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Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's 'Mystery Client' Revealed...It's Sean Hannity

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's 'Mystery Client' Revealed...It's Sean Hannity

Jake Johnson, staff writer

This is a breaking news story and may be updated.

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen told a federal judge on Monday that he had just three clients in the past year—the president, GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy, and a "mystery" client whose name he really did not want to divulge.

So are we assuming that Hannity hired Cohen to perform his usual service: Paying bunnies, strippers, and porn stars to not talk about affairs, abortions, and small hands?

Also, aren’t ‘journalists’ supposed to inform their audiences about conflicts of interest?

And lastly, is that little punk-ass coward, Hannity, ever going to get water-boarded like he bragged he would for charity? Cuz it’s about time…



If you think that this isn’t by design, this revelation of a “mystery client”, and that Cohen and Trump didn’t set this up as a ruse, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

The point of it, is to give Sean Hannity a direct reason to argue the “injustice” of this case on FOX to Trump’s idiotic base, and to push the argument that Trump and his henchmen lawyers are the ones who should decide what evidence is privileged, and thus admissible in court.

Obviously Trump has a LOT to hide.

This swamp needs to be drained

Fox News equals Pravda? Da.

That’s been upgraded to pee-boarded, da? :musical_note:For the times, they are a-changin’:musical_note:

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Hannity isn’t a journalist. So he’s good to go…

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Yeah, I put that self-description from Hannity in quotation marks. Because it’s bullshit.

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Birds of a feather…

Trump, the GOP and its faux news family are invasive species that need to be dealt with accordingly.

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“Fucking priceless!!!” This is the cherry on top. Pretty much everybody on the planet knows Hannity is a liar and a grifter, but this tops it all.

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Yup, I do believe that we are currently residing in an endless episode of Insane-O World.

Cohen, in his leading role as Twitler’s fixer lawyer guy is showing us all how not to do that job. Blowhard Sean Hannity, given that he’s a Fox fixer-ish dolt, has got to be contemplating a vacation or something…

The first thing that came to my mind was that Cohen is the go between to pass communications between Trump and Hannity in furtherance of their conspiracy to obstruct justice, with an expectation that they could “protect” the communications behind the veil of attorney-client privilege. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is, in fact, what happened, and that all three of them may well go down.

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Listening to one word out of Hannitys mouth is croak inducing.

Like Archie Bunker said when an African American knocked on his door and introduced himself as Archie’s new neighbor: " THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD."

There goes fair and balanced!

Any chance you can post a link to that video? Thanks.

Yep, little Sean remains a coward.

Why is there any mystery about the Fox dirty circle: Digenova and spouse, Hannity, Pirro, Ingraham, Dershowitz? They all spout the white supremacist junk. They manage to disguise their fascism well cloaked in bent legal jargon.