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Trump Lawyers Say President Willing to Talk to Mueller...So Long as He Doesn't Ask About Obstruction of Justice


Trump Lawyers Say President Willing to Talk to Mueller...So Long as He Doesn't Ask About Obstruction of Justice

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump's lawyers have reportedly sent Special Counsel Robert Mueller a "counter-offer" regarding the scope of a possible sit-down interview as part of the ongoing Russia probe, and they apparently made one key demand: Absolutely no questions about whether Trump has obstructed justice.


Robert Mueller manufactured terrorist plots in Miami.


Trump should not be in any position to set conditions.


A good Mueller response it seems to me, would be: okay Mr. Trump, just as long as you are willing to not lie to me, about any of my other questions!


Shows how scared Trump the Traitor is of Mueller!


Send in the clowns


Citizen: “Sorry , officer, I didn’t mean to shoot that man dead! I couldn’t help myself!”

Officer: “Oh, OK then, be on your way, citizen, and never do that again!”

Yeah, right.


LOL! My belly hurts!


The Insane Clown Posse arrived in Washington DC on January 20th, 2017.


The Mercer/Bannon cannons have been shown to leave skid marks from profoundly biased premises coupled with kelly ann conway diarrhea of the message. In short, we are living through one societal illness of ethics pervading the entire system while the governance is not about society but being poised to grab new industrial profiteering. Among other things, the IOT (internet of things) and AI. The latter is already being implemented between the cracks in the groundwork falling apart from corruption.

The ethics of AI - are the ethics of visibility and Giuliani has not got clue one. His gig is line up as much as you possibly can to take. Moral code? We need to be making ethics and moral code dominant, inescapable memes for these characters.

We are witnessing what is being called all sorts of things, but both sides (all sides) are silent about what they have in common. The public does not realize the sheer scope of the changes coming down the pike and the knuckle dragging backwardness of the predatory classes that MUST conceal in order to maintain upper hand. This cannot be tolerated. The poor peoples campaign is gaining alliances across the board and the grassroots are waking up. Non-violent resistance and documentation.


If he hasn’t done anything wrong why not answer all questions.


Well, well. There really are Russian trolls.


I could see Trump and Giuliani on the road together as a comedy team –
preferably appearing at one of our large prisons.


According to the Times, Trump’s attorneys are seriously concerned that if Trump agrees to an interview, he “could perjure himself.”

But Trump appears to be convinced that he can persuade Mueller that he has done nothing wrong, so he has continued to pressure his lawyers to set up an interview.

“He just can’t help himself,” one Trump associate told Axios.

Negotiations between Mueller and Trump’s lawyers over a potential interview have gone on for eight months, and the special counsel has already reportedly threatened to subpoena the president if they fail to negotiate a voluntary interview.

Any chance that the public will ever get to see Trump’s tax returns?


Trump is a huge congratulations man able to display all the trappings of huge wealth… on borrowed money. He owes half a billion to a Russian bank and it doesn’t raise an eyebrow? He’s been bankrupt at least 6 times. I would wager that his total liabilities far outweigh his total assets… making him a net debtor with nothing but a big mouth and a charlatan. Good job American voters. Hillary would have been as bad or worse. We Be F****d.


CON MAN, not congratulations man.