'Truly Savage' Attack on Medicaid By Pushing Work Requirements


Unless and until you’re prepared to recommend a specific policy with respect to health care, whatever you get is not worth knowing and whatever future you imagine for your students is not worth having. Moreover, a real professor would know and admit that the world is full of competing and mutually exclusive value systems and philosophers who disagree with one another about almost everything. Hence the myriad configurations of modern political systems that blend capitalism and socialism. If you do actually teach at an actual school, perhaps it is part of or associated with the University of Maryland Medical Center. They seem to have very clear answers to questions about their obligations to African-American female patients with poor insurance coverage.


Tom –
Strongly disagree – and the GOP would often claim that the dropping numbers of
citizens actually voting was because … “the public supported what those in power
were doing.”

How does the public “fight it” … ?
They were told to get involved with the parties and support them.
But who did that support except Elites who owned the parties?

Let’s be honest that the next step is non-violent revolution.
But the public has also watched “revolution” in Egypt, Syria, Libya and they’ve seen
the destruction that US “help” has brought to those nations.
They understand that nothing about the lie of Vietnam has been corrected and that
our now fascist government promotes “illegal wars of aggression” as "Regime Change."
Of course the public lives in fear of this government and it can easily be compared to –
and has certainly been compared to the early and mid-1930’s in Germany as Hitler and
the Nazis took over – in putsch’s similar to 9/11 and by general violence over the public.
At that point it becomes too late for the public to fight back – it’s not like the public
actually ever wanted Hitler in office. These are governments taken over by violence.
Usually by backing by Elites/Capital.

Many times I’ve pointed out the many non-violent ways we can interrupt this fascism by
non-cooperation. But there is very little discussion here of those ways.
Is it that difficult for us to respond to FCC actions re net neutrality by pulling the plug on
Comcast and Version? Wouldn’t that be perfectly normal reaction to what they’re doing?

This nation has never been bombed or faced anything like what the US does to other nations.
But our citizens are aware of those many immoral acts and they certainly do not want to
subject their families and themselves to it.

This is a liberal nation looking for a way out of fascism. A nation that is against US wars
and against the US MIC and Intelligence Complex.

Our government – appointed by Elites/Capitalists/Corporations – has long ignored the will
of the people and the people certainly do care.


juju –

Just want to add, however, though the GOP may have long been the Express to Auschwitz …
the Democratic Party was also quickly co-opted and compromised and ultimately fully taken
over by Elites/wealthy as well. And quickly became the LOCAL to Auschwitz.
I would say that the coup on JFK was actually destruction of not only our president, but anything
left of a “people’s” government.

Even before the end of WWII, those who had recruited Hitler/Nazis and funded them were
very busy reinventing the OSS as the CIA (both long championed by the Council on Foreign
Relations for obvious benefit of Elites) and creating planning for the post-war take over and
resurrection of the Third into the Fourth Reich.
See: Operation Mockingbird, Paperclip and Gladio.
See: CIA’s MKULTRA a Mind Control program using children as drug runners, as homosexual
prostitutes, and for espionage/spying for blackmail. This program created multiple personalities
through torture and sexual abuse of children based in experiments carried out by Nazis in
concentration camps. MKULTRA was run out of the CIA by Allen Dulles who actually created
a “Pedophile Camp” were pedophiles were trained to groom young children.
There are many ways to corrupt a number which ordinary citizens don’t usually think about…
but drugs and perversion are certainly used by Elites/fascists to corrupt nations.


yes, I have trouble with his damn loyalty to the dems and Hillary even thou he did not wanted her but then all out supported her. I held my nose and voted for her as anything was better than Trump so tired of the lesser of two evils.


A starting point is to ask “Why is Medicaid is Federal WashDC program?” Isn’t (some sort of) health care something we the people owe the poor among us? Are we the people living in the same communities as the poor? Don’t we owe it, and isn’t it an abdication of responsibility to delegate that responsibility to high-publicly-paid elites living in WashDC? Shouldn’t we at the state and local level be doing it, instead of WashDC?

A follow-on question is “How much do we owe to the poor among us?” There is no one right answer to that question, and has to be considered by each person and each community, and reconsidered, on a regular basis. Because there is no one right answer it is wrong to think that WashDC can answer it.

Lastly, a factoid. I have seen other accounts refer to a study(ies) that people without health insurance have better health outcomes than people with Medicaid. It sounds like WashDC is really screwing up its management of the program, failing to meet that responsibility that we allowed them to arrogate from ourselves.


Perhaps the Republicans should swap the elephant for a predatory animal that kills people. A Great White Shark or the Megalodon would better represent their beliefs.


Ohhhhh, too much information my head is going to implode knowing much you say is true.


We are a very individualist society and we are conditioned to think in terms of taking care of ourselves without giving much thought to how our acts affect others. So–to blame a group of people (the elite and wealthy) for our greater social problems without examining the roots of their attitudes and choices and how many of these we share with them, is…ummm… refusing to take accountability. And yeah, people hate that word, but there you go.

To a degree I agree with you, Cat. I am an immigrant who eventually slugged his way to modest success. But I’ve never forgotten how blessed I was to always be physically able to work hard. Instead of retiring at age 50 I could have gone on and accumulated more money. But conscience told me I should turn to the less fortunate. I spend my summers now gardening and bringing fresh vegetables to the food bank. Some might say, “most of those people don’t need your help.” To those I would reply, if even one poor person of the one hundred who eat at the food bank really needs the food I am bringing, I am dong a good thing under God. My advice to the wealthy: Your time on Earth has a limit. Where as an eternal being do you go from here? You may be asked then, if you supported the health and welfare of any others beside yourself. A crumb of food for thought to nibble at… or not.


I would think that if these people could find sustainable work they would not be on medicaid. We need universal health care.


Our country has a higher rate of depression than Nigeria- a poor country mostly because of isolation and individualism.


Today on cspan I watched in horror as Ryan and the house clapped about the allowance now of drilling in ANWR.


So… rich people do not make mistakes? We are human . We all make mistakes.


You have four degrees. What is your field, and are you a professor?


Great post! And a lot of the jobs people need every day are disrepected while the ivory tower calls anyone who works with their hands “blue collar” or less than.


Remember the orange idiot says he is not taking pay. I guess he “forgot” that his protection costs the tax payers.


How about rich people who make poor choices that affect others lives. I guess being rich they are always “good.” We are human and people make mistakes.


Sorry about that- I guess the posters here who believe that all poor people are bad and all wealthy are good should wake the f up.


We are not a good society but a sick one at best with the highest rate of depression of any indutrialized nation. And why?


Are you a retired therapist? I know people who are not in that category who voted for Bernie.


I meant Bernie in the primaries.