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Trump Lawsuit to Stop Mail-In Vote Counting in Nevada Condemned as 'Obvious' and 'Desperate' Suppression Attempt

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/24/trump-lawsuit-stop-mail-vote-counting-nevada-condemned-obvious-and-desperate


“Late Friday, a judge denied the Trump campaign’s request for a temporary restraining order to stop the counting of mail-in votes. ‘That doesn’t mean the legal battle is over, though,’ the local Nevada Independent [reported] . . . Carson City District Court Judge James Wilson has scheduled an evidentiary hearing for Wednesday morning.”

No, denial of a TRO certainly “doesn’t mean the legal battle is over,” but it does mean that the judge did not find sufficient evidence of irreparable harm to order a halt to counting while the parties prepare for a evidentiary hearing six days before election day.

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Obviously, considering the SCOTUS pick controversy, and their attempts at shutting done a scheduled election, these knuckle heads are pathetic a-holes.
Can we imagine the democrats, or any other party trying to hold up a SCOTUS appointment, or commit acts of voter suppression without getting nailed to a cross?

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I just voted here in British Columbia in our Provincial elections.

I had to work today so was worried there might be a line. Walked from home to polling station 2 blocks away. There no lineup at all. 8 separate booths to vote at each dived by last name alphabetically. The one I was directed to had no line at all. total time to walk there and back and vote , 9 minutes.

The radio station stated the vast majority of people voted with mail in ballots. It not hard. there no word here of potential fraud.

Hey Donald, only shithole Countries can not run a fair election and only shithole countries can not have a fair vote. Is the USA a shithole country or not?

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Signatures??? Really???
On those electronic stylus pads the signatures never look like mine. The other week I almost keeled over when one of them (forgot where now) showed a signature, as I made it, which look close to my signature on paper.
Really, these things have such lousy ergonomics and interactive stylus-tracking software that they should never be used as valid signature devices. The angle is almost always wrong. If you go to fast or too slow the mechanism only partially tracks the stylus path. The pressure and feel of the electronic pads is all wrong in terms of feedback to the hand, compared to paper on a flat surface. Except for that exception I noted from a few weeks ago, those devices are worthless if accuracy is at all important.