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Trump Lawyers Considering Effort to Block '60 Minutes' With Stormy Daniels: Report


Trump Lawyers Considering Effort to Block '60 Minutes' With Stormy Daniels: Report

Jon Queally, staff writer

As focus continues on the $130,000 payoff at the center of a non-disclosure agreement signed (or not signed) just before the 2016 election, Buzzfeed reports Sunday that lawyers associated with President Donald Trump are "considering legal action" to stop the airing of a 60 Minutes interview between journalist Anderson Cooper and Stormy Daniels, the porn actress


Free Stephanie Clifford! Free Stephanie Clifford!


This could all have to do with Trump’s prenup, in that his wife could get half of Trump’s money if he violates it. It’s speculation but interesting to consider.


I’m doubting that serial adulterer Trump had the infidelity clause inserted in that pre-nup.

On the other hand, I hope an unwanted pregnancy–Clifford’s–is involved.


As long as we are not subjected to photos/videos/audios of the action too. I just couldn’t stand it!!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Why not? I’ll just watch through my barely open fingers, but I want his Fundamentalist Christian hypocrite supporters to see it wide eyed, like they do their other porn.


Well they won’t be able to tell the difference will they!!! :grinning:


When it comes to any kind of “art” they really aren’t that discerning :slight_smile: Apologies to the word “art”.


That would be too funny—and sad.


I wish I could say they cared, but it’s obvious they don’t. Still, it would certainly be tough for even the “neutral” MSM to ignore such rank, unadulterated hypocrisy.


“unadulterated” please intend the inverse-pun

On a side note, although we butt heads intensely on aspects of our worldview, nothing personal, ever.


Respect to you. oh Psychedelic Chicken :heart_eyes:
The psychedelic world view lives on!


No need to partake for decades, as the “experience” really never tarnishes. The juxtaposition to the mundane, cruel, brutal, etc is more stark as a result, but hey…I’m okay with that :slight_smile:


We both want the same things. National healthcare (or at least a European style universal mixed system), substantial clean energy development, less foreign intervention, and an end to corporate hegemony and all that entails. Stopping the stupid bank bill, if it comes back through—let’s hope the Freedom Caucus decides the Senate bill is too weak—is priority number one for me at the moment as I suspect it will be for many progressives.


America the tabloid government


I’m still waiting for some news on a possible prosecution of neoliberal Democrats that sabotaged Bernie’s nomination.

Direct Democracy


Gee, I wonder why that pesky emoluments clause was put in the constitution…
Oh yeah…


On a side note, love the picture for the article. Anderson Cooper looks like he trying very hard not to make contact with Ms Daniels ample left breast.
It won’t turn you to stone Andy. Enjoy


I really don’t care if Trump had an affair or that at the close proximity of the affair, hush money was paid. That is an issue between Trump, his wife, and his paramour.

Given that, some observations:

  1. What of FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, and Clinton in relation to the reactions about their affairs?

  2. There seems to be some amorphous set of personal “standards” being selectively used to determine who is “fit” for political office or not. And, it would disqualify probably more than half of the adult population of the USA.

  3. In this particular situation, with the exchange of funds could Ms. Daniels be classified a prostitute and Trump a John?

  4. Lastly, if some action(s) come from this that would bring Trump down v. all of the other illegal things he has apparently done that he can’t or won’t be nailed with, what does this say about our society, those we supposedly hire to govern, and the specificity of “American values”?


You forgot Mr.-pinch-them-in-the-ass Bush Sr on your list…and these are very different times we live in now. Many a politician has had a political career ruined for these things these days and Trump should be no different.